Collusion – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 22

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 22 Collusion English Dub


Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 22 Collision Synopsis:

The end of the school year is near, and rebellion is brewing. Monarch has neither the time nor the choice: he decides to implement a plan that is dangerous for his secret identity… and extremely dangerous for Ladybug and Cat Noir, too. Without knowing it, the villain will get help from Lila, who is controlling a meaner-than-ever Chloe
behind the scenes. As for Marinette, she doesn’t know that Adrien does not dare to
tell her a dreadful secret that could  jeopardize their relationship forever.


  1. I liked it better when Chloé was playing the Crazy Frog theme tune, that was so hilarious lol 😂

  2. omg last miraculous ladybug episode I was so astonished like a shop I just I just can’t believe it and I’m pretty sure Cerise#lila has big stuff to confess at the end of the year I don’t know but all I know is that miraculous season 5 episode 26 Recreation is the last episode of season 5 I’m just so astonished is it is it I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know what to do all I know is that I’m the same Marinette because my real name is Michelle my nickname is Mary Marinette and Michelle they both start with an m I’m also clumsy my last name is haastrup you may find me in
    instagram dupin now look at my name in marinette’s name last name I mean she has a p mine also has a p we both want to be fashion designers I don’t know that’s the weird thing I don’t know why or how miraculous came out in 2015 were like the same age that is the weirdest thing I don’t understand anyway bye


  4. What the h*ll is that! i know france support LGBT+ but come on! A pregnant woman actually love with another woman? Arent juleka and rose enough? You put immigrant, LGBT and now what? A super hero who is actually trans? isnt this a kid show? They said “we cant make deeper and darkwe because our customers mostly children” and so why do they use political things on a kid show? if i write to this thomas, he would say “you are bad person, you hate LGBT+” but i dont hate them! However, i just want to watch a show with my daughter!

  5. I know this is a kids show but actually most people who watch aren’t kids their maybe 10+ because The whole plot is based on relationships, dating and romance kids don’t like that kind of stuff….

    And can we take a moment to acknowledge how cheesy Marinette and Adrian are. They are actually a really cute and we’ve waited a long time to see that, 4 seasons! It took 4 seasons for the two main protagonists to confess their love for one another. I kinda get it though because in Avatar they finally kissed in literally the last episode so.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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