Miraculous Season 1 Episode 13 The Mime English Dub

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 13 The Mime ENGLISH The-Mime-246

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 13 The Mime

 Oh no! Marinette accidentally erased a video that Alya had taken of Ladybug complimenting her on the Ladyblog! Afraid that Alya will be furious, Marinette decides to hide the truth from her and transforms into Ladybug to recreate the erased video. But her plan gets compromised when a new villain emerges… Mylène’s father Fred Haprèle was supposed to play the part of a mime in a newly premiering play, but his understudy betrays him. Akumatized by Hawk Moth, Fred turns into the Mime. Now, whatever he acts out comes to life and he is determined to use his new powers for revenge! Ladybug will have to put a hold on her other “project” in order to stop him – with the help of Cat Noir, of course. Will she have enough time to stop the Mime and replace Alya’s video?

Episode Overview:

Scene: Street. Ladybug returns home from a mission. She gets home and transforms back into Marinette.

Marinette: Phew! That was a narrow save.

Tikki: What you did for Alya today was great, Marinette!

Marinette: You mean? I would love to do more, but…

Sabine: (from ) Marinette! Alya is here!

Alya: (from ) Don’t worry Ms. Dupain-Cheng, I’ll just head upstairs.

Marinette: You didn’t wait very long to tell me the big news. Hide Tikki, quick!

Alya: Girl, you won’t believe what just happened to me! So Ladybug just saved a bunch of workers from a supervillain! There were like a gazillion reporters waiting to interview her and… then it happened!

(Alya shows her the phone and Marinette plays a video. The video shows Ladybug rescuing a baby. She then greets Alya who is recording the video and )

Ladybug: (from phone) Hey! Aren’t you Alya, the girl who blogs about me? The…Ladyblog!

Alya: (from phone) Uh… yeah!

Ladybug: (from phone) I like your work. It’s amazing. Keep it up! (her miracle beep)

Alya: (from phone) Your earrings, Ladybug!

Ladybug: (from phone) Oh! Thanks. You better go. Error!

Marinette: Uh…that was great…

Alya: Great, right? Ladybug knows me! My blog! They think it’s awesome! Amazing! Great!

Marinette: Yeah, that’s… awesome!

Alya: Let’s get our laptop!

Marinette: You’re right Tikki, I think she was a little pleased.

Tikki: Can I see the video?

Marinette: Okay, but quick. (The phone slips from her hand, but she grabs it) Ow! You thought I’d let it go, didn’t you? (Marinette accidentally deletes it)

Tikki: Was the video deleted?

Marinette: (gasps) I didn’t just do it! Tell me I didn’t just do that!

Tikki: You didn’t just do it.

Marinette: Ahhh!

Tikki: Well, you just did, but at least you didn’t drop it!

Marinette: Oh, I really screwed up this time! Alya will kill me!

Tikki: It’s not the end of the world. I’m sure Alya will understand, uh, she’s your best friend!

Marinette: You’re right.

(Marinette imagines what will happen if she tells Alya that she deleted the video, Alya gets mad at her)

Marinette: Uh, on the other hand…

Alya: Who are you talking to?

Marinette: Uh, on the…pigeon! Say hello to Alya, Jacques!

Alya: Say “Bye bye”, Jacques. And come down! You have visitors!

(They go downstairs to Marinette’s room and see Sabine, Mylène, and Mylène’s father, Fred.)

Sabine: What did you say the game was called, Mr. Haprèl?

Fred: Well, that’s…

Mylène: It’s called “Mime’s Extraordinary Adventures” and it stars the most talented, amazingly amazing actor and mime!

Fred: Come on.

Mylène: My father! Give it up for Fred Haprèle!

(Marinette, Alya and Sabine applaud Fred)

Fred: Thank you very much! Thank you Mylène.

Sabine: Congratulations, you must be very proud of your daughter!

Fred: Now I just need a hat to complete my costume.

Marinette: (grabs the hat she designed and gives it to Fred) There it is!

Fred: Thank you, Marinette! He saves me at the last minute.

(Fred pretends the hat is inside the box. Fred opens the box and puts the hat on. Marinette holds an invisible box)

Sabine: Ha! I don’t think Mylène was exaggerating at all!

Fred: Why, thank you!

Marinette: I fixed the tear. I also sewed the pocket on the inside, exactly as you requested.

Fred: You did a perfect job. Thanks to you, I will always have my lucky charm next to me. Photo of my beloved daughter.

Mylène: Oh, Dad… (hugs Fred)

(Fred’s phone rings. It’s Sarah)

Fred: Hi, Sa…

Sarah: (on phone) Fred, where are you?

Fred: Yes, I had to lift my hat!

Sarah: I need you here now!

Fred: That’s not an excuse! I know the bus leaves in less than half an hour, I’ll be there! (hangs up) That was Sarah, the local director. He is very nervous about the premiere. She’s ready to blow the fuse! So I better go. See you tonight at the Eiffel Tower, girls!

Alya: We can’t wait!

Mylène: I love you, Dad!

Scene: Street. Chris and Sarah are about to get on the bus to the mime show.

Chris: So what’s his excuse this time?

Sarah: He must have picked up his hat at the repair shop. At least that’s what he said.

Chris: Well, he’s a very compelling actor.

Sarah: He’s actually a great actor. But he keeps making excuses why he’s late, why he’s going…

Chris: Does he fall asleep in the middle of the exam? Why does he have to leave early? Why is he missing parts of his costume? Come on Sarah! When do you wake up and smell the coffee? But it’s up to you if you want the show to suffer.

Sarah: Look, you’re his replacement. Be ready to take his place if something happens, okay?

Chris: I won’t let you down, Sarah.

Sarah: Thanks.

Scene: Bakery. Mylène, Alya and Marinette are at lunch.

Mylène: Thanks, Marinette. I have to go. I want to swing by my to change before the show.

(Alya’s phone rings)

Alya: Hey, that’s my ringtone! (Marinette picks up the phone) Give it to me! (Alya grabs the phone) That was my mom. I’ll call her later. Hi Mylene! Want to see the coolest video?

Marinette: No! Uh… I mean… You wouldn’t want to be late for her father’s premiere, would you?

Mylène: Yeah, Marinette’s right. I have to go.

Alya: Okay. I’ll come with you and show you along the way.

Marinette: Wait! (takes phone from Aly’s bag) Your bag is still open. (closes the bag) All the best! See you in the evening!

Alya: Hello!

Mylène: Goodbye.

Scene: Street. Fred rushes to board the bus. Sarah calls on the way.

Fred: Don’t worry Sarah. I’m early. I’m just around the corner.

Chris: No, this is Chris. Sarah asked me to call you and change the location at the last minute. The bus picks us up in 10 minutes in front of the pyramid in the Louvre.

Fred: Really? That’s on the other side of town!

Chris: Yeah, but, uh… It’s closer to the Eiffel Tower.

Fred: Oh well. Luckily I make it in time. Thanks for letting me know my friend.

Chris: Sure, see you there!

(Meanwhile, Alya and Mylène are about to go home)

Alya: I’m coming this way.

Mylène: Okay, see you later.

Alya: Wait! I have to show you my amazing video… Where did my phone go?

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