Perfection Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 12 English Dub

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 12 Perfection English Sub

Perfection Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 12

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Perfection Release Date

 The episode shares its title with the Dragon Miraculous concept.

In addition to the power of the Dragon Miraculous, the characters have been shown to dwell on their need to be perfect in order to not fail and help others, expressing:

Marinette’s inability to tell Adrien that she loved him caused her to avoid Kagami as much as she could, unable to face her until she confessed her love to Adrien for fear of letting her down.

Adrien writes a song for Marinette to confess his love to her and asks the Kitty Section to help him make the song as perfect as possible for her.

Marinette’s friends try to come up with the perfect plan so that Marinette can confess her love to Adrien.

Kagami’s limited contact with others has made her believe that she must achieve perfection in order to be good enough for someone else.

The episode also shows the dark side of perfection, where people try to isolate themselves and cut all possible connections in order to achieve what they perceive as perfection:

After being tricked by Lila into thinking that Marinette doesn’t consider her a friend, Kagami decides that if she can’t be her friend, then no one else can be, so she focuses on being the perfect girl to which he was forced to. being by isolating himself from everyone else.

Before Adrien entered public school, his father kept him away from everyone else and his modeling career blinded everyone to his modeling perfection that no one could see in real life.

Kagami is akumatized for the sixth time after “Riposte”, “Catalyst”, “Mayura”, “Oni-Chan” and “Lies”. This time, however, she akumatizes into Ryukomori, her fourth akumatized form overall.

The name “Ryukomori” is a combination of “Ryuko”, her superhero name, and “hikikomori”, a form of social isolation practiced by some Japanese people. This is a reference to how Kagami wants to be alone from everyone.

Kagami is the first temporary hero to akumatize himself and gain the power of his Miraculous through the Alliance ring.

This is at least the 73rd time Mr. Ramier has been akumatized into Mr. Pigeon.

This also suggests that the magic spell he received in “Mr. Pigeon 72” was broken by megakuma.

This is the second non-special episode where the character sings in a musical number, after “Silencer”.

Lila is seen doing exactly what she promised Marinette would do in “Chameleon”. Lila told her that she would make sure that Marinette would end up alone and friendless, and in the episode she tried to manipulate Kagami into believing that Marinette wasn’t really her friend, a plan that almost succeeded.

More of Lily and Chloe’s alliance to make Marinette’s life a nightmare is shown in this episode, after its creation in “Penalteam” and the subsequent “Risk” trailer. A friendship is shown to grow between the two, with Chloé even considering making Lily her best friend, much to Sabrina’s chagrin.


  • Kagami is the sixth person to reject Akuma after being fully akumatized and return to normal on her own, following Alya in “Gang of Secrets”, Nino in “Rocketear”, Sabine in “Qilin”, Chloe in “Penalteam”, and Jalil in “Reunion”.
  • Thanks to Kagami, Marinette realizes that the reason she can’t express her feelings for Adrien is because she feels she isn’t good enough for him.
  • Tomoe is seen getting angry at Gabriel for akumatizing Kagami, but more specifically for sending Megakuma into Kagami’s silver ring.
  • It is revealed that Gabriel tried to take Tomoe’s dream in the past, causing him to owe her.
  • This is the tenth episode to feature a post-credits scene after “Miracle Queen”, “Gabriel Agreste”, “Optigami”, “Sentibubbler”, “Dearest Family”, “Multiplication”, “Jubilation”, “Illusion” and “Transmission” .
  • This episode shows a flashback and callback to “Ikari Gozen” and “Riposte”.
  • This is the sixth time Adrien sings after “Princess Frangrance”, “Befana”, “Santa Claws”, “Cat Blanc” and “Felix”.
  • Despite Kagami being akumatized for the sixth time, this is actually the first time she deakumatizes while in the air.
  • This is the sixth time this has happened when someone deakumatizes while in the air overall after “Stoneheart”, “Gigantitan”, “Reverser”, “Weredad” and “Crocoduel”.
  • This is one of the few cases where the object of the akumatized victim is not destroyed.
  • This is the sixth time the heroes sit on a rooftop overlooking the Eiffel Tower after “The Dark Owl”, “Lies”, “Hack-San”, “Kuro Neko” and “Jubilation”.
  • But like “The Dark Owl,” that scene didn’t come at the end of the episode.
  • This is the twenty-fourth time that a Lucky Charm is an object that has appeared in a previous episode. This time it’s a teapot that previously appeared in “Sapotis” and “Oblivio”.
  • This is the first time in Season 5 that a lucky charm is cast twice.
  • This is the twenty-seventh time Lucky Charm is summoned twice in one episode, following “The Bubbler”, “Antibug”, “Sapotis”, “The Dark Owl”, “Syren”, “Style Queen”, “Anansi”, “Maledictator” , “Mayura”, “Miracle Shanghai”, “Reflekdoll”, “Weredad”, “Miraculer”, “Oblivio”, “Desperada”, “Ikari Gozen”, “Timetagger”, “Hearthunter”, “Psycomedian”, “Glaciator 2”, “Hack-San”, “Dearest Family”, “Ephemeral”, “Kuro Neko”, “Strikeback” and “Passion”.
  • As Cat Noir, Adrien is shown to carry a notepad.
  • Bryce Papenbrook revealed a long time ago that he’ll be taking vocal lessons for something he’s never done before, and he’ll be singing again as Adrien in this episode.

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