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 A reveals story. (Part 3)

<At the dance>

Marinette is freaking out, Alya is sitting next to her.

Alya: *chuckles* Calm down girl, everything’s perfect and nothing will spoil the night.

*Chloé laughing in the distance*

Alya: Ok, spoke too soon. *turns around to look*

Alya: But, what…? Is that really…?

Marinette: Chloé, yeah. …dancing.

Alya: She looks almost… like a normal person.

*Chloé looks in their direction and waves hello*

Alya: *her eyes widen and whispers* She must be drunk…

Adrien: *chuckles* No. Her mother…

*Marinette jumps in her sit and yelps surprised*

Adrien: Oh, sorry Marinette. Her mother is finally remembering her real name. Chloé says she’s even taking her to New York for the summer break.

Alya: *muttering* Raise your hand if you want them both to stay there before Chloé changes back to her old self?

Nino: Well, here we are! Alya, wanna dance?

*Alya turns to look at Marinette*

Marinette: It’s ok. You go.

Adrien: Yes, don’t worry. I’ll stay here with Marinette.

*Alya looks at Marinette and winks*

Adrien: After all,… i did promise her i would keep her company.

*Marinette looks shocked*

Alya: Girl, you ok?

Adrien: She’s fine, she just needs a meowment.

Alya: Oook… Girl, don’t forget… Mari-?

Alya, Adrien: Marinette!

*Marinette lying on the floor, arms outstretched like a perfect mannequin*

Marinette: Not… possible.

*Alya and Adrien help Marinette up*

Alya: Ok girl, let’s go. You need to rest. You’ve been acting weirder than your usual. You’re starting to scare me more than alternate-reality Chloé over there.

Chloé: Woohooo! Dance with me Dupain-Cheng!

Alya: *mutters* I don’t care what Adrien says, no way that girl is sober.

<At Marinette’s balcony>

Marinette: This is terrible.

Tikki: Is it? You’re in love with Adrien. Adrien with Ladybug, he now knows you are Ladybug. I don’t see the problem.

Marinette: But, think of all the times i rejected him as Chat Noir.

Tikki: Umm, Marinette…

Marinette: *interrupts* I didn’t want to hurt him, but i didn’t want to feel like i was betraying my feelings for Adrien if i admited i liked Chat Noir.

Tikki: *singsonging* Marinette…

Marinette: He is kind, and brave. *chuckles* ,..and funny. And now i realize i’ve been having feelings for him as Chat Noir for a while now. …i guess that’s why i kept pushing him away…

Tikki: *mutters* This is going to be fun,…

Marinette: I didn’t want to admit i was falling in love with Chat Noir.

Chat noir: Wow…

*Marinette yelps and turns around*

Chat noir: *chuckles* I love you when you do that.

*silence falls, Marinette’s eyes wide open, Chat noir silently thinking*

Chat noir: I… love you. *he starts walking towards her*

Chat noir: I think i’ve known that ever since that first day,… when the umbrella closed on you.

*both laugh, he places his hands over her shoulders*

Chat noir: I love you Marinette Dupain-Cheng. *leans his face towards her while closing his eyes*

*Marinette closes her eyes too and they kiss softly*

” *gasp* YES! I knew it! I… KNEW it! “

*they break the kiss and turn just in time to see Tom Dupain’s head dissapearing inside Marinette’s room*

Tom: *from inside Marinette’s room* Sabine dear, fetch me my wedding cakes catalog please! We’ve got a cake to design!!

*Tom’s head reappears*

Tom: Got that? Cat-alog. *and he goes away laughing again*

*still in each other’s arms*

Marinette: You and dad are going to get along pretty well i believe.

Tikki: Meanwhile, you do realize you are not going to be able to date him as Adrien, right?

Both: What?

Tikki: Right now your father must be letting half of Paris know you are now dating Chat Noir. And I don’t think he’d like to see you dating two guys. Remember noone can know your identities. And you have another problem,…eventually people will start trying to pair Adrien with someone else.

Chat noir: Maybe… Ladybug can start dating Adrien?

Marinette: Huh?

Chat noir: That way everyone would know Adrien is no longer single and it would give us the perfect excuse to hang out as ourselves. The two normal teens who are dating superheroes.

Marinette: Yes!

Tikki: *chuckles* Can’t wait to hear what Master Fu will say about all this. Marinette…? Chat…?

But they couldn’t hear her for they had started kissing again.


Hope you’re liking it so far. Part 4 will be starting to bring more challenges than they had thought. 

©Luis Vargas

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