Miraculus Season 4 Episode 20 Qilin English

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 20 Qilin Trailer

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 20 Qilin

 Scene: Interior, Dupain-Cheng residence, Sabine’s bedroom. The alarm clock beeps as it strikes six in the morning. Sabine turns it off and steps out of her room with a towel rolled over her head. He turns the calendar to the 14th.

Sabine: Oh! Ding Ox, fire and yin. Not so great. Unless… (while arranging a flower vase) There. This should prevent negative energy from flowing inward.

(She grabs a pen and a book from the bedside table and goes to get the laundry basket.)

Sabine: (places the laundry basket at the bottom of the stairs) There!

(She turns on the TV to play soothing music and begins to meditate. As the music continues, she gracefully places the book on the table and the sponge on the floor. She prepares tea on the table, turns on the thermos and stove, organizes her painting materials, and answers the phone.)

Sabine: Dimsum Delight? Yes, I would like to make a reservation. At noon. Two people.

(She continues to make breakfast while the music continues as she finishes mediating. Marinette comes down the stairs, yawns, trips over her feet and falls down, causing her to fall onto the laundry basket Sabine had placed earlier.)

Sabine: Good morning honey. Did you stay up all night doing homework again?

(The news is starting to air on TV.)

Nadja Chamack: (on TV) Last night, Ladybug and Cat Noir successfully prevented a cocoa factory turbine from exploding and saved Paris from drowning in spoiled chocolate.

Man on TV: It’s a pack of lies! The chocolate turbine was perfectly cleaned!

Marinette: (laughs) Yeah, a lot of homework, Mom.

Sabine: Will you please start the laundry, honey? (she heads into the bakery and hands Tom a cup of coffee) Your coffee, my love.

Tom: Aww, thanks, my sweet bun. (likes Sabine)

(Sabine goes back upstairs and quickly checks Marinette’s height and marks it on the wall with a pen.)

Sabine: My, you’ve grown again!

(Marinette sits down at the dining room table and pours milk into a bowl. She briefly bumps her arm into the milk carton, spilling it onto the floor.)

Marinette: (nervously) Oh! Sorry!

Sabine: It’s okay, honey. (grabs the sponge that absorbed the spilled milk)

Marinette: (notices a magazine on the table) Oh, Mom! My shoes are too small. Do you think you could buy me a new pair?

Sabine: That’s a good idea, honey! Why don’t you meet me right after my painting class?

Marinette: Oh! Let’s have some dimsum for lunch before we go to the store!

Sabine: Of course!

Clara Contard: (on TV) We are interrupting our regular coverage due to a sentiment warning. Lollipop Boy has just reappeared in the square.

Marinette: (panicking) Oh! Oh no! Oh no! I’m terribly late for class!

Sabine: Marinette, it’s Saturday. There is no school today.

Marinette: Oh sure. I thought, late for Alya. We are doing a presentation together.

Sabine: Will you remember to meet me at the end of class?

Marinette: I won’t!

Sabine: And won’t you forget to buy the bus ticket?

Marinette: I promise!

Sabine: And you won’t forget to change your clothes, will you?

Marinette: (realizing she’s still wearing her pajamas) What? AH! (runs to his room upstairs)

Scene: Interior, Dupain-Cheng residence, Marinette’s room.

Tikki: Your mom is really amazing. Even though she is so busy, she always manages to organize it so well!

Marinette: The exact opposite of me. You do realize, Tikki, I’m over a month late for Mother’s Day! I wanted to do something to her, but with everything going on, I barely had time to start. It’s such a bummer because today would be the perfect day to make it up to her. Stamina! What if I buy her a present before I meet her and give it to her at the restaurant!

Tikki: Great idea Marinette! But first we have to take care of the sentimonster.

Marinette: (nods) Tikki, watch out! (A red light flashes from inside her room and a Ladybug appears, swinging from the balcony)

Scene: Interior, Tom & Sabine Boulangerie

Tom: (Hands Sabine a travel bag as she approaches him) The choquettes for your students are ready, my great artist!

Sabine: Thanks love. (Sabine kisses him goodbye and heads out the door)

Sabine teaches a painting course in the art classroom at Collège Françoise Dupont

Sabine: Chinese brushes are very different from Western brushes. (One student takes and eats chocolate from a plate, six students are shown stroking brushes on paper) They allow you to easily master five shades of ink. Dry, concentrated, thick, clear and diluted. (Walks over to Nadja Chamacka and corrects her brush position) If used well, all these nuances can create all the color, texture and light you need to represent the world.

(The tables shake and there is a loud bang from outside the building. The class gets up to look out the window.)

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont

(Lollipop Boy walks around the building, dragging Ladybug, who tries to hold him by wrapping her Yo-Y around his waist.)

Ladybug: Cat Noir, block his path with your staff!

Cat Noir: (Running around the school) Got it ma’am! (Cat Noir extends his stick to the ground to stop the sentimonster lollipop, the class watches Lollipop Boy trip and fall to the ground)

Scene: Art classroom

Sabine: You poor children. They spent all night saving Paris and are now back in action.

(The Miraculous Ladybug’s are called in and repair the broken structures caused by the lollipop. Ladybug and Cat Noir jump from building to building to get back)

Nadja Chamack: (On phone call) I’m here watching it right now.

Scene: In the alleys, Ladybug detransforms

Ladybug: Stains gone! (Marinette changes back into her pajamas and feeds Tikki macaroons) Now we can go meet my mom!

Tikki: But Marinette, you can’t look like that.

Marinette: AHH! I have to go back to the house, hide Tikki! (Starts running out of the alley)

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