Miraculous Season 1 Episode 21 Guitar Villian English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 21 Guitar Villain ENGLISH GV-429

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 21 Guitar Villain

 Marinette is entrusted with designing the cover of a new album of her favorite singer, rock-star Jagged Stone! Pressured by the star’s bossy manager, Marinette second guesses her instincts and Jagged Stone rejects her design. Marinette decides to do it again – this time her way. But in the meantime Jagged Stone – humiliated and exhausted by his rivalry with an arrogant young singer named Mr. XY – gets akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now Guitar Villain, the hardest rock villain of all time, he rides his croc-dragon across Paris and uses his electric guitar to make the whole city dance. His goal: to take revenge on Mr. XY by turning every single Parisian into his biggest fan. If they want to stop him, Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to sharpen their wits!

Episode Transcript:

Scene: Le Grand Paris. Jagged Stone performs the song on guitar for Bob Roth and Penny Rolling.

Jagged Stone: (sings) Mah Miraculous!

(Penny claps as Bob watches with crossed arms)

Jagged: (to Bob) So, what do you think of the first single of my next album? Can you feel it, Bob? Isn’t it a killer?

Bob: Not bad, Jagged, not bad. But if you really want to do something killer, let’s talk about this duet with Mr. XY.

Jagged: No way. It’s not a rocker, it’s a baby! I bet he doesn’t even shave yet.

Bob: Well, this “baby” just pushed you out of the number one selling spot.

Jagged: Huh? It doesn’t make him a real musician like me. Penny thinks everything I do is rock star material. They think I’m a murderer.

Bob: Penny may be your agent, but I’m your real boss. Listen. Bottom line, Bob Roth Records can’t afford to be #2 in sales! Or the representative of the number two rock star! Be real, Jagged! You will need to upgrade your music. Change your look. Get a brand new style!

Jagged: You wanna talk real? I’m real rock ‘n’ roll, Bob, not some pop star in diapers. I am a real artist. A real talent! Even my hair is real. And that’s what people love about me. (to Fang) Isn’t that right, Fang? Yeah. (turns back to Bob) And the artwork you came up with for my album is a waste of my time! Seriously, Bob, what kind of is this? It looks like a perfume ad!

Bob: (points to Jagged’s chest) And that’s what people want these days!

Jagged: Well, I don’t. My album covers are raw to the bone, smelling of sweat and leather!

Bob: You know that if your next album doesn’t hit #1, it will be the last you ever do with Bob Roth records.

Jagged: I’d rather not release anything at all than sing some poor duet with a baby-faced nobody.

Penny: Bob, Jagged and I had an idea. Its concept is modern, but at the same time it respects Jagged’s own…rough style.

Jagged: (takes off glasses and shows them to Bob) The schoolgirl who made these glasses has real talent. He totally understands my style. He will design the cover of my new album.

Bob: A schoolgirl?

Penny: See? That’s just it. It is the same age as the target group. (hands out a piece of paper) Here’s her address.

Bob: (folds his arms and grunts)

(Fang growls in return)

Bob: (jumps away from Fang in alarm, grabs a piece of paper and starts to leave the room) Okay! But just remember that duet with Mr. XY.

Jagged: Find that girl, Bob!

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Bob talks to Marinette in front of her parents.

Bob: So, are you interested?

Marinette: Uh…wait, wait, wait. Let me explain. You want…me to design the album cover for Jagged Stone?! My…favorite singer of all time?!

Bob: That’s right! It was requested by Jagged Stone himself. (pulls out XY album) I brought some visuals to give you an idea of ​​what we’re about.

Marinette: (looks at album design) This doesn’t look like Jagged Stone material. More like…a perfume ad!

Bob: This is the direction of his new image. More modern, current!

Marinette: …really? Gentlemen. I was thinking more along s of-

Bob: (interrupting Marinette) Don’t think! That’s what sells these days.

Marinette: Uh…sure.

Bob: And one more thing, Marinette. We are in a hurry! We need your proposal by the end of the day. Are you up for it?

Marinette: (looks at parents who nod reassuringly) Uh, yeah! Good.

Bob: (leaves the bakery) See you later!

Tom: (to Marinette) My daughter, a famous album cover designer. You kill it! Marinette style. Boo-yah! (he and Marinette high five and the two of them and Sabine hug)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette draws an album cover on her tablet while listening to XY’s music while Tikki watches.

Marinette: (covers her ears and stops the music) Why does Jagged Stone want to change his style? XY’s music is so cold and lifeless, repetitive, mundane, the complete opposite of Jagged. And what I just did here is…ugh…not my style either.

Tikki: Then why are you doing this?

Marinette: Because I was asked to.

Tikki: Maybe you should go with your gut. Do something that is truly you!

Marinette: But you heard what Mr. Roth said! (imitating Bob) That’s what sells today.

Tikki: Yeah, but…Jagged Stone wanted you because of your style!

Marinette: Oh, the pressure! I can’t help myself!

Tikki: Marinette, France’s superhero, protector of the innocent, fighter for all rights, can’t handle the pressure?

Marinette: (laughs, taps pen and thinks) Augh. (turns XY’s music back on and continues drawing)

Scene: Le Grand Paris. Marinette presents her Jagged Stone design to Bob and Penny.

Jagged: (looks at the design) What happened to the raw, impulsive art that created it? (drops the design in disappointment)

Marinette: Yeah, about that, Mr. Roth told me…

Bob: (interrupting Marinette) Marinette is young, Jag! It represents our target group. She came up with a modern concept that is exactly what you need.

Jagged: Doesn’t that look a lot like the cover of that YZ? Marinette, don’t listen to Bob. Could you make another one? You know, Jagged style?

Marinette: (hesitantly) Yeah, sure! (Bob puts his hand on her shoulder) But I don’t know if-

Jagged: (holding Marinette’s hands) You’re my girl, Marinette. Remember: raw, impulsive art. I think we’re all done here, Bob.

Bob: No! We are not! (Fang growls angrily, and Bob retreats in terror)

Penny: (leading Marinette away) Come with me, Marinette. Do not worry! Do your best, okay?

Bob: We’re not— (Fang growls again, much to his whim.) Aah!

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