Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 25 Risk Shadowmoths Final Attack Part 1

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 25 Risk Shadowmoths Final Attack Part 1 in English

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 25 Risk Shadowmoths Final Attack Part 1

Scene: Jardins du Trocadéro. Ladybug uses her power to fix everything from the off-screen battle, and she and the rest of the team make their way to the top of the Jardins du Trocadéro.

All: Pound!

Ladybug: Keep going guys! You are the best super team ever. Shadow Moth didn’t stand a chance.

Shell: That’s why he stays in the shadows because we shine too bright for him!

King Monkey: (laughs) Good carapace!

(Carapace and King Monkey kiss each other. Their Miraculous starts beeping.)

Ladybug: Well, he won’t stay in the shadows for long when we all detransform here. Let’s meet later so you can all return your Miraculous to me.

Cat Noir: Can I come with you?

(Ladybug frowns.)

Cat Noir: I know, I know. Only the Guardian knows the identity of Miraculous holders. And Cat Noir, despite being the first and most awesome member of the team of all, is now just a holder like any other.

Ladybug: Yeah, but you’ll always be my favorite! (kisses Cat Noir on the cheek) Mwah! Hi!

(Ladybug swings. Cat Noir smirks.)

Ladybug: Rena Furtive!

(Rena Furtive checks every encounter point.)

Rena Furtive: You can go now, the coast is clear.

(Ladybug goes to each meeting point and gets each Miraculous from Kim, Kagami, Luka, Juleka, Rose, and Nino.)

Ladybug: (waves Nino after her earring rings) Wrong!

(Ladybug meets Rena Furtive in the alley)

Rena Furtive: Another perfectly orchestrated operation, Mademoiselle Ladybug! Let’s rest. (de-transforms into Alya)

Ladybug: And perfectly safe thanks to you, Mademoiselle Rena Furtive! Spots gone. (de-transforms into Marinette)

Alya: We’re so good at it that we even get to see “United Heroez: The Final End Fight” in theaters!

Marinette: Are you saying we’re actually going to see the beginning of a movie for once?

Alya: Yeah, if we run! (both laugh)

Scene: Interior, Agreste headquarters, in storage. Gabriel stands in front of Emily’s cryogenic module.

Gabriel: I failed again, Emilie. We should have gotten together a long time ago. I tried everything to get my hands on Miraculous of Ladybug and Cat Noir. I should have combined their powers by now, which would fulfill my wish to bring you back! (starts sobbing) I’m not… worthy… of our love!

(Gabriel slams his fist into Emilia’s cryogenic pod, shattering the glass. Horrified, he puts his hand down, secures the pod, and runs to the elevator.)

Scene: Interior, Agreste mansion, Nathalia’s room.

Gabriel: (slams his fist) Ladybug never makes a mistake!

Nathalie: Neither do you. Ladybug didn’t discover who you are, she didn’t get hold of your Miraculous and- (cough)

Gabriel: Nathalie! You see, I made at least one mistake.

Nathalie: It wasn’t a mistake. I was the one who decided to use Peacock Miraculous despite being damaged. I was fully aware of the risk I was taking.

Gabriel: Risk… Of course! He never makes mistakes because he never takes risks! (laughing madly)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Shadow Moth: I need a villain that will force Ladybug to take a risk, and without realizing it, (spoils the butterfly to Megakuma) make a mistake!

Adrien: Great, of course my keys disappear from my bag just as I have to go out.

Xavier: There are empty pigeon spikes on the benches now too? Oh my poor friends…

Froggy’s Dad: Froggy, come back! It’s too dangerous!

Froggy: Why are you always afraid of everything? I want to ride a bike without a helmet, without training wheels!

Shadow Moth: Perfect! Fly away, my Megakumo, and plague that deceitful heart!

Scene: Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes

Froggy’s Dad: Come back!

Froggy’s Mom: Froggy, come back! It’s time to go home!

(Megakuma infects Froggy’s stuffed toy)

Shadow Moth: Risk. I am Shadow Moth. I give you the power to make people forget their fear. Thanks to you, they will take all the risks and let you take all the risks you want too!

Froggy: Oh, will it work on my parents too?

Shadow Moth: Yes. All the dads, moms and kids who hear your song start taking risks without even realizing it. We have a deal?

Froggy: Yeah! (turns into risk)

Risk: Wow!

Froggy’s Dad: (breathes; angrily) Where’s your helmet? And your training bikes?

(Risk releases energy particles from his bicycle horn, marking them both)

Risk: I’m Froggy, I’m coming, I’m not afraid of anyone.

(Parents wave at Froggy as he rides his bike)

Froggy’s Dad: Go for it. After all, cycling is not that risky.

Risk: I’m Froggy, I’m here.

Shadow Moth: You and I are going to have a lot of fun Risk, but you have to be discreet! Hide your Froggy wheel or Ladybug will come and break it and you will lose all your abilities.

Risk: I’ll hide it where he’ll never find it.

(Later in the streets)

Risk: I’m Froggy, I’m coming, I’m not afraid of anyone.

(The cut shows everyone, including Marinette and Adrien, being marked by the Risk Force)

Shadow Moth (v.o.): Ladybug, Cat Noir, whoever you are, wherever you hide, you now bear the mark of danger. Of course I have no idea what mistake you will make or how you will make it, but I know that the beating of my wings has sown the seeds of recklessness and now I just have to wait and then reap the fall.

Scene: Adrien’s room. Adrien wakes up and yawns. His computer rings from Nathalie’s video call.

Nathalie: Adrien, remember you have…

Adrien: School at 8:30, fencing at 1:30, then piano practice and Chinese class. But first, the breakfast for two that my dad has been promising me for months.

Nathalie: Um, about that.

Adrien: What? Awwww. It’s cancelled, isn’t it?

Nathalie: No, no! You will meet him… but for a work session.

(A robot arrives.)

Nathalie: Last night your father had an idea for a new ad campaign. Please wear this dress before joining him in his study.

Plagg: Well, I’d like to have breakfast with you.

Risk: I’m Froggy, I’m coming, I’m not afraid of anyone.

Adrien: I had it, Plagg! I’m tired of photos and ads! I don’t want to be a model for my father’s brand anymore! I just want to be a son and be able to have breakfast with him one day! I’m going to talk to him.

Plagg: (shocked by Adrien’s hasty outburst, flies over to Adrien) You do realize that your father is taking it very badly, right?

Adrien: I’m willing to risk it!

Scene: Gabriel’s studio. Lila Rossi, Bob Roth and Vincent are present.

Adrien: (angrily) Father, I need to talk to you!

Gabriel: (angrily) Now is not the time, Adrien! Go change into the clothes you’re supposed to be wearing!

Adrien: Yes, father.

Scene: Stairs. Adrien leaves sadly.

Plagg: Come on, don’t give up! Rebellions are like cheese soufflés, just because they fail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again!


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