Elation – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 9 English Dub

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 9 Elation

 The episode shares its title with the Tiger Miraculous concept.
Although the Tiger Miraculous concept was officially listed as Exaltation, it was also given as Elation.
This also reveals a new variation of Clout, as with the Glaciator, the user doesn’t always have to be enveloped in energy to hit their opponents, as they can just charge their fists with energy and release it.
However, this could be due to Monarch being modified by Miraculous, André being akumatized, or André being an adult.
Aside from the Clout superpower, the concept of enthusiasm conveys a great sense of joy and enthusiasm, something that drove Marinette and Cat Noir’s relationship in this episode.
Both Marinette and Cat Noir were excited at each other’s presence, causing them to sink into their own exaggerated feelings of joy at being together, ignoring the dangers of both being in love with each other and their minds.
After his own emotions cooled, Cat Noir was able to notice how bad it was for him to be with Marinette as Cat Noir because he was selfish and cruel to make her into someone she knew nothing about. This eventually almost led to Marinette being akumatized as she was still overwhelmed by her own emotions, this time anger and heartbreak.
To prevent Marinette from akumatizing, Cat Noir kissed her so that her exciting passion for him would overcome her own negative emotions.
Another consequence of their exciting joy ride was Monarch discovering Cat Noir’s feelings for Marinette, a fact that could put her in great danger and the risk of the villain discovering her true identity as Ladybug.
While joy expresses an excess of joy, the opposite excess was also expressed, resulting in this abundance also coming from the heroes, with that emotion being loneliness:
As Cat Noir mentioned in “Glaciator 2” that he has trouble controlling his love impulses that entered his life after his mother disappeared and his father changed, giving him closure but keeping him feeling unloved. Then when he became a hero and met the Ladybug, he fell in love with her and hoped she could give him the love his father couldn’t.
And for Marinette it came from the opposite direction as Ladybug she and her powers were relentlessly and obsessively pursued by the Monarch that she had to temporarily give up or lose something or someone just to stop him, leading her to feel traumatized, scared and alone
Both of their bouts of loneliness were caused by the same person: Adrien’s father.
Conceptually, the concepts of Tiger and Pig are very similar as they both refer to feelings of joy. But with a difference: while the concept of the pig (cheering) is about what makes people happy, the concept of the tiger (enthusiasm) is about an excess of that feeling that can cloud judgment.
And yet they are the same when it comes to the feeling of joy, only to take it away.
This is the fifth time André has been akumatized after “Glaciator”, “Catalyst” and twice in “Glaciator 2”.
André is the second character to receive two magic charms with the same design, after Sabine in “Qilin” and “Dearest Family”.


  • She is also the fifth character to have their first Magic Spell destroyed, after Gabriel, Rolland and Sabine in “The Sweetest Family” and Chloé in “Penalteam”.
  • This is the third time Marinette says “a normal girl with a normal life” outside of the intro, after “Sentibubbler” and “Jubilation”.
  • Cat Noir’s staff is shown to be able to reach at least hundreds of meters, as it is shown to reach above clouds, which usually form at least 300 meters above the ground.
  • One of the pictures on Andre’s cart shows two men, Jean and Serge. Since it was previously explained that the photos depict couples that Andre ministered to, and that Andre is using them as an example of love, it can be assumed that the two men are homosexual.
  • Adrien finds out that Marinette had a crush on him before finally giving up and falling for him as Cat Noir instead.
  • He said “If only Marinette fell in love with me once and could do it again” and said the same with her alter ego in “Oblivio”.
  • This is Gabriel’s fifth attempt to akumatize Marinette after “Zombiza”, “Chameleon”, “Cat Blanc” and “Ladybug”.
  • This is also the second time that Akuma infects Marinette and almost makes her give up her earrings to a villain who is after “Ladybug”.
  • Marinette also gains a second potential negative identity, Unmasker.
  • This is the fifth time an Akuma-infected person has not fully transformed, following Chloé in “Miraculer”, Marinette and Sabine in “Ladybug”, and Félix in “Gabriel Agreste”.
  • Now that Monarch has the Voyage power, he can gain akuma whenever the intended target rejects it.
  • This is the seventh episode where we see a white background and not the actual destination for the portal created by Voyage, following “Destruction”, “Jubilation”, “Illusion”, “Determination”, “Passion” and “Reunion”.
  • This episode is the first time fire is seen on the show. Thomas Astruc previously stated that it is difficult to show this in a children’s show.
  • Monarch discovers that Cat Noir has feelings for Marinette, a fact he intends to use to better get his Miraculous and Ladybug’s.
  • This is the twelfth time a talisman item has resembled an akumatized victim item; in this case the parasol from “Stormy Weather” and “Stormy Weather 2”.
  • Like Zombizou in its title episode, André’s views on love are turned upside down as the once fated soulmates are brought together by his ice cream, which they cannot be in love with.
  • This is the twelfth Marinette has ended up separated from Tikki, following “Princess Fragrance”, “Sandboy”, “Miraculous Shanghai”, “Reflekdoll”, “Weredad”, “Kwamibuster”, “Feast”, “Sole Crusher”, “Hack- San’, ‘Dearest Family’ and ‘Passion’.
  • Explaining Tikki’s crush and revealing their identities will be the end of the world between Cat Noir and Marinette Alye, and her mocking it as a joke is similar to the protection Tikki had with Plagg in “Passion”.
  • Alya didn’t know that Marinette had an emotional breakdown leading to her near-akumatization, and if Cat Noir’s kiss hadn’t saved her, it would have really ended like in “Ephemeral”.
  • Which is also ironic as their alter-ego, Ladybug did the same for him in “Dark Cupid”.
  • The events of “Heroes Day” are mentioned.
  • Then, in a glacial rampage, he believes that if Ladybug and Cat Noir gave up their gems, they could be together. However, they are wrong because the real problem was not their jewelry, but the person after it. André also doesn’t know that the Monarch doesn’t care who has the gems as long as he gets them, meaning the Mastermind is willing to do anything and everything he did to the heroes to anyone and everyone. Its solution is quick and easy or short-term.

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