Miraculous Season 1 Episode 26 Origins Part 2 Stoneheart


Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 23 Origins Part 2 Stone Heart

Adrien decides to disobey his father and go to school for the first time. This is where he and Marinette meet, but a misunderstanding leads her to believe that Adrien is just as bad as Chloé (with whom he is friends). Our high-school students won’t have time to get to know each other, however, for they now have to face Stone Heart, alias Ivan, akumatized by Hawk Moth. Adrien does not hesitate to transform into Cat Noir, but Marinette lacks confidence and does not want to become Ladybug. But when Stone Heart threatens Paris, Cat Noir, and her best friend Alya, Ladybug is the only one who can save them. Understanding that she can only help her loved ones as Ladybug, Marinette finally embraces her new role as a superheroine. Back at school, Marinette meets Adrien again. After such disastrous beginnings, how will she end up falling in love with him?

Episode Transcript:

Scene: TVi studio. Reporter Nadja Chamacková informs Paris about the mysterious stone creatures that are scattered around the city.

Nadja: (standing next to an image of one of Stoneheart’s minions, tablet in hand) The stone creatures are scattered all over Paris and show no sign of movement for now. (various images are shown) Police have cordoned off the area.

André: (on TV alongside Officer Roger) We’re not going to stop until we find a way to get these people back to their normal selves, but we’re not in too much of a hurry just yet.

(The camera pans back to Nadja standing next to a photo of Ladybug and Cat Noir.)

Nadja: Paris is relying on our new guardian angels, Ladybug and Cat Noir, to save us all. Our lives depend on them.


Scene: Marinette is at home. Marinette stands next to her father watching TV while he washes the dishes.

Tom: (turns and puts his arm on Marinette’s shoulder) Listen, I know how upsetting and scary this is, but don’t worry, love; we have two superheroes looking for paris and the best way to help them is to show them that we are not afraid because we believe in them. (Tom raises his fist and scrunches his face with confidence and faith)

Marinette: But what if Ladybug fails? (Marinette looks down in shame)

Tom: Then I’d come and save you. (holds a piece of bread like a sword) Super Baker to the rescue!

Marinette: (giggles and reaches up to kiss her father’s cheek) Thanks, great dad!

(She runs into her room and grabs her purse, pausing to look in her vanity drawer where she has her Miraculous. She opens the drawer and considers taking the case containing the Miraculous. She then puts the case inside her purse. with certainty.)


Scene: Adrien’s home. Nathalie is waiting for Adrien in the dining room.

Nathalie: Hmm, what does it do? (the clock strikes once; she looks for Adrien in his room but can’t find him) Adrien?

Gabriel: (Nathalie and Adrien’s bodyguard stand side by side near the stairs and the entrance to the ; Gabriel is not pleased.) Didn’t you see him leave? If anything happens to my son, you will be responsible!


Scene: Streets of Paris. Adrien runs away to school and away from his father.

Plagg: You’re such a strange child. Who wants to be at school when they can be at home all day?

Adrien: You don’t understand, Plagg. I’ve had enough of my dad locking me in the . I want to meet people and make friends! Go to a normal school like everyone else!

Plagg: (sighs) Uhhh, I think I’m feeling weak…

Adrien: You know what’s weird? (stops running; unzips bag and grabs ermine’s lap) The fact that all you eat is this disgusting, rotten smelling cheese, and then I have to smell like it 24/7. That’s weird. (is disgusted by Plagg and his behavior)

Plagg: (joins in) If you want to turn into a superhero, that’s what stinky cheese is for, my friend! (Adrien continues at school)


Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Alya Césaire and Marinette discuss Ladyblog.

Alya: Ladyblog (handing Marinette her phone) bringing you all the latest news about the ultimate superhero, Ladybug! How awesome is that?! (takes phone back) Check out the views since I posted the video!

Marinette: But why do you trust Ladybug so much? All these stone creatures…

Alya: (confidently) He can handle them.

Marinette: But what if she’s not really a superhero even though everyone thinks she is?

Alya: What are you talking about, girl? OH Wait. (realization occurs) I know what this is about. (Marinette is confused and scared by what Alya is about to say) You’re scared, but don’t be! I saw her with my own eyes, girl! Ladybug is a real superhero! She will protect us all! I believe in her. (Marinette looks at her purse and is full of confidence; as she walks with Alya, she notices the group gathered around Ivan)

Alix: (to Ivan) So you really don’t remember anything?

Juleka: You went completely ballistic. It was so cool!

Kim: You really wanted to crush me, dude!

Ivan: Oh, sorry… I wasn’t myself…

Chloe: Phew! (taunts Ivan) Once a monster, forever a monster. (Ivan gets furious and marches off, Chloe continues to make fun of him) Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Hawk Moth: Yes… feel the burn of those words. Lose your temper, Ivan! Your akuma is waiting for you. (taps the staff holding the akuma)


Scene: Outside the school. Adrien runs up the stairs to the front door, but Nathalie, who is getting out of the bodyguard’s car, tries to stop him.

Nathalie: Adrien! Don’t do it! Your father will be furious!

Adrien: Tell him you’re too late. Please!

(Adrien runs to school while Nathalie sighs.)


Scene: Inside the school.

Alya: How could you tell Ivan? You are a true Stoneheart.

Chloé: Ugh, so I’m the one who broke Sabrina’s dad’s arm, right? Just because your shots of those lame superheroes appeared on TV doesn’t mean you have to get all high and mighty. (blows gum at her)

Alya: You little…

Chloé: Watch out, he’s angry! He rips off his underwear and turns into a huge muscular monster! (Alya snorts and leaves)

Adrien: Hi Chloe!

Chloe: Adrikins! You have come!

(The other students see Adrien and rush to him, shouting in appreciation.)


Scene: Nathalie’s car arrived.

Nathalie: (gets into the car and talks to Adrien’s bodyguard, the driver.) I’ll take care of it.

(The car drives off.)


Scene: Dressing room. Marinette sees Ivan sitting on the ground looking down with headphones on.

Marinette: You know, you should tell Mylène how you feel.

Ivan: I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Marinette: Come on, I saw you looking at her. No! No negative emotions, Ivan. I mean, be positive. I’m sure Mylène has feelings for you too. Go talk to her.

Ivan: I’m not good with words anyway.

Marinette: But… who needs words? You can draw her a picture, send her flowers…

Ivan: Could I… write her a song?

Marinette: That’s a great idea! What girl wouldn’t want a love song written especially for her? Go ahead, Ivan, and, uh-, be positive.

(Ivan runs off, excited.)

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