Miraculous Season 1 Episode 24 Volpina English


Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 24 Volpina

Marinette has a rival at school, a new student named Lila who seems a bit too interested in Adrien. Lila tells him that she knows a lot about superheroes and that she even knows Ladybug! Furious to see Adrien under someone’s spell, Marinette transforms into Ladybug to catch Lila in her lie. But, by humiliating Lila in front of Adrien, Ladybug makes a new enemy. Akumatized, Lila becomes Volpina, the mistress of illusions. Volpina pretends to be a superheroine who wants to form an alliance with Ladybug and Cat Noir, though she actually has a far different goal: to divide and destroy them. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir be duped?

Episode Transcript:

Scene: Agreste Castle. Adrien spies on his father.

Gabriel: (on phone and looking at book) Yes, I’m busy. I was right in the middle of something very important. What you want? (pauses) What?! This is unacceptable! The sample garment does not match at all! Just follow the pattern. Imbeciles! What should I do? The show is in three days! No, don’t use it, it’s completely useless.

(Gabriel goes to his wife’s picture, revealing a safe behind it, in which he puts the book)

Gabriel: Call my assistant Nathalie. He will give you other names.

Adrien: (behind the pillar) Is he hiding things behind the picture of mom?

Plagg: Ooh! I love dirty secrets (Adrien goes to the painting with Plagg and opens it) Oh, yes! Go on, go on!

Adrien: I can’t do it. My dad wouldn’t like me going through his stuff. Plus I don’t even know the code and my fencing class is just starting.

Plagg: You’re such a party. (goes through the safe door and unlocks it)

Adrien: Plagg, no!

Plagg: (muted) My, my, what do we have here? A book about Tibet, an old flyer from a hotel, a bunch of junk, come on, where’s the good stuff? (taps the book Gabriel was looking at into Adrien’s arms) I’ve seen this book somewhere before. But who cares? I’m hungry! I need an ermine!

Adrien: Why does my dad keep it locked in a safe? (stares at a page with a picture of an ancient Chinese hawkmoth) Hawkmoth? What is this monster doing in a superhero book?

Plagg: Cheese! didn’t you hear me

(Adrien gasps as he hears footsteps approaching, tucks the book into his school bag and closes the picture just as Nathalie and Adrien’s bodyguard enter the room.)

Nathalie: Adrien? You will be late.

(Adrien’s bodyguard grunts.)

Adrien: I was looking for my homework. I’m a fool. (laughs nervously)


Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette and Alya walk up the entrance steps.

Rose: Do you believe Lila knows Prince Ali? She even flew with him on his private jet!

Chloé: Why did Jagged Stone write a song about Lila when he could have written it about me?

Nino: Lila knows all the Hollywood directors. She promised to mention me in front of Steven Basielberg himself!

Marinette: (hurries back to Alya) Lilo?

Alya: Yeah, she just started at our school! (points to Lila who is with Adrien on the second floor of the school) She even gave me an exclusive interview for Ladyblog because Ladybug once saved her life! Watches! (shows Marinette a video of Lily on her blog)

Marinette: Who is this girl and what is she doing next to the love of my life?!

Alya: Lila has the most incredible life and now she’s coming here. She is absolutely amazing!

Marinette: (dreamy) What?! Do not say that! This is super bad, what if Adrien falls completely for her?! I have never flown in a private jet; nobody ever wrote a song about me; and I don’t know a single person in Hollywood! Adrien will forget I even exist! (Lila leads Adrien by the hand)

Marinette: (gasps) Where are they going? Alya, we have to stop them!

Alya: You need to calm down, Marinette. My Ladyblog has the highest number of hits ever after that interview with Lila! (walks away)

Marinette: What’s going on? I think the Lila girl hypnotized everyone or something?

Tikki: Wouldn’t you be a little jealous, Marinette?

Marinette: Huh! Me, jealous? In any case! (runs after Lila and Adrien)


Scene: Library of the Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette sees Adrien sitting alone at the table. Marinette hides behind a nearby bookshelf.

Marinette: Where is he?

(Adrien pulls a book from his father’s safe out of his bag, and Tikki gasps, leaving Marinette with her purse.)

Tikki: Marinette, Adrien’s book! I have to take a closer look.

Marinette: Why are you so worried about his book? Hide, Tikki!

(Tikki flies into the library right next to Adrien.)

Lila: Now we can start our history homework. Doing it together is a lot more fun, don’t you think? (notices Adrien’s book and grabs it from under the other book he was using to hide it) What is it?

Adrien: Nothing! Just superhero stories.

Lila: (puts her hand on Adrien’s) I love superheroes!

Marinette: (gasps from behind the library) It’s too late! (runs into a book cart and accidentally pushes it. Tikki watches Lila flip through the book and turn to the page on Ladybug)

Lila: Ladybug!

Adrien: (sighs) She’s amazing.

Lila: A girl doesn’t have to wear a costume to be awesome, you know. (moves closer to Adrien)

Adrien: Uh, I don’t know—I mean, I—

Lila: So you have a soft spot for the bug, huh?

Adrien: Me? Oh no! Not at all!

(A book cart approaches them but is not noticed.)

Lila: You know that I am actually very close friends with Ladybug.

(Adrien and Marinette both gasped.)

Adrien: Really?!

Lila: We can talk about it if you want. Not here though. Why don’t we meet in after school and I’ll tell you everything.

(Marinette accidentally crashes the cart into a wall, causing Adrien and Lila to stand up in surprise. Marinette hid under their desk.)

Adrien: (gets a notification from his phone) Gotta go! I have a lesson in 58 seconds. (Lila causes Adrien to drop his bag on the floor)

Lila: So ? (kicks the superhero book on the floor away from Adrien’s bag)

Adrien: Oh sure! (run out)

Lila: (takes the book) Is the superhero different? Hmm, interesting… (leaves the library)

Tikki: Marinette!

Marinette: I know. I need to talk to Adrien before he meets Lila at . She must know she’s a total .

Tikki: No! You can’t tell Adrien anything yet. I need to be able to preview the book first. If it’s who I think it is, we need to get our hands on it!

Marinette: I don’t understand? Why exactly would we need it?

Tikki: When I know for sure, I’ll explain it to you. Please, we can’t let Lila out of our sight!


Scene: Streets of Paris. Marinette watches a clip of Lily from Ladyblog.

Lila: (in video) Ladybug and I are like that! (crosses fingers together)

Marinette: Liar!

Tikki: Here! Coming out!

(Lila leaves the jewelry store.)

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