Miraculous Season 4 episode 21 Dearest Family

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 21 Dearest family


Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 21 Dearest family

Scene: Hawk Moth’s lair, Gabriel holding a magic spell. He hands over his tablet as the akuma flutters around his lair, testing to see if he will be akumatized.

Gabriel: Come here my little akumo and piss me off!

(Akuma flies towards his tablet, only to be blocked by a powerful force created by a magic spell. Akuma then clears himself when he touches the force field.)

Gabriel: (opens the tablet) The magic spell still repels the akuma.

Nathalie: (from tablet, coughs) If Ladybug was able to create a magic spell against akumas, then your power can evolve as well.

Scene: Nathalia’s room.

Nathalie: The Grimoire is clear: the only limits to the powers of the Prodigies are those set by their wielders.

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Gabriel: Duusu, Nooroo, dual metamorphosis! (turns into Shadow Moth)

(Shadow Moth places his tablet on the table as Nathalie continues to call. He takes a deep breath as the butterfly lands on his palm and concentrates his power to create powerful akuma. He successfully corrupts the butterfly and flutters out of his hand.)

Shadow Moth: Reverse Morphosis! (de-transforms into Gabriel)

(He grabs the tablet again and summons akuma to him.)

Gabriel: Akumatize me! (He flies the akuma towards his tablet a second time, but to no avail as the akuma is repelled and purified again.) It’s worthless, Nathalie!

Nathalie: (from tablet) Don’t give up! Force the power into your will. Don’t forget why you’re doing it, Gabriel!

Gabriel: Duusu, Nooroo, dual metamorphosis! (turns back into Shadow Moth)

(A butterfly lands on his hand, he tries to corrupt it with another evil power as a purple aura surrounds him, leaving Nathalie stunned in Gabriel’s tablet.)

Shadow Moth: (continues to corrupt akuma) I… I can do it! I want it! (grunting)

(A stronger akuma successfully formed in his hand and purple streaks of lightning began to form around it as it fluttered away from his palm.)

Shadow Moth: Reverse Morphosis!

(Transforms back to Gabriel)

Gabriel: Come on, megakuma. Make me angry!

(Megakuma flies towards his tablet, sustains with the power of a magic spell until Megakuma destroys it, and eventually lands on Gabriel’s tablet, which then transforms into the Collector.)

Collector: Finally!!

Nathalie: (from tablet) You did it!

(Gabriel, as the Collector, releases the Megakuma from himself and de-transforms.)

Gabriel: I can’t wait to see what you make of this, Ladybug.

Scene: Interior, Tom & Sabine Boulangerie. The timer ticks for five seconds and rings.

Rolland: (blocking Tom’s hand from opening the oven) Not with a tea towel, son! That’s not how it’s done! (wears oven gloves)

(As Rolland opens the oven, the sweet, tantalizing aroma of the galette escapes from the oven, and Rolland, Tom, and Sabine look on in awe. Tom places the galette on the table and grabs a piece, as do Sabine and Rolland, their eyes wide with satisfaction. )

Rolland: It melts in your mouth!

Tom: And perfectly crispy!

Sabine: It’s delicious! Congratulations! It’s the first recipe you’ve made together: your very own father and son King’s Day galette!

Rolland: The perfect combination of tradition…

Tom: And modernity!

(Tom and Rolland come to embrace. Sabine opens the bakery.)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Tikki finds herself sleeping when she is awakened by the delicious aroma of galettes from downstairs.

Tikki: (panicking) Marinette! Marinette, what’s that smell?

Marinette: (half asleep, husky voice) It’s a galette. Made for King’s Day. Every year, on the same day, at the same time, whoever finds the magic in their slice gets a golden paper crown. (yawns) Go back to sleep, Tikki. It’s too early for Sunday. (covers himself with a blanket)

Tikki: But I’ve never felt anything so sweet and wonderful! Can I please go and have a little try?

Marinette: No Tikki! No one can see you!

(The other kwami ​​start to wake up and come out from various places in Marinette’s room)

Wayzz: (from one drawer) What’s going on?

Stompp: Is it breakfast time yet?

Barkk: Oooh, I’m hungry! I’m so hungry!

Marinette: (sits on the bed) Oh, okay. I get it…

Scene: Interior, Tom & Sabine Boulangerie. Tom pulls another fresh galette out of the oven. Rolland helps him cook two more, placing the raw galettes in the pan while Tom returns the tray to the oven. Sabine organizes the galettes and puts them in boxes.

Marinette: (sleepy) Good morning.

Rolland: Oh, that’s my darling!

Tom: Did my little girl sleep well?

Marinette: (yawns) Can I have a small piece of galette please?

Tom: Marinette has always loved galettes! (grabs a bread knife to cut the galette before Rolland rips it from him)

Rolland: That’s not how it’s done! The tradition is that we first sell all the galettes we have made (passing the galette tray to Sabine) and then we can enjoy the very last galette together as a family! Until then (he slides the galette into the box) all the galettes are for customers.

(Tikki, inside Marinette’s purse, inhales the sweet smell of a galette. Marinette and Tom share a hearty laugh as Tom hands her a tray of croissants.)

Marinette: (grabs a piece of croissant) Thanks, Dad! (goes to the stairs and closes the door behind her)

Tikki: Where is the galette-y thing that gives off that charming smell?

Marinette: We have to wait until tonight for the galette, Tikki. But you can have some of this croissant while you wait!

Tikki: (flying in front of Marinette, blocking and surprising her) I can’t wait that long, Marinette! The smell is so extraordinary! Do I have to taste anything, please, please, please?

Marinette: (laughs) Okay. I’ll go try it and give you a piece. I want to try Dad and Grandpa’s new galette! Hide, Tikki!

(Tikki brings her purse closer as they both walk back downstairs.)

Marinette: Um… I just thought I might be able to help you out by handing out little galette samples to the customers waiting in line outside! It will help them stay patient!

Rolland: Great idea!

(Marinette grabs a tray of sliced ​​galettes on the table and puts a few in her purse for Tikki to munch on.)

Rolland: It’s nice to see that young people still have a sense of service 

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