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 A reveals story. (Part 7)

Meanwhile they are slowly getting closer and closer to Adrien’s room.

-Oh no! What do i do now? I won’t be able to stop her much longer.- Ladybug thinks.

A voice inside her head replies -Ladybug bombs-.

-Tikki?- Ladybug asks to herself.

Taking advantage of Ladybug’s moment of distraction Mayura launches herself towards Adrien’s door.

Ladybug: *opening her yo-yo towards Adrien’s room* Ladybug bombs!

A series of tiny ladybugs fly out exploding where they hit the floor and doorframe.

The explosion sending back both Ladybug and Mayura.

She remembered this. It was the explosion what had allowed them to escape Hawkmoth! Adrien was safe now. She was about to exit the mansion when she heard a scream that made her halt and turn.

Mayura: GABRIEL!

Ladybug saw Mayura desperately trying to clear the debris. There was so much worry and pain in her voice.

Suddenly Mayura turned to look towards Ladybug, her eyes instantaneously filling with hatred.

Ladybug didn’t waste another second and headed out of there.

She had to take a long route to Master Fu’s place, just in case Mayura was chasing her. And it had to be a different path than the one her other self and Adrien were taking, otherwise she could be leading Hawkmoth or Mayura to them.

Using Fluff’s power would had been ideal, but she had already transformed twice with him and the kwami was exhausted.

All the way she kept looking back, checking she weren’t being followed. The earrings started their last chimes as she was a couple of streets from Master Fu’s place.

The fight against Mayura had left her very tired.

Tikki: Well done Marinette! *getting into Marinette’s purse*

Marinette: Thanks Tikki. Here you go. *giving her a macaroon*

Tikki: What’s the matter?

Marinette: Nothing. It’s just,… I had never stopped to really think what Hawkmoth wanted the miraculous for. I had just assumed it was for world domination or something like that. But now we know there’s something else.

Tikki: Maybe deep down he’s not that evil?

Marinette: He was willing to sacrifice his own son. We need to act fast. If my hunch is right and this all is about what i think it is, he will attack us again today. I need to think of a way to warn my parents without telling them what’s really going on. …and Alya, Nino,… everyone we care about!

Tikki: Don’t despair Marinette, you always find a way.

Marinette: Mmm… Let’s hope this won’t be the first time i won’t.

Fluff: What’s in your hands to change, you’ll change it. What’s meant to happen, will happen. Destiny is unavoidable.

Marinette’s eyes widen, she opens her mouth but no words form. Fluff smiles.

Tikki: Thanks Fluff. *says grumpily*

She’s feeling uneasy as they finally reach Master Fu’s door.

She knocks the door urgently. Master Fu opens gingerly.

Marinette: We did it. *sighs*

Master Fu’s eyes open wide, looks quickly inside and takes a stand to attack.

Quickly Fluff flies between the two of them.

Fluff: No offense Master, but don’t you think it’s a bit reckless opening the door like that, without at least asking first?

Master Fu relaxes but looks both confused and alarmed.

Marinette: Oh, right, you still haven’t send me back. Adrien’s life was in grave danger. If i hadn’t traveled back, they-

Suddenly they hear noise. Clattering, followed by the sound of glass breaking. They both look down the hall. The noise came from the floor below.

Marinette: No, no, no! Can’t be. I couldn’t had been followed. No one was following me. I’m sure. *sigh* I’ll go check just to make sure.

Master Fu nods and closes the door.

Marinette: Please, be just a cat.

Tikki: Wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be Plagg. He completely looses his mind when cheese is involved.

Fluff: We sure are going to need his help.

The glass from the entrance door is shattered, the flowerpot besides it too. There’s soil everywhere on the floor.

Tikki: Unless that plant was made of cheese,… i don’t think that was Plagg.

Marinette: But, why would someone….?

Tikki: I don’t know, but i don’t like this. Let’s better go back to Master Fu.

All the way back to Master Fu’s door Marinette had the sensation of being observed. She knocked again and turned to look back down the hall. She takes a couple of steps when the door opens. The fear of loosing him, the adrenaline of the fight combined. Overtook by her emotions she launched herself at Adrien, hugging him.

Marinette: Oh, thanks goodness you are ok!

Adrien: Ma-Marinette??

Marinette: *chuckles* Yes, it really is me.

She shows him the rabbit miraculous. His shocked expression changes to understanding, then something crossed his mind.

Adrien: Bugaboo, love of my life, don’t think i’m not happy to see you, but we need to speak with Master Fu right away! *starts turning*

Marinette: *holds his hand* Adrien? What is it?

His eyes fill with tears, his lips tremble a little when suddenly the door next to them breaks to pieces and pair of tentacles coil around them, pushing them apart. Both scream.

Slowly, a smiling Mayura comes out followed by a big pink and green strange-looking octopus.

Marinette: Tikki! Spots on!

Mayura: *coughs* Charming, but useless. Tighter. *says to the octopus*

Both scream again. Looking down Ladybug sees the octopus is like the plant that used to be by the entrance door.

Ladybug: Adrien,… wh-what are you waiting for? Transform,…use your cataclysm.

Mayura: Awww, you haven’t told her? *she chuckles but it transforms into more coughing*

Adrien: I… he… he took it. *fighting hard to keep his voice steady and his eyes tearless*

Ladybug is out of words, she can just stare unbelievingly. Mayura starts laughing which turns again into coughing, more violent this time. She places her hand on the wall to steady herself. Ladybug can feel the octopus loosing strength. Mayura, still coughing, takes a step towards Ladybug, right arm outstretched for her earrings. Ladybug frees her right arm along with her yo-yo and hits Mayura’s hand. She half coughs, half screams and raises both her arms. The octopus throws both Ladybug and Adrien against Master Fu’s door sending them inside.

Adrien can’t waste another second, he runs inside the room where the other Marinette and Master Fu are, but just to find a fading circle of light.

Adrien: Marinette!! *raises his right hand* My ring! Protect Plaaagg!

The circle disappeared completely.

Master Fu: *holds Adrien by his shoulders* My boy, please don’t tell me…

Adrien: *nods sadly* He took it from me,… I’m sorry. I didn’t imagine Marinette was going to time travel or i would had said it. I just felt so ashamed.

Ladybug: We were taken by surprise. You were in shock by all that was happening. You have nothing to feel ashamed about.

Master Fu: *nods* She’s right. Don’t worry. We’ll get Plagg and the ring back. *looks at Ladybug* Mayura?

Ladybug: Gone. Coughed herself away very fast. Don’t know where she went. Back to Hawkmoth i guess. We have to get out of here this instant.

Master Fu: I agree.

Wayzz: *flies hurriedly* Master, come! All! Quick!

They all look alarmed at each other and followed him.

At the building’s rooftop they see all of Paris under very dark clouds, weird black lightings thundering between them. Eiffel Tower surrounded by a particularly odd looking dark cloud.

Marinette: *gaping at the tower* Master Fu,… I have an idea. And you are not going to like it one bit.


©Luis Vargas

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