Transmission Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 10 English Dub

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 10 Transmission English Dub

 The episode shares its title with the Butterfly Miraculous concept.

This episode explores a bit more of Monarch’s new abilities to transfer the powers of other Miraculous. It is shown that an Alliance ring can only have one power at a time, and that the more rings one person has, the more powers the Monarch is able to channel.

With Safari, she was able to use more than one Miraculous Super Power despite only having one Alliance Ring. However, this was because she used Genesis to create projectiles that could hold other miraculous superpowers.

This may mean that although a single Alliance ring can only gain one Miraculous Superpower, it can grant its villains abilities that allow them to access other Miraculous Superpowers, such as Genesis itself or Akumatization.

The teleportation concept was applied in this episode in addition to the akumatization superpower:

Tikki and Plagg take their respective Miraculous from Marinette and Adrien and redistribute them to the other new holders: Alye Césaire and Zoé Lee.

Gabriel’s Alliance Ring’s ability to force other rings to pass on information about their respective owners allowed him to discover the identities of Scarabella and Zoé.

Marinette quotes an extended line from the intro: “I’m Marinette, just a normal girl with a normal life. But there’s something about me that no one knows yet!”

This is the first episode where Marinette does not transform into Ladybug, with the superhero appearing only in flashback. This is also the first episode where neither Ladybug nor Cat Noir appear in the present, either together or alone.

This is the third time Adrien has not transformed into Cat Noir, after “Style Queen”, “Mr. Pigeon 72” and before “Emotion”.

This episode was completed on September 10, 2022.[3]

After hearing Marinette not answering her friends’ phones after missing class, Chloé notes that it reminded her of the time Marinette asked her permission to come to school. This is a reference to how Marinette used to be a doormat to Chloe’s bullying behavior towards her before she got the Ladybug Miraculous and became Ladybug.

Boubi is the second character after Véronique to be akumatized for the first time in season 5.

This is the fourth time Gabriel Agreste has shown the intention to akumatize his own son Adrien after “Cat Blanc”, “Glaciator 2” and “Ephemeral”.

This is the second time since “Glaciator 2” that Gabriel Agreste has shown the intention to akumatize Adrien without the fact being erased from reality.

Unlike that time when he refused to continue with akumatization, this time he decided to continue with it. He eventually fails to akumatize Adrien and then moves on to other .

With Plagg choosing Zoé as his new wielder, this is a significant event as she becomes the second woman to control the Cat Miraculous after Lady Noire.

According to Max, it had been 9 months and 16 days since Adrien started school and when Ladybug and Cat Noir started their first adventure.

And that causes a lot of inconsistencies regarding the timeline, because in season 1 it was Christmas and Valentine’s Day, in season 3 it was summer vacation, and in season 4 it was King’s Day, which was January 6th. So it is impossible that it was only 9 months. It’s been at least a year and a half.

If so, then the date would be moved to somewhere near the end of June or at least June 19th.

If we’re counting backwards to the Bourgeois couple’s anniversary, since it’s been 4 months since season 4, including Ladybug’s time as a guardian, that would suggest somewhere in or before February at the very least.

This is the thirteenth time Marinette has ended up separated from Tikki, following “Princess Fragrance”, “Sandboy”, “Miraculous Shanghai”, “Reflekdoll”, “Weredad”, “Kwamibuster”, “Feast”, “Sole Crusher”, “Hack” -San, “Dearest Family”, “Passion” and “Elation”.

This is the seventh time that Marinette ends up separated from her Miraculous, having previously occurred in “Ladybug & Cat Noir”, “Miraculous Shanghai”, “Reflekdoll”, “Feast”, “Hack-San”, and “Passion”.

This is the tenth time Adrien and Plagg have been separated after “Style Queen”, “Sandboy”, “Reflekdoll”, “Oblivio”, “Kwamibuster”, “Feast”, “Miraculous New York”, “Kuro Neko” and “Passion” “.

This is the ninth time Adrien has been separated from his Miraculous after “Lady Wifi”, “Style Queen”, “Reflekdoll”, “Kwamibuster”, “Feast”, “Miraculous New York”, “Kuro Neko” and “Passion”.

This is the eleventh time that ownership of Miraculous has been transferred to the show after “Anansi”, “Reflekdoll”, “Desperada”, “Kwamibuster”, “Queen Banana”, “Mega Leech”, “Penalteam”, “Strikeback”, “Evolution ” and “Passion”. But unlike the other cases, “Anansi” dealt with a holder who could not use it.

This also makes Zoe the sixth member of the French superhero team Miraculous to use another Miraculous. First is Marinette with Miraculous Mouse, Fox, Cat, Dragon, Bee, Horse and Bunny, Second is Adrien with Miraculous Ladybug, Snake and Bunny, Third is Master Fu with Miraculous Turtle and Peacock, Fourth is Alya with Ladybug Miraculous and Fifth is Alix with Dog Miraculous.

This is the seventh time that Tikki and Plagg are seen interacting on screen together after “The Dark Owl”, “Sandboy”, “Reflekdoll”, “Oblivio”, “Kuro Neko” and “Passion”.

This is the sixth time after “The Dark Owl”, “Reflekdoll”, “Kwamibuster”, “Miraculous New York” and “Kuro Neko”, Adrien has willingly removed his ring.

This is the fourth time, after “Ladybug and Cat Noir”, “Reflekdoll” and “Passion”, Marinette willingly removed her earrings.

This is the third time Gabriel is seen listening to targets after “Risk” and “Jubilation”.


  • This is the first time the Monarch’s Voyage portals destination is seen.
  • This is the ninth episode to feature a post-credits scene, following “Miracle Queen”, “Gabriel Agreste”, “Optigami”, “Sentibubbler”, “Dearest Family”, “Multiplication”, “Jubilation” and “Illusion”.
  • This is the twenty-third time that Lucky Charm is an object that appeared in a previous episode. This time it’s a parachute that previously appeared in “Stoneheart” and “Kuro Neko”.
  • But unlike other times, this one was not summoned by Ladybug, but by Scarabella after this event in “Reflekdoll” a second time.
  • This is the eleventh time Magical Charms have not appeared since their introduction after “Sentibubbler”, “Hack-San”, “Ephemeral”, “Kuro Neko”, “Risk”, “Evolution”, “Destruction”, “Illusion”, ” Passion” and “Reunion”.
  • The episode also reveals that while Kwamis can choose their owners in an emergency, they can also “relinquish” their owners, but they can’t just take their jewels when Tikki and Plagg convince their owners to give them up.
  • This is also similar to “Reflekdoll”, both Marinette and Adrien willingly removed their jewelry.

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