Miraculous Season 1 Episode 20 Pixelator English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 20 Pixelator ENGLISH wishmaker

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 20 Pixelator

 Scene: Le Grand Paris. Mrs. Bustier’s class has work experience. Kim puts on her messenger hat.

Caline: Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Bourgeois, we are able to have a working excursion today at the luxurious Grand Paris Hotel. Each of you will gain hands-on experience with one of the many jobs here at the hotel. (He sees Alix and Ivan having a pillow fight) (sighs) You will be graded on your efforts, which will affect whether you pass or fail the class. (Sabrina and the worker giggle)

The main hall of the hotel.

Ms. Bustier: Do you have Marinette and Alya on your list, Mr. Bourgeois?

Mr. Bourgeois: It doesn’t look like it.

Alya: (whispers to Marinette) I bet I know who helped dad with the task.

Marinette: Of course she’s going to spend the whole day with Adrien… Ugh! This is going to be the worst day ever! (wall)

Mr. Bourgeois: That must be an oversight.

Chloe: Dad! (Gives him a task)

Mr. Bourgeois: Thank you, honey. Oh yes! Alya, you will… sort the trash in the main bin.

(Alya gasps)

Mr. Bourgeois: And Marinette will…

(The door opens. Jagged Stone, Fang, and Penny Rolling appear.)

Chloe: Wow!

Marinette: Hello! It is…

Mr. Bourgeois: Sorry, but this is a luxury hotel, isn’t it… (Fang growls at him)

Chloe: Dad! (whispers to him) This is Jagged Stone, the rock star. He’s sold millions of albums, he’s very famous, and he’s very, very rich.

Mr. Bourgeois: Mr. Stone, welcome to the Grand Paris Hotel! I am Mayor Bourgeois, owner of this luxurious establishment, in fact the most luxurious in all of Paris. How can we serve you?

Jagged Stone: What did you mean? I didn’t just come here to admire your hall.

Penny Rolling: Jagged would like to stay in your most luxurious suite.

Jagged Stone: And Fang you better get a real bathtub, not a little watering hole like the one at that hotel across the street.

Mr. Bourgeois: We have everything you need, Ms. Fang. Even a state-of-the-art entertainment center! (Penny laughs)

Jagged Stone: Fang I am a crocodile. (points to Fang)

Mr. Bourgeois: Mr. Stone, we have everything you need for your… (mumbles) Fang. Would he like to, um… enjoy a bubble bath?

(Penny laughs again)

Jagged Stone: Crocodiles don’t like bubble baths that dry out their scales!

(Vincent Aza quietly enters the hotel, Fang sees him and follows him. Marinette and Alya see him. Fang sees Vincent and yelps in surprise and comes out of hiding. Jagged and Penny look annoyed.)

Jagged Stone: (sighs) Oh, no. Not him again.

Vincent: Do you Mr. Stone? Vincent Aza! Just one photo to show everyone in the world that we are best friends! Come on please! I’m your biggest fan!

Jagged Stone: I know, you’ve been to my last 36 shows. But we are not friends.

Vincent: Here! Look into the lens! (Vincent approaches Jagged (looking uncomfortable) to take his picture, but is interrupted by Penny, who takes his camera)

Penny: Didn’t you hear Mr. Stone? It still hasn’t dawned on you, has it? (pulls Vincent out of the hotel) No photos!

(Penny throws Vincent’s camera and he grabs it in time)

Penny: Good reflexes. Don’t let me see you near Mr. Stone again. Or next time you won’t get your camera.

(Penny returns to the hotel as Vincent seethes with anger)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Hawk Moth: (opens his window) I feel anger and frustration welling up inside me. The perfect father for my evil little akumas. It won’t be long now. (turns the butterfly into an akuma) Fly away my little akuma and harm him!

Street. Vincent Aza is upset that he didn’t get his photo. Akuma enters his camera and angers him

Hawk Moth: Pixelator, I’m Hawk Moth. I give you the power to capture your hero’s smile, forever. But in return you will have to do some catching for me as well.

Vincent: Yes, Hawk Moth. (Changes to Pixelator)

Scene: Le Grand Paris. Jagged Stone and Fang go to the elevator, Mr. Bourgeois greets them.

Mrs. Bustier: Mr. Bourgeois, you didn’t tell Marinette what kind of work she was going to do.

Mr. Bourgeois: (checking the list) Ah, yes. Of course, Marinette. Gopher. I already have a job for you, Marinette.

Alya: Gopher? what is it?

Marinette: I guess it’s about as bad as a trash can.

Scene: A luxury suite. Jagged Stone plays with Fang.

Penny: Mr. Stone will need a new pair of shades for tonight’s concert. Red, white and blue with two big Eiffel Towers on them. Can you get it for him?

Mr. Bourgeois: Of course we can! Marinette is our gopher. She will take care of it for you.

Marinette: What?

Mr. Bourgeois: Gopher is an employee who goes after everything the customer needs. anything at all. Go for it. Goof!

Scene: Eiffel Tower. Marinette buys a pair of Eiffel Tower shades.

Marinette: This should be enough. Now I can go back to the hotel and meet Adrien! Ugh… And Chloe.

Tikki: You know that’s nowhere near what Mr. Stone wants.

Marinette: What do you mean Tikki? It has some red and white and two little Eiffel Towers on it.

Tikki: I’m just saying it’s better in the long run to do it right the first time.

(The woman and her daughter notice Tikki.)

Tikki: Meow.

Scene: Le Grand Paris. Jagged Stone sees the shades that Marinette bought. But they are not the right shades.

Jagged Stone: Where are the Eiffel Towers?

Marinette: Um… here.

Jagged Stone: That’s a joke, right? What are you doing trying to ruin my career?

Marinette: But, Mr. Stone, the glasses you want don’t exist!

Jagged Stone: Do I look like I care? Just give me those sunglasses!

Marinette: Great. I’m going to have to spend even more time away from Adrien!

Tikki: That’s what I was trying to tell you! Do it right the first time.

Marinette: Yeah… You’re right, Tikki. Now I get it.

Tikki: Those sunglasses exist somewhere… Be creative!

Marinette: …Of course! (runs to the exit)

Chloé: Have you failed as a gopher yet? It didn’t surprise me. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

(Marinette leaves the hotel. Pixelator goes to the hotel.)

Worker: Excuse me sir, may I help you?

Pixelator: Look into the lens…

(Kim and the worker look into the lens. The pixelator captures and digitizes them)

Pixelator: Photo editing.

Chloé: Look what that cat dragged in. Let me handle it, Adrien. Watch and learn. (Walks over to where the Pixelator is) Excuse me… Excuse me! You cannot be a guest at this hotel! My father only allows the most important celebrities. Like me.

(Adrien is mad at Chloé for saying that)

Pixelator: Well then, I’m Pixelator. Your number one fan.

Chloe: Moi? Oh my, you flatter me. Go ahead.

Pixelator: Your photo, sweet miss…

Chloé: Chloé, of course.

Adrien: Watch out, Chloe!

Pixelator: Look into the lens, miss!

(Adrien pushes Chloé, but Pixelator knocks them down)

Adrien: What the…

Chloé: What just happened?

Adrien: I think we were like… digitized or something.

Chloé: What do you mean digitized?

Adrien: I don’t really know, but I don’t think it’s a good thing.

Chloé: Well, I can fix that. Leave it to me. (he calls

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