Penalteam Miraculous Season 4 Episode 24

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 24 Penalteam English

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Ep 3 Gang of Secrets

 Scene: Parc des Princes

Kim: Hmm. I choose – Max!

(Max walks next to Kim with Markov holding the yellow leotard)

Kim: Mark, who will give me a 100% chance of winning?

Markov: Processing. (Markov prints out a piece of paper with his answer, which Kim takes and reads)

Marinette: Alya! (Alya rushes to Marinette)

Kim: No, Alya was Markov’s choice.

Marinette: Hey, using Markov is cheating!

Kim: Well, if we’re going to win, we’re going to need the best players, right?

Chloé: Since we obviously know who’s going to win, there’s no point in playing. I’m going home.

Miss Bustier: No one will go home and no one will cheat. I specifically asked Mr. Didier to join us and teach you how to play together and develop team spirit.

Didier Roustan: Yes, in football. The important thing is not to win or lose, but to enjoy the game together. Together means not only with your teammates, but with everyone on the field.

Kim: And I really like playing with my opponents. Especially when we crush them.

Didier Roustan: Can you think of ways to make teams fairer?

Alix: We can try girls against boys! (Sabrina, Mylène, Rose and Juleka pose for Alix)

Kim: There’s no way we’d lose again!

Rose: I know! In alphabetical order of the names of our bears.

Alya: Rose, you’re the only one who still has a teddy bear.

Nino: You and Chloe.

Chloé: Of course I have a teddy bear… Uhhh, I mean ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Marinette: Why don’t we draw for it?

Rose: Oh yeah, that’s a great idea! (The rest of the class (minus Chloé) cheers)

(Miss Bustier and Didier Roustan nod at each other)

Scene: Outside the Parc des Princes

Nathaniel: (Marc drags Nathaniel into the arena) I don’t see what’s so great about running and chasing the ball and what if I hurt my arm. I couldn’t draw comics anymore.

Marc: Nath, you will play football with your feet, your hands will be fine and you will see that it is fun. Football is all about bicycle kicks, Marseille corners, rainbow kicks, and since you love stories so much, wait, a good game is full of exciting twists and turns. Like a good manga!

Nathaniel: Well, I’d still rather work on our comic.

Marc: But you can’t skip class, don’t you realize? Miss Bustier made Monsieur Didier come here. He is a legend of sports journalism, a real walking encyclopedia of football.

Nathaniel: Come on, Marc! Can you please make me an excuse? You are a writer after all. And so you meet Mr. Didier.

Scene: Parc des Princes

Marc: So…that’s why he can’t be here for this class.

Miss Bustier: That means we’re missing a player.

Didier Roustan: Wouldn’t you like to play?

Marc: (Points to himself) Uh…Not me…This isn’t my class and I’m not that good. (looks down)

Didier: It Roustan’s up to you. Uh, can you hand me that ball over there before you go?

(Marc rolls the ball to himself, juggles his knees and passes the ball to Didier Roustan)

Marinette: You definitely have to play!

(Marc looks at Didier Roustan who smiles and winks)

(Both teams line up in their positions. Red team with Juleka playing goal. Alya, Rose and Alix play defense. Marc and Marinette as midfielders and Sabrina as forward. Among the yellow team is Chloé posing for pictures on her phone. Max, Adrien and Mylène as their defenders.Nino and Ivan play as midfielders and Kim as a striker for the yellow team)

Didier Roustan: (Blows the whistle)

(The yellow team kicks off. Kim tries to pass the ball to Nino, but Sabrina immediately grabs it, runs towards the yellow team’s goal and is about to shoot the ball into the goal.)

Chloe: Sabrina!

Sabrina: (Falls, looks at Chloé)

Chloé: I forbid you to play this stupid game!

(Marinette kneels next to Sabrina)

Marinette: Don’t write Chloé out, you can play soccer if you like. (Helps Sabrina off the ground)

Chloe: All she likes is listening to me! (Chloé pushes Sabrina aside and turns to face Marinette)

Mylène: Sorry Sabrina. Keep it up Teddy Bear. (Mylène grabs the ball and passes it to Ivan)

Ivan: But I could hurt someone if I kicked or shoved them hard.

Rose: Sorry! (Rose steals the ball from Ivan and passes it to Marco)

(Marc takes the pass with his chest and hands it to Marinette in mid-air. She flies past Kim and Nina)

Kim: Awesome!

(Marinette takes the pass with her knee and rolls it to the ground. She starts to dribble towards the goal, but freezes as she runs into Adrien)

Marinette: (smiles nervously and accidentally hands it to him) Oops.

Nino: Dude, quick, give it! (Nino runs in front of Adrien)

(Adrien picks up the ball with his hands and throws it to Nino, who then frowns)

Didier Roustan: (Whistle blowing) Handball! As my friend Andrea said, “Football is played with the head. The feet are just tools.” But yes, only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands.

Adrien: Sorry, I’m not that familiar with the rules.

(Nino facepalms. Alya places the ball in the free kick spot. She’s about to kick the ball, but instead it’s passed to Marinette, who shoots and scores.)

Didier Roustan: Oh! It reminds me if my friend Michelle in 84.

Kim: Hey Chloé, you’re the one to stop the ball!

Chloé: (Still looking at her phone) There’s no way I’m touching that round thing. I don’t want to catch some disease or even worse lameness!

Sabrina: I can replace you if you want? I love being a goalkeeper.

Alya: But you’re not even on her team!

Nino: If we don’t have a real goalkeeper, it’s a lost battle.

Chloé: I refuse to be on the losing team, I’m going home!

Miss Bustier: Ah-Ah. Chloe, you can’t go home during school hours.

Marinette: If you want to win Chloé, just play.

Chloé: How come I can’t be on the bench with what’s his name there?

(Lila waves from the bench and pretends to wince)

Lila: Uh, ouch.

Rose: Lila is hurt.

Marinette: (smiles) Another one of her lies.

Chloé: We’ll be hurt too! In my wrist. Oh! Oh! Oww! (Chloé pretends to be hurt by jumping around)

Marinette: That’s your thigh!

Chloé: No one asked you the baker!

Didier Roustan: Does anyone have an idea how to get your classmates involved in the game while still keeping the game fair and engaging?

Marinette: Well…Chloé could switch teams every time she scored. The team that wins will be the one that did the best with their handicap.

Chloé: “(Chloé looks shocked and angry at Marinette as she quickly changes the words)”

Marinette: Uhh…I mean having Chloé as their goalie.

Kim, Max, Ivan and Mylène “(cheers)”

Didier Roustan: Well done captain. Marinette, right?

Marinette: Yes. Thank you sir.

Chloé: (Chloé, furious, walks to the finish line and crosses her arms) Well, I find Dupain-Cheng’s idea ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous!

Sabrina: Why don’t you just call your dad? As mayor, he can just cancel this class because… I think we hate football.

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