Miraculous Season 1 Episode 18 The Puppeteer English

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 18 The Puppeteer

Marinette babysits little Manon once again and lets her play with a set of handmade dolls modeled after Ladybug, Cat Noir, and some famous villains. Due to a misunderstanding, however, Manon is wrongly accused of stealing a doll from Marinette and gets akumatized. Now the Puppeteer, she gives life to the villains’ dolls and resolves to seize the Ladybug and Cat Noir ones – all in hopes of controlling the superheroes and bringing their Miraculouses to Hawk Moth. Unfortunately, the Puppeteer manages to get ahold of the Cat Noir doll and Ladybug finds herself facing the threat alone. Our superheroine cannot lose control or the Puppeteer will take her doll: then there will be no one left to save Paris!

Episode Transcript:

Marinette: (Puppet Cat Noir) Here I am, lady!

Marinette: (Puppet Ladybug) Good to see you Cat Noir!

Marinette: (Puppet Cat Noir) Of course you are! I’m a cat’s meow! (meows and then laughs)

Manon: He shouldn’t say that!

Marinette: No? (Manon frowns and shakes her head.)

Marinette: (Ladybug Puppet) This is no time for fooling around, Cat Noir! We have to capture the villains’ akumas before… (Pauses and looks at Manon) What do the villains want, anyway?

Manon: Uh…we want to win!

Marinette: Yeah, but what to win?

Manon: I don’t know. What do they usually want?

Marinette: It depends. Lady Wifi wanted to reveal Ladybug’s true identity and Evillustrator wanted revenge on the girl for making fun of him! Then there was Rogercop. But evil Hawk Moth, who makes them evil, wants to take Ladybug and Cat Noir’s jewels from them! Their Miraculouses!

Manon: And what would happen if he got them?

Marinette: The bad guys… would win!

Manon: I know! I know what the bad guys want! We want Miraculous! Then we win! Forever and ever! I’ll get your Miraculous, Ladybug and Cat Noir! You-you goody two-shoes! You will be super-duper sorry!

Marinette: You won’t get our Miraculouses!

Manon: Oh yeah? (Dolls fight and Marinette dolls win)

Marinette: Hooray! Ladybug and Cat Noir win again!

Manon: That’s not fair!! You always win!! (starts to cry)

Marinette: Ladybug and Cat Noir always win and the villains always lose.

Manon: But you never let me play with Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Marinette: Oh, don’t cry! Of course you can play with Ladybug and Cat Noir! I’ll even lend you one if you want. (Nadja comes on the stairs.)

Nadja: I’m back, Manon. were you a good girl

Manon: Mom!! Marinette wouldn’t let me win!! (Manon hugs her mother and cries even more.) She didn’t play fair!!

Nadja: Oh, Manon, you can’t always expect to win!

Manon: Yes, I can! Ladybug and Cat Noir always win!

Nadja: Well, you’re right there! But they are superheroes!

Marinette: You win next time, Manon!

Nadja: Okay, now put back the Marinette doll.

Manon: NO! I want to keep it!

Marinette: He can if he wants to. I told her she could borrow it.

Nadja: And that’s nice of you, Marinette, but Manon already has so many toys at home that I wouldn’t even know where to put them.

Manon: NO! (Ladybug doll’s arm breaks.) What?

Nadja: Look what you did, Manon! Give it to me. I’m sorry, Marinette.

Marinette: Oh, that’s okay, I can sew it back on! It’s no problem, really.

Najda: Thank God! Come on, Manon, we’re leaving. say goodbye

Manon: I… want… this… DOLL!

Nadja: No, next time you can play with it here. Come on, Manon, be a good girl and say goodbye. (Manon cries on his shoulder.)

Manon: (quietly whispers) Goodbye.

Nadja: (Picks up the phone) Hi, Alec. what? Didn’t I leave it on your desk at the station? (Manon runs back to the stairs.)

Manon: Uh, I left my bag up there, Mom!

Nadja: Go quickly and take it! (To Alec) It’s not there, is it?

(Marinette opens a box of DIY supplies. Tikki appears.)

Tikki: I think our heroes need some TLC!

(Manon is back)

Marinette: Manon! What you-

Manon: I left the bag! (Marinette takes her backpack, opens it, takes her wand and looks at the Ladybug doll) Can I have Ladybug?

Marinette: You heard what your mom said.

Manon: She wouldn’t know if I hid it!

Marinette: Sorry, but I have to sew her up!

Manon: Pretty please??

Marinette: Please, please, not doll eyes! (Marinette looks at Tikki who shakes her head)

Marinette: Ugh. Okay, you can borrow Lady Wifi.

Manon: Can I have a Ladybug doll?

Nadja: Hold on Alec. Hurry up, Manon! We have to stop at the station!

Manon: I’m coming, mom! (Waves goodbye)

Tikki: Wow, she sure has you wrapped around her little finger!

Marinette: What!? No, no- ugh. You know Tikki, I can’t say no to those-

Tikki: Doll eyes? Be glad none of the Ladybug villains have them! You would be helpless!

Scene: TVi studio. Manon plays with Lady Wifi doll and Ladybug magazine.

Manon: (Ladybug magazine) Here I am, love! Ha-Ha! I saved Paris again!

Manon: (Lady Wifi doll) No! Unfair! You always win!

Nadja: I’m sorry, Alec. I thought I gave it to you. It must be in the studio.

Alec: No sweat!

Nadja: (to the receptionist) Can you keep an eye on Manon for me, please? I won’t be long. (looks at Manon)

Manon: (Lady Wifi doll) Where are you hiding… Ladybug?!

Nadja: (Takes the doll) What…? This is one of Marinette’s dolls. You took it after I specifically told you not to!

Manon: But Marinette wanted me to have it!

Nadja: You didn’t listen to me. I told you the dolls were to stay at her . You won’t need them anymore.

Manon: NO! Mom, please no!

Nadja: I’m not happy about it. wait for me here

(Nadja leaves as Manon stands alone and is frustrated as she sits down. Nadja and Alec go into the elevator as it closes. Manon has her wand.)

Manon: I didn’t steal the doll! I want this DOLL!

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Hawk Moth: (his window opens) Ah, what could be purer than the emotions of an innocent child? Especially anger. I love it! (Turns the butterfly into an akuma) Fly away, evil akuma, and pity this frustrated child! (laughs as the akuma flies out of its lair)

Scene: Subway. Alya and Marinette rush through the station to catch the train.

Marinette: The movie starts in thirty minutes. Or we can buy your book first and go to the next show.

Alya: Whatever you do girl. Marinette, nine o’clock!

Marinette: No, no clocks say nine o’clock.

Alya: Not at nine o’clock! This nine o’clock!

(The train arrives and Adrien waits until the doors open.)

Marinette: Adrien!

Alya: Come on! (Drags Marinette and jumps on the train.)

Marinette: (Bumps into a passenger on the train) Sorry.

Scene: TVi studio. Akuma flies and infects Manon’s wand.

Hawk Moth: Puppeteers, I am Hawk Moth. From now on you can control anyone!

Manon: Even Ladybug and Cat Noir?

Hawk Moth: Yes… if you own their dolls.

Manon: And can I win?

Hawk Moth: Yes, you will be able to win! But you have to get something for me in return!

Manon: Give you their Miraculouses! I know! (turns into a puppeteer)

Hawk Moth: What a clever little girl you are.

(Receptionist working at the front desk when the puppeteer was floating)

Puppeteer: Do you want to play a game?

Receptionist: Heeelp!

Puppeteer: Gotta get Ladybug and Cat Noir dolls! I… want… you… DOLLS! (He walks into the studio and finds the Lady Wifi doll.)

Nadja: I’m sure I left it here. Yuck. Where it is?! Ah Here it is. (The puppeteer takes the Lady Wifi doll from Nadja Chamack’s purse) Sorry, Alec. Here is the file you need.

(Puppeteer laughs evilly)

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