Miraculous Season 1 Episode 25 Origins Part 1 English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 25 Origins Part 1 ENGLISH OR1-389

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 23 Origins Part 1

 It’s the first day of school and – just like every year – Marinette ends up in the same class as Chloé, who loves to bully her. But Marinette also befriends Alya, a new student who will not let anyone get in her way. Adrien, a famous model, would like to attend school like any normal teenager, but his overprotective and overbearing father forbids him from doing so. As Cat Noir, however, he can finally experience the joy of freedom and thus express his bold, mischievous self. While Adrien is more than happy to become a superhero, Marinette struggles with becoming Ladybug: she lacks confidence and does not feel worthy of her powers. Watch the first encounter between Ladybug and Cat Noir and the origins of our superheroes in their very first mission!

Episode Transcript:

Nooroo: Many centuries ago, magical jewels were created to grant extraordinary abilities. These were… The Miraculous. Throughout history, heroes have used these jewels for the good of the human race. Two of these Miraculous are more powerful than the others; Ladybug earrings that grant the power of creation; and the Ring of the Black Cat, which grants the power of destruction. According to legend, whoever wields both of these jewels at the same time attains absolute power.

Male Voice: I want absolute power, Nooroo. Gotta have the Miraculous ones!

Nooroo: But no one knows where these Miraculous are!

Male Voice: But I found you, my little Nooroo. Your Miraculous… remind me of his abilities again.

Nooroo: The Moth Brooch lets you give someone their own superpowers and make them your devoted follower!

Male Voiceover: And when it comes to luring superheroes, what’s better than creating supervillains?

Nooroo: But master, the Miraculous are not meant to be used for evil purposes!

Male Voice: I must have this absolute power! (Points to Nooroo) I have your Miraculous under control! I am your master now and you must obey me.

Nooroo: (sadly) Yes, Master.

Male voice: (puts on brooch) Nooroo, dark wings! Rise! (transforms into Hawk Moth) From today I will be known as… Hawk Moth! (laughs evilly)

Scene: Fu’s massage shop. Wayzz wakes up and senses something is wrong.

Wayzz: Master, Master! (customer hears Wayzz, looks up)

Wang Fu: Master, master… chanting is all part of the treatment. Master, Master… (starts to push the customer out the door) Thanks for coming, see you next week!

Wayzz: Master, Moth Miraculous, I felt her aura.

Wang Fu: I thought it was lost forever!

Wayzz: But Master, that’s a negative aura. I’m afraid it might have fallen into the hands of a dark force!

Wang Fu: We need to find Nooroo and his Miraculous. If it falls into the wrong hands, there’s no telling what evil will befall the world! (shows his Miraculous) Time to transform! Wayzz… (doubles over in pain)

Wayzz: Please, master. Be reasonable. You’re-

Wang Fu: Still young! I’m only 186. But you’re right, Wayzzi. I can’t do it on my own anymore. We will need help. (opens the record player and reveals the box with the Miraculous Chest)

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Marinette’s phone rings

Sabine: Marinette! Your alarm clock has been ringing for fifteen minutes! You will be late on the first day of school!

Marinette: (gets out from under the covers) I see, Mom! (Walking down the stairs) Here he comes! I’ll bet you anything, Chloé will be in my class again.

Sabine: Four years in a row, is that possible?

Marinette: Sure. I am happy!

Sabine: Oh, don’t say that! It’s the start of a new year – I’m sure everything will be fine! (Marinette smiles and nods, puts the cereal down. A few things topple, spill, and fall to the floor. Marinette groans.)

Tom: (sings <La Marseillaise> while working)

Marinette: Dad, that’s so amazing!

Tom: I’m glad you like it.

Marinette: Thanks dad, my class will love them! You’re the best!

Tom: We are the best because of your wonderful suggestions. (Marinette hugs Tom and lets go of the box. He grabs her leg and throws it back to her)

Marinette: (laughs) Thanks. (kisses Tom on the cheek) See you tonight!

Scene: Outside on the street. Marinette tries to cross the street but is stopped by a car

Marinette: Ugh… (sees Wang Fu crossing the street as a car pulls up) Uuuhhaawh? (He grabs Fu’s hand and leads him to the other side of the street, dropping the box)

Wang Fu: Thank you, miss. Ah! What a disaster.

Marinette: (People step on spilled macaroons) Don’t worry, I’m no stranger to disasters, and there’s still a few left.

Wang Fu: (Grabs and eats one) Mmmh. Delicious!

Marinette: (school bell rings) Oh no, I’ll be late! Good day sir! (runs towards the school)

Wang Fu: (looks at the strange looking box) Thank you very much, young lady.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette runs to her class.

Caline: Nina, why don’t you sit in the front row this year?

Chloé: Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Marinette: Ugh. It’s here again.

Chloé: That’s my place.

Marinette: But Chloé, this has always been my place.

Sabrina: Not anymore! New school, new year, new seats!

Chloé: So why don’t you just go sit next to that new girl over there? (points to Alya) Listen. Adrien is coming today, and since it’s going to be his place, it’s going to be my place. Get it?

Marinette: Who is Adrien?

Chloé: (Laughing and Sabrina) Do you believe she doesn’t know who Adrien is? What rock have you been living under?

Sabrina: She’s just a famous model.

Chloé: And I’m his best friend. He adores me. Go, move!

Alya: Hello! Who elected you Queen of Seats?

Chloé: Oh look Sabrina! This year we have a little adventurer in our class. What are you going to do, super newbie? Shoot me with your glasses?

Alya: Don’t you want to know? (leaves and grabs Marinette’s hand) Come on.

Marinette: (trips and falls, spilling all but one macaron) Sorry, sorry, sorry…

Miss Bustier: Did everyone find a seat?

Alya: Chillax, girl. Nothing big.

Marinette: I really wish I could handle Chloé like you do.

Alya: You mean the way Majestia does it. (He shows her a picture of Majestia on his phone) He says that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. (points to Chloé) That girl over there is bad and we’re good people. We can’t let her escape.

Marinette: Well, that’s easier said than done. She likes to make my life miserable.

Alya: That’s because you let her, girl! You just need more confidence!

Marinette: (grabs a macaroon from the box and gives half to Alya) Marinette.

Alya: Alya.

Miss Bustier: For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m Miss Bustier. I will be your teacher this year.

Chloé: Ugh, he should have been here by now.

Scene: Outside the school. Adrien is about to join the school, but Nathalie tries to get him to change his mind.

Nathalie: Adrien, please think about it! You know what your father wants!

Adrien: That’s what I want to do! (sees Wang Fu trying to get up and helps him)

Wang Fu: Thank you young man.

Adrien: I want to go to school like everyone else. What’s wrong about it? Please don’t tell my father about all this.

Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom.

Miss Bustier: Those of you in P.E., Mr. D’Argencourt is expecting you at the stadium. The rest of you can head to the library.

Ivan: Kim!

Miss Bustier: Ivan, what’s going on?

Ivan: It’s Kim! I get so…

Miss Bustier: Ivan, go to the principal’s office.

(Ivan leaves angrily.)

Scene: Hawkmoth Lair.

Hawk Moth: (a window opens to him) Negative emotions. This is perfect. Exactly what I need. Anger, sadness… Burn a hole in his heart, my horrible akumo. (turns the butterfly into an akuma) Fly away my little akuma and harm him!

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