Miraculous Season 1 Episode 12 Darkblade

Miraculous Season 1 Episode 12 Darkblade warning

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 12 Darkblade

 Oh no! While trying to ridicule Marinette in order to ruin her chances at becoming class representative, Chloé manages to get her hands on Marinette’s diary, where the latter keeps all her secrets… including the fact that she is Ladybug! Marinette must get her diary back before Chloé can read it! Meanwhile, Adrien’s fencing instructor gets akumatized into Darkblade after losing the local elections. Armed with his sword, he transforms people into knights so that they can storm City Hall and overthrow Mayor Bourgeois. As it turns out, Chloé has gathered all of Marinette’s classmates at City Hall in support of her own campaign for class representative! Marinette will have to choose between transforming into Ladybug to defend City Hall with Cat Noir and remaining as Marinette to comfort her terrified classmates – all while trying to get her diary back before Chloe reads it!

Episode Overview:

Scene: Marinette as Ladybug enters her room through door.

Nadja: (Reporting on Marinette’s computer.) Ladybug and Cat Noir have once again saved Paris.

Marinette: (grunts) And Marinette hopes again that she will finally have enough time to finish her magic box.

Tikki: What’s the magic box for, Marinette?

Marinette: Lock my journal and all my secrets.

Tikki: Every little secret? Are you telling me you write everything down in that thing?

Marinette: Uh…yeah, did something happen?

(Marinette repeatedly closes and opens the box to if it works)

Tikki: Well, first of all, what if someone finds out you’re Ladybug? And secondly, what if someone finds out you’re a Ladybug?!

Marinette: That’s not going to happen. Try it, Tikki.

(Tikki flies into the box and tries to pick up the diary, but gets locked inside)

Tikki: (muted) Hey!

Marinette: And… it works! (Marinette unlocks the box to free Tikki)

Nadja: (From the computer.) Yesterday, Mr. Bourgeois was re-elected mayor of Paris for a fourth consecutive term. Here we see Mr. Bourgeois with his daughter.

Marinette: Phew! Check out Chloé acting like she’s the mayor of Paris! Ah! Which reminds me, class representative elections are tomorrow!

Tikki: What’s so bad about that?

Marinette: Chloé is running for class representative. One person who cares least about the students and most about himself.

Tikki: Well, maybe you should run!

Marinette: I totally would, but don’t you think I’m busy with ladybug duties and all my schoolwork?

Tikki: Yes, but if you really believe in something, you have to try to make it work. It’s better not to try than not to try at all!

Marinette: Maybe…

Tikki: Don’t underestimate yourself, Marinette!

Nadja: (From the computer.) Armand D’Argencourt, one of Bourgeois’s opponents, and fencing instructor at François Dupont’s high school, was rocked in the polls. In fact, D’Argencourt received the fewest votes in the history of Paris.

(Marinette looks at the clock on the computer and gasps.)

Marinette: I’m gonna be late for school! Again! See, this is what I’m talking about! (closes computer)

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Mrs. Bustier talks about the election.

Miss Bustier: Chloé is running for class representative and Sabrina will be her representative. Do we have any other candidates?

(Kim raises his hand, but Chloé and Sabrina glare at him.)

Chloe and Sabrina: Um!

Miss Bustier: Yes, Kim?

Kim: Um, um… nothing.

(Marinette enters the classroom.)

Marinette: Hello! Sorry! I-uh, I-uh, bus, (Marinette starts coughing), dry throat!

Alya: Chloe is running again! Since when is she the class representative? Kindergarten?

Marinette: Oh! Why are you not running? You would make a great representative!

Alya: That’s not possible. My blog is a full time job!

Miss Bustier: Okay, I’ll give you all until the end of lunch to decide if you want to be a candidate.

Scene: Court. Chloé talks to the other students about the election.

Marinette: (to Kim) So what did Chloé tell you this time? Did she offer to go on a date with you?

Kim: No, she threatened to tell everyone that I’m afraid of spiders.

Rose: She told me that if I ran for office I’d be kicked out of the scrapbooking club and you know how much I love all those stickers and colored scraps of paper and gluing!

Alix: I couldn’t care less about being a candidate, and what’s your excuse?

Marinette: Well, uh, um, I’m… really busy! (thinks about being Ladybug and saving Paris)

Alya: With what? Sleep over?

Marinette: Well, no! But, uh, well, I’d probably run if no one else did.

Scene: Classroom. Miss Bustier talks about the election.

Miss Bustier: So, any new candidates who would like to run against Chloe and Sabrina?

(Marinette looks around at Kim and Rose, the latter of whom squeals.)

Miss Bustier: Since Chloé and Sabrina are the only candidates, there’s no point in voting. So Chloé and Sabrina…

(Chloé and Sabrina sigh in satisfaction)

Marinette: (panicks at the last minute; raises her hand) I’m running!

(Everyone except Chloe and Sabrina look at her excitedly)

Miss Bustier: (surprised) Great! You will need to develop a campaign and have a speech ready by tomorrow. Then we will have a vote.

Scene: Court. The students talk about Marinette running for class representative.

Alya: Well, let’s hear what your campaign is like! How will you represent?

Marinette: Represent? Uh, I have no idea. I still can’t believe I raised my hand…

(Rose, Juleka and Nino come to them excitedly)

Rose: Keep going Marinette! You spoke from the heart, it was really authentic! (laughs)

Marinette: What? Oh, uh… Thanks.

Rose: If you win, can we get more comfortable chairs? They are so hard I can barely concentrate in class. (gasps fondly) Maybe pink!

Nino: And it would be great if we could listen to our beats while studying in the library.

Juleka: Uh, you know… um, I don’t-, you know.

Marinette: Um… (laughs) Sure Jules.

Alya: (sees Adrien) Adrien! Marinette can count on your vote, right?

Adrien: Sure, according to her speech. (leaves)

Marinette: (glares at Adrien) Better get on that campaign. (Alya squeezes her head)

Chloé: (from a distance) I’ve watched my dad win every election, and I’m going to follow in his footsteps. I know how to win!

Sabrina: By having the best campaign?

Chloe: Ha! It does not matter! The secret to winning in politics is to destroy your opponent’s reputation!

Scene: Dupain-Cheng residence. Marinette is in her room thinking about her campaign.

Marinette: Softer chairs, music in the library, anything Juleka said… I’m writing down everyone’s problems! Now I have to get it all into my election speech.

Tikki: I’m proud of you, I’m sure you’ll win! You will make a great class representative!

Marinette: Everyone is counting on me to beat Chloé. Even Adrien, do you realize that?

(Marinette’s phone vibrates. It’s Alya calling.)

Alya: (From phone.) Marinette, the battle begins.

Marinette: Why? What’s happening?

Alya: Chloé invited the whole class to the town hall campaign launch party, and Jagged Stone is coming!

Marinette: Really? Jagged Stone, my favorite star?! I love him! Oh, and so does everyone else.

Alya: Exactly! They are trying to buy student votes with autographs!

Marinette: Not if I have anything to say! We will meet there!

(Marinette leaves the but forgets her journal. Sabrina sneaks into the bakery to look for something to embarrass Marinette.)

Sabrina: I’m going in, Chloé. (goes into the bakery)

Sabine: Hello!

Sabrina: Hello! Marinette borrowed my math textbook for geometry homework, but I need it back.

Sabine: Marinette isn’t here, uh, I have customers to attend to, but go get it from her room if you don’t mind.

Sabrina: I would love to, thanks!

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