Miraculous Season 1 Episode 23 Simon Says

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 23 Simon Says ENGLISH wishmaker

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 23 Simon Says

 While participating in a TV talent contest where he performs a hypnotist act, Simon Grimault is humiliated by Adrien’s father, Gabriel Agreste. Akumatized by Hawk Moth, he turns into Simon Says. Armed with his deck of cards, all he has to do is give an order and everyone obeys him. And the villain is determined to use his new gift to take revenge on Gabriel, hypnotizing all of Paris in his path. Ladybug and Cat Noir must step in. Cat Noir / Adrien to protect his father, and Ladybug / Marinette to save Adrien’s father and Adrien himself, the one she loves and believes is in danger! Unfortunately, due to her repeated lateness and absence from class, Marinette is and must stay at home. Will she find a way to sneak past her parents in order to transform and go to Adrien’s to stop Simon Says?

Episode Transcript:

Scene: TVi studio. “The Challenge” is on the air.

Alec: Welcome back to everyone’s #1 live game show: The Challenge! Let’s give it up for our awesome contestant, Nino!

(Nino enters the stage)

Alec: So Nino, you’re a student and a DJ. That’s pretty awesome! Check out the decks we got for you!

The scene shifts to Marinette’s , living room.

Marinette: ? For what?!

Tom: Let’s jog your memory, Marinette. Monday morning, absent from P.E…

(Shows a flashback of Ladybug saving a helicopter)

Marinette: I was in study hall.

Tom: Friday evening, absent from study hall.

(Shows a flashback of Ladybug saving a kitten from a tree)

Marinette: I was at P.E.!

Tom: You’re never where you’re supposed to be, Marinette! The only way we can keep track of you is by keeping you here, .

Marinette: But I was invited… Nino is my friend, he was counting on me.

Alec: So, the challenge the viewers have chosen for you is… To get the mayor of Paris, André Bourgeois, to dance! Thank you for agreeing to play with us today, sir. What are Nino’s chances tonight?

André: (On the screen) Zero. I despise dancing. The last time I set foot on a dance floor, Madonna was in kindergarten.

Tom: I know Nino’s your friend. But until your unexcused absences come to an end, that’s the way it’s going to be.

Marinette: Awesome. (She goes to her room, sad. Sits in her chair and groans)

Tikki: Can you blame them? How are they supposed to know that you’re missing class to save the world?

Marinette: I guess being comes with the territory of being a top secret superhero. Doesn’t seem fair though.

Tikki: It’s not. But hey, if Nino wins, you’re not next week. You can go see him at the show!

Marinette: Yeah, but Adrien was there today! (turns on the computer, and Nino can be seen DJing.)

Scene: Hawk Moth’s lair.

Hawk Moth: (His window opens) The Challenge… what an interesting concept. A TV show with such potential with negative emotions. Oh, the destructive mayhem we could cause…

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette is talking to Alya on the phone.

Marinette: Seriously? How can you say that, Alya?

Alya: Sorry, but I kinda get your dad, Marinette. You’re never where you say you’ll be. Showing up late, splitting mysteriously and all. I’d almost suspect you were leading… (narrows eyes) a double life.

Marinette: (shocked) Gimme a break! You’re being ridiculous.

Scene: TVi studio.

(Simon Grimault arrives and tries to shake Adrien’s hand, but Adrien’s bodyguard shields Adrien and stands protectively in front of him.)

Adrien: (shocked) No! It’s okay!

Alec: Victory! Challenge conquered by Nino. You moved your head to the beat, Mayor Bourgeois! That counts as dancing!

André Bourgeois: (On the screen) What?! That’s not true! My neck was… itching, that’s all.

Alec: Relieving an itch to the beat counts as dancing, too! Nino, congratulations. You’ll return in one week to meet your next challenge! And now, for our next contestant, welcome Simon Grimault!

Adrien: (To Nino, who comes back from the stage) Awesome, dude!

Alec: Mr. Grimault, you are a hypnotist. You use cards to hypnotize people to get what you want from them!

Simon: Well, yes, I’m a hypnotist. But, uh, I don’t use my skills to get anything.

Alec: So, your challenge today, Simon, is to use your talents to bring a very elusive celebrity to this very TV set! Give it up of fashion, Gabriel Agreste!

Gabriel: What is this show? I was told this was an interview.

Nino: Dude, your dad!

Alec: Do your thing, Grimault, let’s see if you can bring Mr. Agreste here with your hypnotic persuasion!

Simon: I told you, I don’t make people–

Alec: Ha! A shy hypnotist! How funny is that, Gabriel?

Gabriel: Hilarious. Your show is pathetic. And so is your contestant. Control me? Never. (ends the transmission)

Alec: Huh?

Adrien: That’s my dad, all right.

Alec: Looks like Mr. Agreste has turned on your challenge. Game over!

Simon: But… that’s not fair! I didn’t even get time to… (is lead off the stage)

Scene: Hawk Moth’s lair.

Hawk Moth: Yes. Humiliation and anger. The perfect elements for transforming a loser into a winner. (turns a butterfly into an akuma) Fly away, my little akuma, and evilize him!

Scene: Back in the TVi Studio.

(Simon is picking up the cards he dropped. The akuma flies and infects one of Simon’s cards)

Hawk Moth: I am Hawk Moth. You are now Simon Says. I will help you be the most powerful hypnotist ever. You will help me in return when the time’s right. So, do we have a deal, Simon Says?

Simon: Simon says yes. (turns into Simon Says and goes inside the studio)

Simon Says: Simon says the show is not over!

Alec: What on earth?!

Simon Says: (picks a card) Silence! Silence says (the pun “Simon Says” as in “Silence Says”) you’re lame! As lame as a duck!

(He throws the duck card at Alec, and he starts acting like a duck. The Gorilla tries to stop him)

Simon Says: Simon says stop! (throws a card with a pause sign at the Gorilla and freezes him) Simon says you are a Gorilla! (throws the Gorilla card at him and he starts acting like a Gorilla)

(Adrien and Nino gasp then Adrien runs to the door and he goes behind the door to transform into Cat Noir offscreen)

Scene: (smooth transition, the last scene is shown on Marinette’s computer screen) Marinette’s room.

Tikki: Marinette, look!

Marinette: (Sees the screen) Ah! I gotta go, Alya!

Alya: (from phone) Have a good one! I’ll get back to my babysitting.

Marinette: Tikki, what am I gonna do? I’m !

Tikki: You don’t have a choice! You must transform! We just have to be extra careful! Use that pillow under your sheets.

(Marinette goes to her bed and sees the pillow. She takes the pillow and rearranges the bed, to make it look like she is sleeping under it)

Tikki: Lookin’ good.

[ Transformation Sequence ]

Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Ha! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

(Ladybug jumps from her ‘s roof and swings to the TVi Studio)

Scene: TVi studio.

Simon Says: Gabriel Agreste turned down my challenge and he will pay for it! By midnight tonight, he will entertain us in this very TV studio. Gabriel, I’m coming to get you!

(Cat Noir eavesdrops from above, to the ceiling attached, batten)

Cat Noir: Dad?

Hawk Moth: (from his lair) It’s risky, but it’s given me an idea. Good luck, Simon Says.

(Cat Noir sees Nino hiding, he shushes Nino and jumps on Simon Says)

Cat Noir: Cat Noir says: Zip it and gimme those cards!

Simon Says: (throws the cards) My gorilla will take care of you. Simon says.. knock him out! (throws a card at the Gorilla, who knocks Cat Noir out of the studio)

Cat Noir: I may not always land on my feet, but I always bounce back!

Simon Says: (picks up the cards) I could use an army.

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