Miraculous Season 4 Episode 19 Simpleman

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 19 Simpleman


Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 19 Simpleman

 Scene: Interior, Marinette’s room. Inside the Miracle Box, Ziggy, Sass and Barkk look scared.

Ziggy: (scared) Oh… it’s coming!

(Manon, causing a ruckus inside the Magic Box, tries to open it. Meanwhile, Marinette arranges the toys scattered around her room. She then sees Manon force the Magic Box open.)

Marinette: Manon! (laughs nervously) How about we draw? You like to draw, don’t you? (opens a drawer that’s full of her doodles with Adrien) AHH! Let’s play hide and seek instead! (raises Manon to the other side) …Okay?

Manon: YES!

(Xuppu and Kaalki shake their heads no from behind the beam.)

Marinette: (panicking) Oh! Wait! I know, I know! Ugh, beads! Let’s make some beads and necklaces! (drops the jewelry box and the beads scatter on the floor)

(Ella and Etta arrive at Marinette’s room.)

Manon: Yes! Ella! Etta!

Ella and Etta: Manon!

(Alya watches the twins from behind. She finds Marinette already guarding Manon.)

Alya: Shoot! You didn’t tell me you were already babysitting Manon. I’m going to cancel my date with Nino at the cinema.

Marinette: No, no! Uhh… the more, the… more beautiful necklaces we can make!

Alya: (concerned) Are you sure?

Marinette: (puts the jewelry box back on her desk) Come on, go enjoy the movie!

Alya: Okay! Buzz me if you need me! (closes trap door)

(Back with the kids, Manon, Ella, and Etta run to the other side of the room with the storage box containing the Miracle Box. Marinette runs to them in a panic and trips over the couch as they continue to shake it recklessly. The Kwamis inside the Miracle Box are moving and constantly with her (they shake. Marinette then grabs the box from them.)

Marinette: Not the sewing box!

(Manon, Ella, and Etta stare absently and suddenly at Marinette as they roll their eyes at each other and plan a malicious plan: to tickle Marinette.)

Marinette: (laughs) No! Stop it, it’s not fair!

(While the kids are tickling her, Nino and Chris arrive at Marinette’s room.)

Nino: (looking out trap door) Oh. You didn’t tell me you were already babysitting Manon and the twins.

Marinette: Oh! One more child won’t change anything. (places the box next to her) Go to the movies with your girlfriend.

Nino: Wow! Thank you, Marinette! You really are the best! (closes trap door)

(As Nino left the room, Marinette looked at the kids who were already hastily playing with the kwami.)

Marinette: No! No kw- (covers mouth) kwa-shies!

Ella: Kwa-shies? Did you make them yourself?

Marinette: Oh! Yes! They are my latest sewing project. But it’s a secret project, so you have to put them back in the drawer—

Ella: (throws Kaalki into the air) I’ll call it Sock!

Etta: (grabs Kaalki and throws her again) Fly, sock, fly!

Ella: Throw it to me!

(Manon and Chris pull Fluff by the ears.)

Manon: I saw the bunny first!

Chris: No, he did! Not me!

Manon: No, me!

Marinette: Oh! Film! How about we all watch a funny movie together instead?

Manon, Chris, Ella and Etta: (throw the kwamis on the floor) YAY! (all four sit on the floor in front of the monitor in unison) Ladybug and Cat Noir!

(Marinette groans in annoyance.)

Manon: You don’t like it?

Marinette: Yes! I do! I love it so much I’ve seen it maybe too many times.

(She opens the computer and starts a movie. Seeing the kids finally settled down, she flops down on her chair and lets out a sigh of relief just before her phone starts ringing. She pulls out the phone to see Adrien calling her.)

Marinette: Adrien? Woohoo! Adrien! Oh, Adrien! Adrien!

Manon: You’re not going to answer that?

Marinette: Of course I am! I answer and talk to him! Very normal. (presses a button on her phone and calls) Adri-mine? Ugh! adrien how are you Do you need me to do you a… favor?

Adrien: (from the Eiffel Tower, calling Marinette) There’s no one here on set to fix it. And since I know how talented you are at sewing, I was hoping you could come and help me.

Marinette: Married? I would like to! I didn’t mean the first or second part. I mean, I’d like to help you, not marry you. Heh-heh! (declines) Operation Adrien’s Rescue is underway. I’m jumping straight from level 2, “talking to him”, to level 48, “doing Adrien a favor”! And as soon as I helped him out, because he is so nice and polite and grateful… He asks me:

Marinette: (as Adrien) How can I thank you, Marinette?

Marinette: Well, Adrien, I’d love it if you went to the movies with me to see “Umbrellas of Deauville”!

Marinette: (as Adrien) How wonderful, Marinette! That’s my favorite movie!

Marinette: So we’ll go to the screening at 3:17 p.m., because there’s an 89.5% chance we’ll pass ice cream man André on the way. We’ll share a sweet heart ice cream cone that will make us miss the start of the movie and —

Manon: (interrupting) Wouldn’t it be easier to just give him your drawing?

(Manon picks up Marinette’s doodle with Adrien.)

Marinette: Huh! No no! Telling a guy you like him is much more complicated than drawing.

(Manon, Ella, Etta, and Chris grab their backpacks, which have Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Rena Rouge on them.)

Manon: It will be great to see you do it!

Marinette: Wait a minute. Sorry! (puts their backpacks away and pushes Manon, Ella, Etta and Chris) You won’t see anything. You will be good and stay…

(Wayzz appears behind the computer and answers ‘no’.)

Marinette: ...Ha-ha, not here at all! You go… (he pushes them again and stops) Oh…

(Marinette changes her mind, thinking about her mom and dad leaving.)

Tom: We’re going to a chocolate conference. I’ll see you tonight my love.

Marinette: Oh…

(Marinette then thinks of her grandmother.)

Gina: I’m learning kung fu in China, honey. Remember? Ah! And I met a little girl who reminds me so much of you.

Marinette: No…

(He finally thinks of his grandfather.)

Rolland: Why would I want to go out? I love it here at home!

Marinette: (smiles) That’s perfect!

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