Miraculous Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral 100th English


Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 22 Ephemeral

 Scene: Interior, Agreste headquarters, in storage. Gabriel stands in front of Emily’s cryogenic module.

Gabriel: Emilie, everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. And if I had to, I would do it a hundred times over.

(His phone vibrates from his pocket and he takes it.)

Nathalie: (into phone) It’s time, sir.

(Gabriel ends the call and leaves.)

Scene: Paris Street. Bob Roth chases after a penny, only to have the penny slip into the manhole cover.

Bob: Don’t touch my dime! It’s mine! (The coin falls into the drain.) No!! Where did it go?? (cries)

Scene: Inside Agreste’s car, Butterfly Miraculous flashes at Gabriel as he senses negative emotions.

Gabriel: Adrien, I don’t feel well enough. You will have to represent me.

Adrien: But father, you’re starting your hundredth fundraiser tonight! You are the one the journalists want to interview, not me.

Gabriel: (fidgeting with ring) Adrien, I’m your father and I’m giving you the responsibility to attend this press conference. Do not leave the room under any circumstances until it is finished. All I ask is that you honor my work and the memory of your mother. We have a deal?

Adrien: Yes, father.

Scene: Exterior, Grand Palais. The limo pulls up in front of the building as Adrien gets out. He walks in to take part in the conversation at Gabriel’s word.

(The journalist raises her hand.)

Journalist: Gabriel’s old collection is dedicated to your recently deceased mother. How do you feel about this devotion?

Adrien: Ever since I can remember, everything my father did, he did for her.

Scene: Paris Street. Moolak shoots the Parisians and turns them into coins in his vault.

Moolak: (laughs) My money making lasers will make me even richer!

Shadowmoth: (from his lair) Bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous, Moolak!

Moolak: It depends on what these trinkets are worth!

Shadowmoth: (from his lair) How much is your power worth to you that I can take back in an instant?

Moolak: (groans) A guy can’t even negotiate these days!

(Ryuko’s whirlwind strikes from outside Moolak’s vault, electrifying him. The superhero team chases Moolak on the rooftops.)

Moolak: (Honey laughs) You’ll never get my lucky coin!

Ladybug: We have to get to Moolak if we want to defeat him! Pegasus, use your power now!

Pegasus: Voyage!! (He tries to enter the portal he created, only to be blocked by a pile of coins. He coughs up the coins in his mouth.) I can’t teleport! The safe is so full of coins that there is no room!

Vesperia: It would be easier to cataclyze the entire safe!

Ladybug: I know! I already left, I don’t know how many messages for Cat Noir!

Scene: Interior, Grand Palais. The conversation is still on hold. Adrien overlooks the battle above the clear roof of the venue.

Moolak: (laughs) I’m getting very rich!!

Nathalie: (from receiver) Adrien, your father is counting on you!

Adrien: Another question!

Scene: Paris Street. The battle continues. Ladybug continues to contact Cat Noir, but fails.

Cat Noir Voicemail: After “meow” you can deliver your message! Meow!

(Ladybug puts down her eavesdropping and activates her energy.)

Ladybug: Lucky Talisman!

(A fire truck falls in front of Ladybug. She comes up with a plan to use her luck charm. Her vision of luck is highlighted by Moolak, a fire truck ladder, Vesperia, Polymouse, Purple Tigress, Viperion, and Shellfish.)

Ladybug: I see!

(Ladybug throws her yo-yo around Moolak.)

Ladybug: Gear up guys!

Polymouse: Many!

(Polymouse spawns and Moolak shoots her clones while Purple Tigress and Pigella cast Vesperia at Moolak.)

Vesperia: Venom!

Moolak: Nice try! (fires in Vesperia)

Carapace: Shell-ter! (shields Vesperia and protects her from Moolak shots)

Moolak: Damn super nerds!

Carapace: Uncover!

(Vesperia disables the safe and bounces away.)

Ladybug: Viperion, try all possible combinations!

Viperion: Second Chance!

(Viperion tries codes from 0000 to 0003 but fails and returns the time each time it tries.)

Ladybug: Viperion, try all possible combinations!

Viperion: Second Chance!

(Viperion tries the code 0099, which gives access to open the vault.)

Viperion: Jackpot! And it only took me a hundred tries!

(Viperion opens the safe and coins fall out along with Moolak. Ladybug catches the coin.)

Moolak: Nooo!

(Ladybug breaks the coin and frees Akuma.)

Scene: Interior, Grand Palais. The conversation is still on hold. Adrien looks down on Miraculous Ladybug over the clear roof of the venue.

Journalist: About your new ad…

Scene: Paris Street. Moolak de-transforms into Bob Roth.

All: Pound!

Scene: Lair of the Shadow Moth. Shadow Moth stands in front of the lair window.

Shadowmoth: I’ll start over a hundred times if I have to, ladybug! All I have to do is win once!

(The lair window closes.)

Scene: In the canals.

Viperion: The scales rest. (de-transforms into Luke)

Ladybug: Thanks Luke-

(Ladybug reaches for Luke’s hand, but Su-Han grabs her arm.)

Su-Han: This really takes the cake!

Ladybug: Grandmaster Su-Han?

Su-Han: Nine! You used nine Miraculouses to defeat a single villain when Cat Noir could have just used his Cataclysm!

Ladybug: I had to, Cat Noir was missing!

Su-Han: What do you mean missing? You can’t just let the wielder of the most powerful Miraculous walk around as he pleases! What if he started making decisions himself, or making them? Like Shadow Moth!

Ladybug: Cat Noir? Act like a Shadow Moth? Wow. Are you exaggerating a bit?

Su-Han: Not at all. In fact, you should find out who Cat Noir really is in order to have better control over him.

Ladybug: What? In any case! We cannot know our true identity! It would be too dangerous if Shadow Moth caught one of us!

Su-Han: Me. No. Care!! Deal with this problem quickly or I will take his Miraculous back as soon as he shows his beard! And I will choose the new Cat Noir myself!

Ladybug: Okay, okay, okay. What if you knew who it was, would it work?

Su-Han: I… I suppose so. But I warn you if you fail…

Ladybug: I see. Cat Noir will be replaced.

(Su-Han grunts and jumps away.)

Luka: Will you really do what he asks?

Ladybug: Do I really have a choice in the matter? I can’t fight a sky guardian and I don’t want to risk losing our Cat Noir. I will need both of you.

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