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 A reveals story. (Part 6)

Master Fu: Adrien’s life is still in danger. He will die if you don’t go back to help you save him.

Marinette: WHAAAT!?

Master Fu extends his hand offering her the rabbit miraculous. The little rabbit kwami materializing in front of her.

Marinette: Ohhh.. *Now understanding* Hello Fluff!

Fluff chuckles, looking from Master Fu to Marinette.

Marinette: So… i go back and prevent us from going into his house?

Master Fu: You need to try and go as far back as to prevent Hawkmoth from discovering your identities. Learning who he is could be of help, but, the way it has happened is too… chaotic. Too risky.

Marinette: What do you mean “try”? And couldn’t i just tell the “you” from the past?

Master Fu: You would be telling me something that at that moment in time hasn’t yet come to happen. So, after you change the past, either the you from the future wouldn’t remember or i would loose the memory, because the moment in the past when you learned Hawkmoth’s identity wouldn’t had happened.

Marinette: *grimaces* You’re giving me a headache, but i think i get what you say.

Master Fu: Meddling with time is most dangerous. Believe me, headaches are the least of our worries.

Marinette: You said i should “try” to go as far back in time as i could…

Master Fu: Because of your age, the power of the miraculous will only take you as far back as your physical strength allows you to. Which is why you must leave at once. If you can’t make it in time to prevent your identities getting discovered, then you must not interfere and let events unfold. You would then stick to just protecting Adrien.

Marinette: What? Why? We were in danger!

Master Fu: If you just prevent the two of you from entering the Agreste mansion, then Hawkmoth would know your identities, but you wouldn’t learn his. Besides,… I think Adrien needs to live that moment. He wouldn’t believe it any other way. No matter who he heard it from.

A loud crash can be heard outside Master Fu’s door.

Marinette: ADRIEN!

Master Fu: *grabbing her by the wrist* No, wait! You need to go back in time now!

Marinette: Adrien needs me! He could die!

Master Fu: If you don’t go back in time he will die. Right now he already has you to help him. The time-traveling you.

With tears forming in her eyes she nodded and put on the rabbit miraculous.

Marinette: Fluff, clockwise!

Noises of fight continue outside after she transforms.

Master Fu: Now visualize where you want to show up and when you want to show up and call the power.

It wasn’t easy concentrating while picturing Adrien fighting who knows what while she was safe inside.

Marinette: Burrows!

She takes a step forward towards the circle of light but then hesitates and looks back towards the door.

Master Fu: Don’t worry. He’ll be fine. I’ll go out to help too.

Marinette nods and crosses the circle. She is blinded by all the light from it, making the room she just stepped into feel very dark.

She looks back and sees the circle fading. Just then she can make out the translucent image of Adrien entering the room in a hurry. He stops besides Master Fu, looking at her. There is fear in his eyes. He raises his right hand towards the circle but then it disappeared completely.


Marinette: What was that?! Tikki!?

Tikki: Keep your voice down. Remember the mission.

Marinette: But Adrien… He looked so troubled. He wanted to tell me something!

The rabbit miraculous starts chiming, she de-transforms and Fluff appears.

Marinette: No, no, no! We need to go back.

Tikki: Remember Master Fu’s words. Adrien needs you… *looking around* ,…here?

Marinette: We are at the school! What?! Why!? Fluff!

Fluff: *floating upside down* Don’t look at me. It wasn’t my fault. Just trust in the flooowwww,… *now floating upright*

Marinette: What is that supposed to mean?

Fluff: You aren’t here just by mere chance.

Tikki: And what about “when?”? *looking towards Marinette’s watch*

Marinette: Oh no! We didn’t make it as far back as we needed!

Fluff: Then, i wouldn’t go wasting anymore time if i were you.

Marinette and Tikki look at each other with a slight annoyed expression in their faces.

Marinette: *sighs* Ok. Let’s see what’s going on right now. *Peeking through the door* We are all moving towards the lockers. There’s Chloé. About to skip P.E.,… again.

They see Chloé going through her purse and getting out her “vitamins” bottle.

Tikki: *chuckles* Too bad you can’t let Chloé keep taking those “vitamins”. Hawkmoth wouldn’t be able to akumatize so many people anymore.

Marinette: *thoughtful* Yeah…. Yes! Of course! You’re a genius Tikki!

She glances towards Fluff, who just smiles and gives a small nod. Marinette runs out.

Marinette: Chloé! Wait!

Chloé: Dupain-Cheng! Look at you, Chat Noir is suiting you well, you look adorable today.

Marinette: *shudders* Alya is so right. *she muttered to herself* Th-Thank you. There is something really important that i need to tell you.

Chloé: Oh. Well, what is it?

Marinette: No, i can’t tell you right now.

Chloé looks puzzled.

Marinette: Not right now, because… because,… well, because Adrien is not here! He saw it too, he’ll confirm what i have to tell you.

Chloé: Ok, where is he? *putting the “vitamins” back inside her purse*

Marinette: He said he was going to the lockers.

Chloé: Let’s go then.

Marinette: You go ahead. I’ll meet you there, i just really need a sip of water first.

Chloé: Ook… *taking a couple of steps then looking back at her* You sure it’s really that important?

Marinette: Believe me, it is a matter of life or death.

Chloé blinks in surprise, smiles and goes away.

Marinette hurries back to the classroom where Tikki and Fluff are waiting.

Tikki: So, Chloé wasn’t completely insane this morning. You did tell her you wanted to talk to her.

Marinette: Now we just need to wait till they… we go into class to get those pills.

Tikki: Not really following you. Why do you want those pills?

Marinette: When Mr. Agreste revealed his identity as Hawkmoth he tried akumatizing Adrien’s bodyguard. Luckily he couldn’t or we wouldn’t had made it our of there for sure. The bodyguard was happy.

Tikki: Chloe’s pills?

Marinette: I think so. That would explain Nathalie’s behavior too. I must had put them in something they both ate.

Fluff: Will eat. You haven’t done it yet.

Marinette: Right.

Five minutes later they managed to make it outside the locker room doors without being seen.

Marinette: Here they are. *she says picking up the bottle from the trash*

Tikki: Let’s go.

Marinette: Not just yet. There’s something else I need to do. *sighs* Tikki, you both go to the cafeteria. Find some carrots, I’ll need Fluff’s power to get into the Agreste mansion undetected.

Tikki: What are you going to do? *she asked, suspecting something was wrong*

Marinette: Something I really need to do but I won’t be able to do it if you are with me. Trust me.

Tikki nodded and they both flew away.

<At the agrestes>

Marinette crosses through the circle of light, followed by Tikki.

Tikki: Adrien’s bathroom? Marinette, I don’t think this is the time to play creepy stalker fangirl.

Marinette: This is the Agreste mansion. There must be cameras everywhere but the bathrooms. And not only is this the only one I know, but the one I could be completely sure was going to be empty. *suddenly shuddering at the idea of stepping into a guest bathroom being used at that moment by Mr. Agreste*

Tikki: Well thought Marinette.

Marinette: Fluff, counter clockwise. *Fluff appears* Ok. Now I need the help of the two of you but you must be very very careful.

Both kwamis looked at each other.

Marinette: Fluff I need you to either find the control room for the security cameras and disable them or go disabling as many cameras as you can one by one.

Fluff: I’ll start with Adrien’s room. So you can have more room to move. *flew out of the bathroom*

Marinette: Tikki, I need you to find the way to the kitchen and see where everyone is in the house.

Fluff: Done. His room had two cameras. It looked as if they had been placed very recently.

Marinette: Poor Adrien,… Thanks Fluff. Ok, we need to hurry. Adrien’s bodyguard should be leaving in not that much time.

Both kwamis nodded and flew to do their assigned tasks.

Five minutes later Tikki flies hurriedly back into Adrien’s room.

Tikki: *in a hushed voice* Marinette! Quic-

Frozen like a statue, eyes wide open from having just gotten caught red handed, Marinette is in front of Adrien’s desk holding some photos in her hands.

Tikki: Seriously?

Marinette: I- I just…

Tikki: …need professional help. I know. Come on, quick! Nathalie and bodyguard are eating right now! This is our chance! Fluff and i will create a diversion to get them out of the kitchen so you can put the pills on their water.

Marinette: Ok, just be careful not to get caught by Adrien’s father.

One hour later Marinette is in position, waiting for her past self and boyfriend to arrive.

Tikki: Hurry Marinette, transform now. You need to be ready when they arrive.

Marinette nods and opens her purse. She gets out a phone.

Tikki: Alya’s phone? You- Why?

Marinette: I received… will receive a text from Alya, warning me that Adrien’s life is in danger. If i hadn’t received it…

Tikki: Ok, but why not just send it from your own phone?

Marinette: Don’t you think it would be weird for the other me to receive a message from herself? She would not trust it,…hesitate, and waste precious time that could make the difference.

Tikki: I guess you’re right.

Marinette: Let’s do this. Tikki, spots on!

Just in time she finished transforming when…

Gabriel: Nathalie! He’s here! And he has brought that girl. Make sure she stays down here while i talk with Adrien. I want no mistakes.

Nathalie: Don’t worry. Those miraculous will be yours. *says smiling*

Gabriel: Better be. She’s running out of time. *he says looking at her suspiciously*

-Running out of time?- Ladybug thinks to herself.

As Adrien and Marinette are being welcomed by Nathalie, Ladybug starts typing the message she’ll send to her past self. A couple of minutes later she sends it and gets her yo-yo ready.

Nathalie is smiling as Marinette is transforming. Taking advantage that she is distracted she sends her yo-yo towards her leg and pulls bringing Nathalie down.

Her past self speeds towards Adrien’s room.

Ladybug: Nathalie?

She looks at Ladybug, that fall must had hurt, but still she’s smiling.

Ladybug: For what are you running out of time? Tell me! Maybe i can help!

Nathalie: *standing up* Oh, you will help. Duusu, spread my feathers!

Stunned, Ladybug can only stare in disbelief.

Mayura: Something wrong Marinette? *she laughs*

Ladybug: I’m so stupid! If Gabriel Agreste was Hawkmoth then of course you had to be Mayura!

Mayura: Ooh clever girl, always a step ahead of us. *chuckles* Maybe not that stupid if you figured out Gabriel is Hawkmoth, but don’t you dream about being able to help Adrien. His miraculous will belong to Hawkmoth!

As Mayura is starting to laugh again a scream can be heard coming from Adrien’s room: “-LOOK OUT!”.

Mayura: What?! Two Ladybugs? You‘re just a decoy!

She starts towards Adrien’s room, but she has to stop and jump backwards to avoid getting her leg caught by Ladybug’s yo-yo again.

Mayura: Not falling for that a second time bug!

Mayura starts fighting, sending blows and kicks that Ladybug just barely manages to avoid.

-She is fast. So fast, but i need to keep her here as long as i can. If i can’t go help Adrien and myself then at least i need to prevent Hawkmoth from getting Mayura’s help.- Ladybug thinks to herself.

Meanwhile they are slowly getting closer and closer to Adrien’s room.

-Oh no! What do i do now? I won’t be able to stop her much longer.- Ladybug thinks.


A little heads-up about next part. There will be a little bit from the Miraculous PV. Something I wish had made it as canon for what we’re watching in the show. 🙃😉

©Luis Vargas

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