Miraculous Season 1 Episode 19 Reflekta English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 19 Reflekta ENGLISH 119

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 19 Reflekta

 As the victim of a « jinx », Juleka has never appeared in the class photo. This year, Marinette decides to help her break the curse. But, much to Marinette’s surprise, Chloé manages to exclude Juleka from the photo shoot. To comfort Juleka, Marinette decides to get rid of the picture so that the photographer will have to take another one. But Juleka, inconsolable, gets akumatized. Now Reflekta, she’ll do anything to get people to notice her – namely, turning everyone – including Cat Noir – into copies of herself! Hampered by a Reflektized Cat Noir – who no longer has the use of his powers – Ladybug will have to act fast if she wants to keep from turning into an exact copy of her enemy!

Episode Transcript:

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont.

Vincent: Okay, everyone look at the camera. Hahaha, they are perfect! Say spaghetti!

Mrs. Mendeleev’s Class: Spaghetti!

(Adrien laughs as he and Nino look at each other)

Marinette: I’ll be in a photo with Adrien! I will be in the photo with Adrien!

Alya: Okay, because uh– it’s a class photo and you’re in the same class as Adrien.

(Marinette eagerly nods.)

Marinette: Amazing, isn’t it? OH MY GOD! What if we stand together in the same row?

Alya: Hehe, girl, just smile and whatever happens, don’t forget to breathe!

Juleka: At least you will be in the photo.

Rose: No, Julek, I’m telling you, you’re not fooled! This time it will come out, I can feel it, right here!

Marinette: What’s wrong with being cheated on?

Juleka: (sighs) Ever since I was little, every time someone takes a picture of me, something goes very wrong.

(FLASHBACK: Photo with younger Max covering Juleka’s face. Another photo with a pigeon blocking Juleka’s face. Another photo with Juleka is almost not in the photo.)

Rose: You’re wrong Juleka, you’ll see!

Marinette: Sure! We will do everything we can to make sure it goes well this time. Don’t forget to smile!

(Juleka smiles.)

Vincent: Thank you kids, you were amazing. (He straightens everything for Marinette’s class.) Ok, time to shine your pearly whites, guys! Children, sit in the front pew. (Points to Max, Alix, Rose, Marinette, and Mylène.) Quick please, I have another sixteen hours to shoot.

(They all sit down on the bench.)

Adrien The new album is really good. (The rest of the class whispers to each other)

Chloé: Look Sabrina, they’re in child seats in the front! Go to Rugrats, don’t forget to take your thumbs out of your mouth! (Marinette grunts)

Vincent: Well, next turn! Hmmm…You, you, you and you stand in the back seat please. (Points to Nathaniel, Alya, Sabrina, and Chloé.)

Chloe: Wait a minute! I’m supposed to be in the middle row, right next to Adrien. The middle is best. Look, we’re the same size! (He waves his hand over Adrien and his head.)

Vincent: No, stand in the back row, behind the others.

Chloé: How dare you put me up for others? Do you know who my father is?

Vincent: Is he a photographer?

Chloé: (gasps) NO! He is-

Vincent: Damn, I could really use an assistant. Now hurry up and take your seat or I’ll put you up front with the kids!

Chloé: Grrrrrrr…. (Leaves.)

Vincent: The rest of you boys, stand in the middle row.

Adrien: It’s not a big deal Chloe! As long as we’re all in the same photo, right?

Vincent: Perfect! You’re amazing! Now stop squirming and let’s take this photo! (Juleka looks at her mirror in the distance.)

Marinette: Uh, sorry sir, you forgot Juleka.

Vincent: What? Oh, sorry, my bad! Stand in the middle row, next to the blond boy.

Marinette: And you’ll be right in the center! All eyes will be on you! No more crappy class photos!

Vincent: No, that’s not right! Something is wrong here!

Chloé: Uhh, of course it doesn’t work! I’m in the wrong place!

Vincent: (to Ivan) You, move over there, will you? We’ll see… (After trying to find a good place for Ivan.)

Mr. Damocles: Excuse me, but do we have a problem?

Vincent: (sighs) It doesn’t matter where I put it, the whole picture will be lost!

Chloé: My place is unacceptable! (Chloé jumps down the row and pushes Julek, but Julek pushes him away.)

Marinette: Exactly Jules, don’t be pushed away!

Caline: Mrs. Bourgeois, behave yourself!

Chloe: Hello! Nobody asked you out loud!

Adrien: This isn’t gym class, you know Chlo!

Vincent: You, over there, you over here and you over here. (All switch places.) Here, perfect!

Chloe: Uh, no! It is not! It’s not perfect at all! I’m not next to Adrien at all! (Adrien sighs and Marinette sighs.)

Mr. Damocles: Please Chloé, we have sixteen more classes to photograph! Keep it up Vincent.

Vincent: Say spaghetti!

Everyone: Spaghetti! (The camera shows a dead battery.)

Vincent: Oh, I don’t believe it! Sorry, I have to go get another battery. Nobody’s moving! (Juleka gasped and then looked away sadly.)

Juleka: Can I go to the toilet?

Caline: Yes Juleka, but hurry!

Mr. Damocles: Mrs. Bustier! He said no one was allowed to move!

Caline: It’s urgent, sir! (Mr. Damocles growls angrily.)

Chloé: (to Sabrina) Make sure she doesn’t come back! (Sabrina nods and asks to go to the bathroom.)

Sabrina: Mrs. Bustier, I have to go too!

(Juleka walks into the bathroom, followed by Sabrina, who blocks the handle with a wooden chair and giggles. Juleka gasps as she giggles and tries to open the door, but the chair is in the way.)

Scene: Schoolyard

Vincent: We’re back at work! (Sabrina gives Chloé a thumbs up and Chloé grins and jumps next to Adrien.)

Marinette: Hello! What are you doing? Where is Juleka!

Adrien: How did she get here?

Chloé: Urgh, who cares? I’m finally in the right place!

Vincent: I want you to flash your best smiles! Because we’re doing it for the last time!

Marinette: (gasps) OH WAIT!

Vincent: (Takes a picture) Thanks, kids!

Marinette: Wait! Please sir, we need to redo that photo!

Principal Damocles: Why is that?

Marinette: That’s because Juleka isn’t in it!

Principal Damocles: Jules-who?

Marinette: Jules! The tall one with the purple stripes!

Everyone: Yeah! Where did she go? Didn’t she go to the bathroom?

Chloé: Uh, Mr. Damocles, shall we go to lunch? And you don’t pay the photographer by the hour?

Mr. Damocles: Why yes! No time to repeat, class continues, now!

Vincent: Okay, lunch break!

Rose: (Opens the girls’ bathroom and enters) Juleka? Yuleka! Yule-kuh!?

(She hears Juleka crying, gets rid of the chair and opens the door.) Poor sweet Juleka!

Juleka: (gets up and sniffs) I missed that photo. No?

Rose: Yeah, another one of Chloe’s mean tricks!

Juleka: Why should I expect it to be different? Nobody ever hears me. Or they see me. I am invisible. Even in photos.

Rose: Don’t say that Juleka! It is not true!

Juleka: Forget it. As long as Chloé is in the picture, she’ll find a way to keep me out of it.

Rose: No, wait Julek!

Juleka: Really Rose, forget it. Forget me. (She runs away from the school to a park bench.)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair

Hawk Moth: (his window opens) Poor thing, I feel so alone and ignored. How horrible it must feel to not exist at all. Come here my little friend. (Turns the butterfly into an akuma and sends it out.) Fly through my hideous akuma and give this transparent soul voice and vision!

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette and Tikki watch Mr. Damocles’ office from the stairs.

Marinette: So all the material will stay in the headmaster’s office during the lunch break!

Tikki: I refuse to be a part of it!

Marinette: There’s no time! We have to smash Jules’ class photo before the photographer leaves the school! (Enters the office.) Okay.

Tikki: There has to be another way, Marinette!

(Chloé films Marinette with her phone and smirks. Meanwhile, Marinette goes through the photos. Chloé walks in with Sabrina. Marinette hides behind a desk.)

Tikki: I knew it wasn’t a good idea!

(Reflecta appears in front of the students and teachers on the school grounds.)

Reflekta: Hello!

Principal Damocles: What? who-who are you?

Reflekta: No one ever noticed me! But those days are gone! But from now on everyone will notice me because everyone will look like me! Time to get a new look! (He turns Principal Damocles and Vincent into his duplicates) Soon, Reflektas will be everywhere! (Continues to transform people while people panic) No need to panic! Who doesn’t love an extreme makeover? No one will leave here! Hahaha! Soon everyone in Paris will look like me, including Chloé Bourgeois!

Hawk Moth: Beautiful. It won’t be long before Ladybug and Cat Noir show their faces!

Spotlight: Chloé Bourgeois? Have you seen Chloé Bourgeois?

Adrien: (Seeing the damage) Time to transform!

[ Transformation Sequence ]

Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (Adrien transforms into Cat Noir)

Cat Noir: (runs to the school’s main entrance) It’s blocked!

Nino: Yeah! Check it! Cat Noir will save us!

Cat Noir: (Swallows) Shhh! (Reflecta notices him and tries to shoot him with her , but misses) Okay, change of plan. (manages to dodge Reflek’s and grabs the hoop and ties Reflek to her, then runs to unlock the door. Reflekta grunts)

Ivan: Help us Cat Noir! I don’t know how long I can last in this body!

Cat Noir: Cataclysm! (he tries to use it, but is hit by the Reflect and turns into a copy of the Reflect)

Reflecta: Much better! I hate cats!

Cat Noir: Cataclysm! what? What? My ring!! My miraculous! It’s gone!

Hawk Moth: Its miraculous! You should have taken it before you turned him!

Reflekta: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it! (continues to laugh) WHERE IS CHLOE BOURGEOIS?!?

Scene: Principal Damocles’ office. Marinette is still hiding behind the table and Chloé and Sabrina are looking for her.

Chloé: I know you’re here Marinette. Come out now!

Marinette: Hide, Tikki.

Chloe: Oh! Marinette Dupain-Cheng caught in the act! The director would love a video of you snooping around his office! (Sabrina laughs)

Marinette: (gasps and grabs the camera) Stop it or the class photo will disappear! Which would be a shame considering how well you look in the photo, right next to Adrien!

Chloe: No!

Marinette: Bring it on, Chloe!

(Chloé hands the phone to Marinette, who deletes the video. Sabrina grabs the camera, pulls out the memory cards, and throws them to Chloé.)

Marinette: Give me the card!

Chloé: Give me back my phone!

Marinette: Give me that card or I’ll keep your phone!

Chloe: Ha! You can keep the phone! I’ll just buy another one!

Spotlight: CHLOE! Where are you!?

Chloe: What was that!? (Marinette grabs the card and runs off) Hey! Just don’t stand there! Go get her! (Marinette runs out the door and hides) Where did the pea brain go?

Reflekta: You’re finally here! Chloe Bourgeois!

Chloe: Who are you?

Reflekta: Take a good look at me because I’m your future face!

Chloe: Phew! Coarse! (he tries to run away but gets knocked back by Reflekta’s ) What’s up? Do you realize how much my outfit cost?

Reflekta: You should thank me! You look a thousand times better! (keeps laughing)

Marinette: (Runs into the library) Time to transform!

[ Transformation Sequence ]

Marinette: Tikki, watch out! Yeah! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

Reflekta: This time you won’t get rid of me by locking me in the bathroom!

Ladybug: (gasps) Juleka! (jumps in front of Reflket) Juleka, stop it!

Reflekta: I’m not the Juleka that no one notices anymore! Now I am the unmistakable Reflekta!

Hawk Moth: Before you transform Ladybug, take her Miraculous! Those earrings!

Reflekta: I’m sure you’ll love your new image, Ladybug!

Ladybug: Thanks, but no thanks, I prefer what I have!

Reflekta: Are you sure? Ask Cat Noir. I’m sure she loves her new look! (attempts to transform Ladybug while giggling but misses)

Cat Noir: My powers may be gone, but I can’t just stand by and do nothing! (runs but stumbles) Who invented these things? (to other students) If you want your faces back, listen, have you ever heard of safety in numbers?


Reflekta: Soon you will look like me like everyone else! (Ladybug tries to hit her, but Reflekta grabs her arm.) But first, I’ll take your earrings as a trophy!

Cat Noir: Battle Time! (The other transformed students confront Reflekta.) Catch her!

Ivan: Yeah, take her!

Nino: Go ahead!

(They run to her, but Reflekta jumps on them to make them run away)

Reflekta: You are no match for me, Ladybug, this will all be over for you soon! (escapes)

Rose: How will you help us, Ladybug?

Nino: We want our faces back!

Ladybug: Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out!

Cat Noir: Yeah, those shoes are killer feet, my lady!

Ladybug: Cat Noir?

Cat Noir: Sorry, get out of the way.

Ladybug: Cat Noir, is that – is that really you?

Cat Noir: ‘Of course it is! You wouldn’t know it from my bragging! Am I still meowing cat or what?

Ladybug: I-uh… I don’t know what to say!

Cat Noir: How about thanks for getting out of that tight spot!

Ladybug: (laughs) Sorry, Cat Noir, but you – you just… don’t look like you! But uh… thank you!

Cat Noir: Welcome. And in case you forgot, we need to deakumatize Reflekta!

Ladybug: Us? Your powers are gone, what will you do? Throw shoes at her? (laughs again)

Cat Noir: Remind me who saved you just a minute ago?

Ladybug: I have to find Reflekto quickly! You slowed me down!

Cat Noir: Maybe, but you know, sometimes I have ideas.

Ladybug: Okay, yeah, sorry, huh?

Cat Noir: I don’t think taking Reflekto face off is the best idea unless you also want a facelift.

Ladybug: You’re right and that gives me an idea! (They go to the roof)

Cat Noir: Where Are We Headed?

Ladybug: On TV! Here it is, watch your nails!

Cat Noir: Your jokes are so lame!

Ladybug: You didn’t just lose your body, kitty Noir. I think you’ve lost your sense of humor too!

Scene: Paris, Reflekta continues to transform everyone

Ladybug: (On TV) The people of Paris! The reflector is not invincible! You can help, just change your clothes! Then I’ll be able to spot the real Reflekta and bring it down!

 As the victim of a « jinx », Juleka has never appeared in the class photo. This year, Marinette decides to help her break the curse. But, much to Marinette’s surprise, Chloé manages to exclude Juleka from the photo shoot. To comfort Juleka, Marinette decides to get rid of the picture so that the photographer will have to take another one. But Juleka, inconsolable, gets akumatized. Now Reflekta, she’ll do anything to get people to notice her – namely, turning everyone – including Cat Noir – into copies of herself! Hampered by a Reflektized Cat Noir – who no longer has the use of his powers – Ladybug will have to act fast if she wants to keep from turning into an exact copy of her enemy!

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