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Miraculous Ladybug The Movie English Sub

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On April 30, 2020, Jeremy Zag revealed three new pieces of concept art on his Instagram.[27] On May 15, 2020, Jeremy Zag revealed four new spoilers from the film.[28] On June 11, 2020, Jeremy Zag posted additional concept art for the film on his Instagram.[29] On July 22, 2020, a fall 2021 or early 2022 release date for the animated musical was announced.[30]

On September 1, 2020, Jeremy Zag posted a new image for the musical on his Instagram, showing a new yo-yo for Ladybug.[31] The new yo-yo was already revealed on April 25, but it was not announced at the time that it would appear in the film.[32] On October 26, 2020, Jeremy Zag announced that dubbing for the film had begun.[33] On October 29, Jeremy posted a video recording of Cat Noir’s voice.[34]

On November 3, 2020, Jeremy Zag posted a still from the film on his Instagram featuring Marinette’s new look, created specifically for the feature film.[35] A day later, Jeremy posted a photo of the layout process.[36] On the same day, he posted another still from the film, where Gabriel and Nathalie talk about a serious situation.[37] On November 7, 2020, Jeremy published the same concept art as in May, but this time in high quality.[38]

Around the end of March 2021, the very first book adaptation of the movie for young readers was announced with a release date of November 2, 2021. The book is called “Miraculous Movie: Movie Leveled Reader (Pass to Reading Level 2)”.[39] May 10, 2021 Toybook article revealed that the film would have a “fall premiere”.[40] On June 18, 2021, Annecy revealed that the film will be released in France in the first half of 2022.[41] On March 16, 2022, Jeremy Zag revealed that the film’s editing was complete.[42] On June 1, 2022, Ezra Weisz announced that he would be voicing an unknown character in the film.[43] On June 25, 2022, Suhoon Kim revealed that the film will be 105 minutes long.[44][9]

During the 2022 Licensing Russia exhibition, a poster for the film revealed that Despicable Me character designer Carter Goodwich is involved in the film’s character designs, with The Greatest Showman’s Bettina Lopez Mendoza contributing to the film’s script. Michael Gracey was later promoted to executive producer of the film, with a July 2023 release much later in French.


  1. somewhere past 56:00 the subtitles stop showing up in english and i can’t seem to get them to turn on past that time stamp. is there any way i can fix this issue? if so please let me know. thank you.

  2. The subtitles dissapeared between the movie and when I clicked on the others option there was no option for subtitles and it’s really frustrating

  3. I can’t watch I didn’t see please fix there a video on watch fixed… Because I don’t speak French I want English dubbed and I think I doesn’t loading… Please?

    1. wait for loading and click on play button, it’s currently available in English Sub, English Dub is not released yet.

  4. I enjoyed the movie, I loved the crowd laughing and cheering. the ending had me in tears and full of excitement. I already can’t wait for the second movie! <3

  5. This even better than the season 5 finale! I love how they found out there identities, but it’s so sad how it doesn’t show the kiss at the end. Also the very end I did not understand what Natalie or Gabriel were saying.

    1. “Natalie, you are the only one left I trust to keep my secret. From now on, we will be her guardians. Don’t tell my son. He couldn’t ever understand.”

      – a native English speaker with 20 years of French speaking experience (and lived there) 😉 haha! Hopefully, this is helpful!!

  6. Comment on Miraculous Ladybug The Movie

    Gabriel: Adrien… I’ve been waiting for you. Where have you been?
    Adrien: Why do you care?
    Gabriel: You didn’t come home last night.
    Adrien: All the sudden, you’re worried about me?
    Gabriel: Of course I’m worried. I’m your father.
    Adrien: My father? I lost my dad, a long time ago!
    Gabriel: Adrien, wait!
    Me: So, the theory video about Adrien being cold and cruel on YouTube, like he’s going to become like his cousin, Felix? Well, I actually wanted to know why Adrien would become like that in this movie. At first, I thought he was going to be cruel towards Marinette, but in the scene where she asked Adrien if he wanted to go to the dance ball with him, he kindly, nicely declined her offer because he, secretly as Cat Noir has feelings for Ladybug. Yes, it did sort of break her heart, but at least she didn’t cry over it, and I’m sure Marinette surely understands Adrien’s decision for someone else. You know, calling back to the show, the episode Elation, Adrien as Cat Noir said to Marinette that she had the right to love anyone she wants. So if in the show and the episode Elation Marinette can love anyone she wants, then Adrien in this movie can love anyone he wants, and I’m sure Marinette in this movie understands that, even if it does break her heart. But this scene when Adrien came back home late at night, his father Gabriel confronted him, but sort of gently. But Adrien was bitter towards his father, and he didn’t see Gabriel as his real father and claimed that he lost him a long time ago, and then he stormed off! When Nathalie reminded him that he has dinner with his son earlier, he said he was too busy with work. Yeah, that’s right, he was too busy with supervillain work! Too busy worrying about his wife, Adrien’s mother Emilie, trying to bring her back! He never had any time for any father/son bonding time! Gabriel wasn’t any better, he was in no position to question his son’s whereabouts! Where were you, Gabriel, when your son needed you?! Huh?! HUH?! Adrien let go of the past of his mother, he built his own happy life while cherishing the memory of her, and she would be proud of him for that. I don’t blame Adrien for being angry with his father like that, because that’s what Gabriel deserves for abandoning him and not spending any time with his son! But at the end of the movie, when Gabriel stopped attacking his son as Cat Noir and the whole city of Paris as soon as he found out that his son was Cat Noir, and Adrien found out his father was the supervillain who caused all the chaos and mass destruction and Gabriel explained why he did it and was then starting to regret it and started crying, which is really pathetic of him and I was like “Oh, no, come on, Gabriel! Really? Are you actually crying, or are you just looking like that just to get your way out of facing the consequences of your actions, thinking you can earn forgiveness from your son, just like that?” I’m really surprised that Adrien took his father’s betrayal very well, I expected him to get even more angry with his father for his actions, and would be out for blood towards him with his cataclysm as revenge, even if he knew deep down in his heart he didn’t really want to, no matter how much Gabriel deserves it. But no, Adrien still trusts his father and he forgives him, and told him to let go of Emilie and then he hugs him and Gabriel hugs him back and he promises, I hope, to spend more time with his son. But Adrien wasn’t that cruel in the whole entire movie, he only kindly and nicely declined Marinette’s offer to go to the dance ball with her because he was secretly as Cat Noir in love with Ladybug, and he was angry with his father for not spending time with him. This is why I love Adrien so much in the show and this movie, because Adrien deserves a lot of love from his family and friends because he needs it, this is what his mother would’ve wanted, for him to be happy and free, and have family and friends. Like Emilie said in the show on the videos she recorded for Nathalie, she never wanted her son Adrien to suffer the consequences of her mistakes she unintentionally made in the past, she just wanted him to be loved and to be happy and free. I found that really sweet of her to say those things to Nathalie, I would let go of the past too if I were Adrien, if I lost my mom. Sure it would be sad at the beginning, but I’d get over it and build my own happiness while cherishing the memory of my mother, and I know she’d be proud of me for that

  7. When I download a movie, the sounds are broken, when it gets noisy, the sounds just gone. Can you fix this?

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