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Psycomedian | Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 5 English Psycomedian

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 3 Gang of Secrets

 Scene: Cafe. Marinette is eating with Alya, Alix, Mylène, Rose and Juleka.

Marinette: Seriously, girls, I tried several times, didn’t I?

Other girls: (nods) Mhm.

Marinette: Of course, it was a complete disaster in the beginning.

Scene: Flashback from “The Bubbler”. Out of school.

Marinette: I can’t do it, I can’t do it!

Alya: (palms and sighs) No, you don’t, girl. You stopped all morning. Now is the time!

(She nudges Marinette towards Adrien and Nino.)

Marinette: Aaah! (He stops right in front of Adrien.) Um, haha! Hi! (She waves nervously as she holds her present behind her back.)

Adrien: (shares a surprised look with Nino) Hello.

Scene: Cafe.

(The girls laugh.)

Alya: (puts a hand on Marinette’s shoulder) Without a doubt one of your best moments ever Marinette.

Marinette: But I’ve gotten better over time, haven’t I?

Alix: Like that time you were amazing at the Trocadero?

Scene: Flashback from “Gigantitan”. Trocadero.

(Marinette sighs and the girls give her an annoyed look.)

Adrien: But we can take you home if you want.

(Marinette’s friends are filled with joy again.)

Rose: Phew…

Juleka: Good!

Marinette: No, it’s fine! I’ll take the coleslaw home. Thanks!

(Marinette’s friends get mad at her again.)

Adrien: Okay… So enjoy your meal. (gets into the car) See you tomorrow at school! (He closes the car door and the car drives off.)

Scene: Cafe.

(The girls laugh again. Marinette shamefacedly lands her hand on the table, causing her small plate and glass cup to fall, which Alya and Mylène quickly catch.)

Marinette: Okay. So I made zero progress.

Mylène: That’s not true, Marinette. Today you and Adrien are friends! That’s progress.

Scene: Flashback from “The Puppeteer 2”. Inside the Agreste car.

Adrien: Is that true? Are you and I still friends?

Marinette: Of course! But just to be safe, maybe we should stop playing pranks.

Adrien: (laughs) I know. I’m not good at jokes. The girl I’m in love with doesn’t like them either.

Marinette: The girl you… (turns away from Adrien heartbroken) …you’re in love with?

Scene: Cafe.

Marinette: Being friends with Adrien is the worst thing that could have happened.

Juleka: (mumbles) But you are special friends.

Rose: You can’t have love without friendship.

(Marinette smiles warmly as Juleka and Rose hug each other.)

Scene: the courtyard of the Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette paces up and down in front of her friends, thinking of a new strategy.

Marinette: Okay! Adrien needs to see me in a new light! Like more than just a funny buddy. Not just a clumsy, babbling girl who stumbles over her words. I need to be different so I will be the apple of his eye, the girl of his dreams, the one! Then we will finally be together! I will jump for joy! We will dance in each other’s arms! You sweep me off my feet- Oh! Then we’ll get married, have three kids and a hamster named-

Alya: Marinette.

Marinette: A hamster named Marinette? That would be weird.

(Rose laughs.)

Alya: Girl, you can’t see the beauty in your flaws. Your awkward gaga nerdiness is what makes you unique! Don’t try to be someone else, be Marinette!

(Nino and Adrien watch one of the famous comedian Harry the Clown’s skits on Nino’s phone from afar.)

Harry: (into phone) Have you ever wondered if you could recycle old socks? Try today’s specialty in the cafe! (honks his iconic red nose prop) Honk!

(Nino laughs at Harry’s joke while Adrien laughs at Marinette doing various funny poses.)

Nino: See, dude? I told you! Cheerful, right?

Adrien: Uh… (laughs nervously) Right! Really funny, Nina.

Nino: I have to show you more of his drawings. It’s crazy that you don’t know Harry the clown! (Laughter)

Alya: I‘ve always loved Nina’s sense of humor.

Marinette: Of course! Laughter is the best medicine! If I can make Adrien laugh, I know he’d fall in love with me!

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont.

Nino: Later dude!

Adrien: See you, Nina!

Marinette: (shaking Nino) Why was Adrien laughing? What was on your phone!? Come on Nina! Tell me please!

Nino: Take it easy, girl! It was a Harry Clown sketch about cafeterias. So funny, have you heard of him?

Marinette: Of course! He is even one of my parents’ customers. He always comes to buy bread at 5 p.m. — Which is right now! (runs to his family bakery)

Nino: (confused) Uh… No problem! (waves)

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Sabine gives Harry the Clown a bagel.

Harry: Thanks, Sabine! Have a nice day Tom!

Marinette: (rushing in) Phew, you’re still here!

Harry: Marinette?

Marinette: Harry, how long are you going to do your new act in Paris?

Harry: My last performance is tonight!

Marinette: Oh, shoot. That’s it, I guess.

Harry: Oh, but you’ve already seen it with your little family. Honk! (he blows his nose, causing Tom and Sabine to laugh)

Marinette: Actually, it’s not for me. It’s for… for this boy in my class, Adrien Agreste. He’s a big fan of yours and… I thought he’d love the chance to go to your show and we could laugh side by side…

Harry: You’re a bit crazy about the boy. (squeezes nose again) Honk!

Marinette Ah – no no no no! I’m not! (laughs) Why do you think that? … Does not matter. I would never have had the guts to ask him anyway. And even if I did, his father would never let him go to a school night.

Harry: Okay, I know Gaby pretty well!

Marinette: Gaby?

Harry: Years ago he designed the Franciscan costume for my first act.

Marinette: Gabriel Agreste did that? Wait. Do you know Adrien’s father?!

Harry: I’ll talk to him. I promise you that on the final night, I will have two special guests, you and your classmate, who you have absolutely no crush on. Honk!

Marinette: Really? Oh, thank you, thank you! But, uh, what are you going to say to convince him? Because, you know, Adrien can’t suspect anything, I mean…

Harry: Trust me, Marinette. (blows his nose) Honk!

(Tom and Sabine laugh again and Marinette smiles)

Scene: Gabriel’s studio.

Gabriel: Why would Adrien want to see you on stage?

Harry: Because I’d like to offer him… a role in my next movie!

Gabriel: “Super-Fry saves the day”?

Harry: This will be my most personal film. I wrote it all myself. I even did some drawings! I got the character back from my first show. Do you remember Gaby? You made a costume.

Gabriel: I thought we agreed to never bring it up again.

Harry: In the movie, Super-Fry has to save the day with his heroic friends, the ermine Justice and Wonder Potato! Honk!

Gabriel: A superhero comedy?

Harry: Of course not, my dear Gaby! I’m done with stupid jokes. This is a serious movie with strong emotions, love, sadness and a real villain like Hawk Moth! “I give you the power to become an evil french fry!” Honk!

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