Miraculous ladybug season 4 Episode 23 kuro Neko English

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 23 kuro neko

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 23 Kuro Neko

 Interior, Agreste mansion, Adrien’s room. Nadja Chamacková’s report is on TV. Adrien watches unamused while Plagg eats Camembert in the back of the room.

Nadja: (from TV) Our reporter Clara Contard got a firsthand look at all the action this morning when the bubbly baby became akumatized.

(Gigantitan cries as he holds Clara Contard.)

Nadja: (from TV) Ladybug and her brave team were there to save the day.

(Carapace captures the Gigantitan with his Shell-ter.)

Pegasus: (from TV) Sailing!

Pigella: (from TV) A gift! (Gigantitan sees his mother.)

Gigantitan: (from TV) Mom!

Shell: (from TV) Uncover!

Vesperia: (from TV) Venom!

Ladybug: (from TV; intercepts Akuma) I have! (Gigantitan returns in August.)

Clara: (from TV) Thanks, Ladybug!

August’s mom: (from TV) August! (She picks him up and carries him away.)

Clara: (from TV) By the way, where’s Cat Noir? You’ve saved Paris without him a few times lately. Are you two at odds?

Shell, Pegasus, Vesperia, and Pigella: (from TV) Smash it!

Ladybug: (from TV) Of course not, it’s just… um, he’s a sidekick like any other! The most important thing is to choose the best superheroes for each mission, with or without Cat Noir. Regardless, we have a great team and we will always be here to save Paris.

(Adrien is shocked.)

Adrien: (turns off the TV and sighs) “A partner like any other…”

Plagg: Oh, don’t make a big stink about it, Adrien! Look, people always pretend that ermine is the same as all other cheeses, when they know full well that it is the best of all! Especially when we forget where you put it for a few months and it’s all runny and moldy –

(He heard lasers going off outside.)

Plagg: Perfect! Now’s your chance to show them all who the big cheese on the plate is. (gulp) Ermine, transform! I mean Adrien, transform!

Adrien: That’s pointless.

Plagg: (pulling Adrien’s finger) No, it’s not! It is useful! Ladybug needs you, come on, let’s go!

Adrien: Okay. Plaggu, claws out.

Scene: Rooftops. Cat Noir jumps up and looks around.

Ladybug: (from a distance) Miraculous Ladybug!

(Cat Noir sighs and heads towards the magical ladybugs.)

Ladybug, Ryuko, Polymouse, King Monkey and Purple Tigress: Smash it!

Ryuko: Hey, Cat Noir!

Polymouse, King Monkey and Purple Tigress: Hello!

Cat Noir: Hey guys!

King Monkey: How’s it going dude?

(Beeps Wonders of Heroes.)

Ladybug: Come on guys! Hurry before you all detransform. We will meet at the meeting points.

(The heroes jump off in different directions and Ladybug starts writing something on her Yo-Yu.)

Cat Noir: Hello! Are you meowing, lady?

Ladybug: Great, thanks, but I have to go get all those Miraculous.

Cat Noir: I could give you a paw to save time.

Ladybug: Thanks, kitty, but that’s a guardian’s job.

Cat Noir: I know who some of them are, remember? I was there when you first gave them their Miraculous!

Ladybug: You don’t even know where their meeting places are, I don’t have time…

Cat Noir: The game of cat and mouse is my forte, you know…

Ladybug: (screaming) If you want to save my time, stop wasting it!

(Cat Noir gasps. As Ladybug swings away, Cat Noir clenches her fist.)

Cat Noir: And when you’re done, take my Miraculous back!

Ladybug: (swings away) Okay, whatever, see you later!

Cat Noir: I won’t waste your time again, I promise. Claws In (detransforms into Adrien)

Adrien: Sorry, Plagg.

Plagg: Woah woah woah, hold on!

(Cut to Ladybug.)

Ladybug: What does “take back his Miraculous” mean?

Adrien: I just can’t do it anymore. I give up… everything. Even you.

Plagg: You can’t!

(Adrien takes off the ring and it goes into charged form.)

(Cut to Ladybug.)

Ladybug: (gasps) No, he didn’t! Don’t move, I’ll be right back!

(The Monkey King detransforms and Kim is left hanging from the building.)

Kim: Do you think I don’t move at all or can I still move a little?

(Ladybug turns back.)

Ladybug: (looks around) Cat Noir? Cat Noir? (She gasps as she finds Cat Miraculous.) But no! Cat Noir…

Ryuko: (through earpiece) Ladybug, we were supposed to be behind the fountain.

Polymouse: (through earpiece) I’m about to detransform. Should I feed my kwami ​​or will you?

Ladybug: I… (Puts the ring into the yo-ya.) Stay put, I’m on my way! (Swings away.)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Contemplating Cat Miraculous, surrounded by kwami.

Ladybug: What got into him? I did not do anything.

Plagg: You didn’t do anything? Well, you did! You have neglected a very classy piece of ermine on your plate for too long! And as a result it leaked and got moldy!

Ladybug: What? Cat Noir never gave me an ermine.

Plagg: Of course not, Cat Noir is an ermine! You’ve been neglecting this ermine – I mean Cat Noir for quite some time and you’ve been adventuring with all the other cheeses!

Ladybug: But he should be happy about it, it gives him more time off.

Plagg: Cat Noir doesn’t want time off, Ladybug! He’s in love with you! And your persistent calls to other heroes broke his heart.

Ladybug: I’m really sorry if Cat Noir is hurt, but I’m trying my best as a guardian.

Plagg: (sighs) I know. Just… give me Miraculous. I’ll give him back, cheer him up, have grilled mimolette sandwiches, and everything will be back to normal.

Ladybug: It’s pointless. The problem is that Cat Noir has a crush on me. And since there’s nothing I can do about it, I’ll break his heart over and over again. Maybe Cat Noir is right. We should split up.

(Kwamis gasped.)

Plagg: Woah! Not so fast! May I remind you that Cat Noir is a very capable superhero and that your abilities complement each other?

Ladybug: I know I can’t do it without Cat Noir… So I’ll just have to choose another one who won’t be in love with me!

Scene: Adrien’s room. He sadly throws away all the Ladybug photos from his trophy and the cheeses into the trash, then does the same to the Plagg puppet.

Scene: Marinette’s room.

Plagg: Another Cat Noir? What do you mean another Cat Noir?

Ladybug: I’ll choose the new Cat Noir myself. The one who won’t love me. And since I’ll know who he is, I can call him whenever I need him. (Jumps onto the balcony.)

Plagg: Woah woah woah! You mean you’ll know who it is? Do you know his secret identity?

Ladybug: You’re right! I can not! If I know who Cat Noir is and Shadow Moth akumatizes me, he’ll know where to find Cat Noir and capture both of our Miraculous! He puts them together and makes his wish come true, and then the whole world turns into what he wants!

(He imagines the Shadowmare with the two Miraculouses surrounding the globe and says, “Finally!”.)

Plagg: See? You can’t, so come on, give me back Miraculous. I’ll just tell him to erase you from his heart and everything will be fine.

Ladybug: Do you really think he can do that?

Plagg: I sure hope so.


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