Finale – Season 4 Episode 26 – Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 26 strike back English

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 26 Strike Back

 Scene: Gabriel’s studio. Adrien is looking for his father.

Adrien: Father?

(His danger tag activates and Adrien notices something glinting on the floor… the monocle Félix used to scan the room. The environment shakes and Adrien is shocked and turns. He runs to the window and notices wanders Strikeback. )

Adrien: I’ll have to talk to my father later! (runs away)

Scene: Adrien’s room.

Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (turns into Cat Noir and jumps away)

Scene: The roof of the Gare du Nord. Ladybug climbs out sadly and de-transforms.

Ladybug: (moaning sadly) Stains gone. (de-transforms into Marinette)

Marinette: (broken) It’s over, Tikki.

Tikki: He’ll be back, Marinette. He’s on his way!

Marinette: (her risk tag activates) Of course, Voyage! Ladybug may have failed, but Pegabug will bring him back! And together we will talk to his father!

Tikki: You want to use the horse miracle and teleport just for the sake of it?

Marinette: I’m ready to risk everything to not lose Adrien! Tikki, watch out! (turns into Ladybug)

(Ladybug opens her yo-yo to take the Horse Miraculous and wears it after obtaining it.)

Ladybug: Tikki, Kaalki, unite –

(Strikeback’s heavy stomping interrupts her, and she takes off her glasses.)

Ladybug: Well, I guess I’ll have to deal with this little problem first, but I’ll be back to save you soon, Adrien!

Scene: Startrain. Félix, pretending to be Adrien, watches from the window. Nathalie tries to comfort him.

Nathalie: (holding Félix’s hand) Try to make the most of this trip, Adrien. You are about to discover the world and then you will come back to all your friends and your father with fantastic memories to share with them.

Félix: You’re right, Nathalie. You have to take the opportunity when it comes.

Lila: And we’ll end up being the best friends in the world because we’ll see it all together.

Félix: I hope so with all my heart. Excuse me for a moment.

(Nathalie exits for a moment as Félix walks away from them with an ulterior motive. In the toilet, Peacock equips the Miraculous and finds the written instructions of the Grimoire as depicted in Nathalia’s tablet.)

Félix: Ah, here we go. “Attach the brooch.” Okay, done. “Kwami emanates from the gem. (rises in suspicion when he sees no kwami) “Say the magic words, ‘Duusu, spread my feathers’.” Duus, ruffle my feathers!

(With no transformation occurring, Félix realizes that there is something fishy about the gem. He fists the “Miraculous Peacock” and it shatters into tiny pieces, slamming his fist down on him.)

Félix: It’s a fake!

Scene: On the rooftops of Paris. Strikeback is still wandering around and Ladybug is chasing the sentimonster. Cat Noir jumps up from behind and joins her.

Cat Noir: Alright ma’am. Let’s wrap it up quickly. I have a… full schedule.

Ladybug: Okay, kitty. I also have urgent matters to attend to. (both heroes jump up)

Scene: On top of the Eiffel Tower. Shadow Moth follows the chaos throughout the city.

Shadow Moth: My dear akumatized friend, sing as you can. We must ensure that Ladybug and Cat Noir take countless risks today.

Scene: Paris Street. Risk rides his wheelie and sings his song.

Risk: ♪ I’m Froggy, I’m here. I’m not afraid of anyone. ♪

Parisian 1: Hey, if we wait a minute, we should see Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Parisian 2: I get so many likes for this!

Scene: On top of the Eiffel Tower. Shadow Moth commands a sentimonster.

Shadow Moth: Unleash your power, Strikeback!

Scene: Roue de Paris. Strikeback throws a landmark towards the Parisians.

The Parisian 2: Check it out!

(Ladybug and Cat Noir arrive. Ladybug throws her yo-yo to create a web, preventing Roue de Paris from doing any more damage.)

Parisian 2: Gotta get the video!

(Once the ferris wheel stops, it tilts towards the buildings next to it.)

Ladybug: What’s wrong? It’s dangerous to stay here, shit!

(The Parisians, though obviously furious, leave at Ladybug’s behest.)

Cat Noir: Hey buddy! Here!

(Strikeback strikes several times towards Cat Noir, destroying the area. Some debris falls near Risk, who Ladybug catches and spins back along with her toy wheel.)

Ladybug: Don’t stay here, or you risk getting hit by the bad guy! (jumps up)

Risk: (continues to cycle) ♪ I’m Froggy, I’m here. I’m not afraid of anyone. ♪

(Cat Noir approaches Strikeback, and when he hears Risk’s song, Risk begins to pay.)

Cat Noir: Come on, don’t waste your time! Cata —

Ladybug: (holding his arm) What are you doing? (throws her yo-yo to catch Strikeback)

Cat Noir I use my power, you get akuma and boom. We can both go back to what we were doing. (will expand his staff)

Ladybug: Who knows what your power would do directly to an akumatized human? And if it’s a sentimonster, the cataclysm would be out of control!

(Ladybug coils into Strikeback and immediately lets go, knocking Strikeback out of the way. Strikeback hits several buildings from the fall.)

Cat Noir: Well, great. Is this a check? What’s the difference with what I said?

Ladybug: No way, it’s too risky.

Cat Noir: (groans) That’s your problem. You never want to take any chances.

Ladybug: Of course I do! I take risks all the time!

Cat Noir: Oh yeah? Would you risk knowing who I really am behind my mask?

Ladybug: You know very well that…

(Noticing the shadow, they look up to see Strikeback charging towards them. Cat Noir grabs Ladybug and jumps off, both landing on the pavement.)

Cat Noir: Our identities must remain secret, I know. (stands up) Then why do you know the identity of the other holders? So why not me?

Ladybug: I already told you that if I knew who you were, Shadow Moth would only need to akumatize me to get to you. I’m doing this to protect you.

(Ladybug notices a giant foot about to stomp on them and grabs Cat Noir to swing to another roof. Cat Noir gets up.)

Cat Noir: I don’t need you to protect me. We will never be akumatized!

(His akumatized form, Cat Blanc, flashes through Ladybug’s mind.)

Ladybug: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Cat Noir: Maybe because you never talk to me about anything!

Rena Furtive: (to Ladybug, on call) Ladybug, watch out!

(Ladybug looks up to find Strikeback about to crush them. They both jump and Ladybug takes a chance.)

Ladybug: Nice, Reno.

Cat Noir: (surprised) What? Rena Rouge? Where is?

Ladybug: Uh… Rena who?

(Cat Noir squints in annoyance.)

Ladybug: Okay, she’s hidden. It’s best if you don’t know where it is…

Cat Noir: Risky, yes, right. I think I get it.

Risk: ♪ I’m Froggy, I’m here. I’m not afraid of anyone. ♪

Ladybug: Come on, not this anymore! (swings away to chase the risk)

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