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A reveals story. (Part 9)

Adrien: CHLOÉ!

Not only did she not respond but changed back to her normal self. Pollen appeared for a second, looking confused, then disappeared into the bee miraculous.

Rena Rouge: *gasps* Chloé…??

Adrien started sobbing.

Viperion: Second chance!

Queen B: Can anyone tell where the thumping is coming from?

Viperion: RUN!

Queen B: Aahhh! Don’t scare me like that!

Ladybug: What-

Viperion: Later! Follow me!

Hastily they followed him into what was left of a building. No sooner had they entered, the cloud of akumas flew by the spot they had been.

Ladybug: *whispering* Akumas? So many?!

Viperion: *whispering too* And they have the power of cataclysm in them.

Adrien: Oh, no. As an adult he can call as many cataclysms as he wants. He is using that to create as many akumas as he wants. Giving them that power on the way.

Viperion: Shh. Here it comes.

A giant made of debris slowly marched its way, knocking cars aside, smashing whatever he found in its way.

Caparace: That doesn’t look like an akumatized person.

Ladybug: Mayura.

Rena Rouge: Ugg. I had forgotten about Nathalie.

They all look at her.

Caparace: You knew that too?

Rena Rouge: The moment Ladybug told us about Hawkmoth’s identity, yeah. If Gabriel was Hawkmoth, then of course Mayura had to be his doormat.

Ladybug: Rena! *chuckles*

Bunnix: What power did the giant have?

Viperion: I could only see his strength. Caparace was close to changing back, he was constantly healing his shield from the akumas attacking. This thing took the shield down with just one blow. Don’t know if it has other powers, i had to call my power before he could throw a third blow.

Ladybug: Third? You said it took him only one blow to destroy the shield.

Viperion: He…. *looks down* was about to kill Adrien.

They all look at Adrien.

Viperion: He would had if Queen B hadn’t used her power on the giant.

Adrien smiles broadly at her, she smiles back and winks.

Rena Rouge: What is it? Your expression says there’s something else.

Viperion: She did receive the blow and… died.

There’s an awkward silence. Except for Adrien and Ladybug, who are staring at Queen B, everyone is looking at each other surprised.

Queen B: What? Oh, come on. I know i haven’t been contesting for Sugar Queen, but there do is a human being underneath all this beauty and i do care deeply for A-Aahh!

She couldn’t finish the sentence. Both Ladybug and Adrien are hugging her gratefully.

Adrien: Thank you Chloé!

Ladybug: Thank you! I’ll never forget this.

Rena Rouge: *sigh* If only we could have less of mean-Chloé and more of this one.

Queen B: *opens her eyes widely and asks surprised* Dead Chloé??

Rena Rouge: *chuckles* No. Chloé with a heart.

Queen B smiles. Both Ladybug and Adrien let go of her.

Ladybug: Ok. So, we know there’s a giant loose-

Adrien: At least one.

Caparace: You’re not thinking that…

Adrien: Yeah. I mean, look at all the damage. It’s probable there’s more than one giant.

Bunnix: And all those akumas with the power of cataclysm,…

Ladybug: This is looking really bad.

Viperion: There’s one more thing.

Queen B, Rena Rouge: Great!

They look at each other surprised.

Viperion: You had troubles healing one of those akumas. You wanted to test your power on those things. But when you opened your yo-yo it still was an akuma. Weakened, but still there.

Ladybug sighs and paces.

Ryuko: If your yo-yo had troubles healing an akuma, will your miraculous ladybugs be able to fix all this damage?

Ladybug: I was just thinking about the same. I don’t know. It usually is just about fixing the damage done by one normal akuma or one sentimonster,… but now,… plus combined with the cataclysm. I really don’t know.

Bunnix: *to all* We have to do something to prevent all the akumas and sentimonsters from spreading. Just in case Ladybug’s power can’t fix it all.

Caparace: I think i can help with that. Back at the school Wayzz was telling me about things that could come handy and he said i could create a shield that works backwards. Instead of preventing something from entering, stopping things from escaping out.

Rena Rouge: Honey-shell, but we’re talking about creating a gigantic shield that lasts more than 5 minutes.

Sabrina: Honey shell. *giggles* That’s almost how Chloé-

Queen B: Shhh! Don’t interrupt Rena.

Caparace: Ladybug can help me strengthen my power.

Ladybug: Me? How?

Caparace: Wayzz said you have special macaroons for your kwami?

Ladybug nods.

Caparace: Could you give me a green and a red one?

Ladybug opens her yo-yo and gives Caparace the mini macaroons he asked for.

Before she knew it he swallowed them, barely chewing.

Ladybug, Adrien: NO!

Rena Rouge: What? What is it?

Ladybug: Your kwami is the one who is supposed to eat them!

Caparace: Don’t worry, it’s supposed to- AHHH!

He tumbles to the floor, hands clutching his stomach.

Rena Rouge: What do we DO!?

Caparace starts glowing. Bunnix and King Monkey help Rena Rouge a couple of steps back. A green fire suddenly runs through his body, changing his costume, making it look as if it were made of metal. Strange translucent markings run through his arms and legs.

Caparace: *breathing rapidly* Woah! Little- *gasps* Little dude forgot to tell me about that.

Adrien: Ok. What was that?

Caparace: *stands up* Now i have the powers i would have if i were an adult.

Ladybug: That’s great! *starts opening her yo-yo again* Then we-

Caparace stops her.

Caparace: No. You less than anyone.

Rena Rouge: *sigh* Why, oh, why do i feel like i’m really gonna hate what you’re going to say next?!

Caparace: I have the powers i would have as an adult, but my body isn’t the one of an adult yet.

Adrien: Nino…?

Caparace: Let’s just say that by the time my power runs out i’m really gonna need your miraculous ladybugs. If you take them too there would be no one to “fix” us.

Ladybug: Caparace! You shouldn’t have!

Rena Rouge is fighting hard to stop the tears from rolling down her face.

Queen B places her hand over Rena’s shoulder.

Caparace: Don’t worry. I’m gonna be alright. I have faith in our team.

Rena nods and tries to smile confidently.

Ladybug: *sighs* Ok. Caparace will help contain the damage. The rest of us will focus on defeating Hawkmoth.

Viperion: We still need a part of the team to split up to help out the people still trapped in this zone.

King Monkey: What makes you think there’s still people in this part of Paris?

Viperion: Umm… *nods towards his right*

Everyone looks that way to find a family against the wall sitting on the floor with their eyes wide open.

Rena Rouge, Queen B: Oh, perfect!

Pegasus: It‘s ok. With my power splitting up shouldn’t become a problem. If we see we’ll need someone’s power i can teleport them.

Adrien: I’ve been thinking of ways to stop my,… to stop Hawkmoth, and, well, having everyone would had been better. But i think we can do it with just a part of the team.

Viperion: And if needed we can always have a second chance. *winks*

Ladybug: Alright, let’s hear about it and see who will go out to help people.

Pegasus: And slow down sentimonsters in the process.


Part 10 will be the Finale it will be a Miraculous Ending 🖤

©Luis Vargas-2019

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