Miraculous Season 1 Episode 14 Kung Food English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 14 KungFood ENGLISH Kung-Food-330

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 14 Kungfood

 Marinette meets her great-uncle Cheng Sifu, a Chinese chef. Since Marinette does not speak a word of Chinese, Alya suggests that she ask Adrien to help interpret. Together, Marinette and Adrien go with Cheng Sifu to a cooking competition at the Grand Paris, the luxury hotel owned by Chloé’s father. But after an argument with Marinette, Chloé sabotages Cheng Sifu’s dish. The latter is humiliated and gets akumatized into Kung Food. All those who have tasted his dish fall under his power and become fearsome fighters, whom Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to fight in order to rescue a hostage Chloé. Stopping Kung Food will not be a piece of cake for Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Episode Overview:

Scene: The living room of the Dupain-Cheng family. Marinette is using a French to Chinese translation app.

Marinette: You’ll see Tikki. I’ll say it cool. (presses microphone button in app) Welcome to my . My name is Marinette.

Translator app: Welcome to my ,我发动叫马里内特。

Marinette: (repeats after applying the translator, mispronounces the sentence) No, that’s not right. (repeats the translated command and states it correctly)

Tikki: Good job Marinette!

Marinette: I’m so nervous! Do you think he will like them? (Marinette grabs flowers from the coffee table.)

Tikki: Well of course! They are cool!

Marinette: They can’t be cool, they have to be perfect! My mom’s uncle is a super famous Chinese chef. He is very distinctive, so things must be right. (Bell rings.) It’s him! Hide, Tikki. (Tikki hides. As she goes to the door, Marinette trips over the back of her couch before opening it.)

Wang Cheng: 你好 (Hello).

Marinette: Uh, hello Mari, you’re at Nette’s. Uh, welcome to Marinette! You are Chinese! No no no no! in mandarin! (Marinette tries to greet her great uncle in Chinese.) Ugh, no wait. (Marinette reaches for the phone and hands the flowers to Wang Cheng, who smells them.)

Marinette: (whispers into the translator app on her phone) Welcome to my . My name is Marinette. Ugh, this is so embarrassing.

Translator app: 欢迎任乐我家。我最动叫马里内特。哎,设计真差劲。哎,会傍字叫马里内特。哎,设计真差劲。哎,设计翫女女。哎[However, it is translated like “Ugh, that sucks”] until he closes the app and lets his great uncle in.)

Marinette: (On the phone with Alya, who she just dialed) Alya, you have to help me. I don’t know what to do with my mother’s uncle. You know, the one I told you about? Well, I don’t think I can… (Cut to Alya sitting on a park bench)

Alya: Calm down Marinette, I have a solution. Just hold on. (Hangs up.)

Marinette: (To the announcement tone) Thank you! Re amazing. what solution? what? oh…

Scene: The Dupain-Cheng family sofa. Marinette is sitting uncomfortably with Wang Cheng waiting for Alya’s help when the doorbell rings and Marinette runs to answer it.

Adrien: Hi Marinette!

Marinette: ADRIEN!? What the — uh — what are you —

Adrien: Alya called me. She said you need someone who speaks Chinese? So here I am! A translator at your service. (bowing to her)

Marinette: No! I think yes! Uh, where’s Alya? (He gets a text from Alya confirming the situation.) Uh, hehe!

Scene: In the car on the way to the competition.

Adrien: 郑师傅,是是你电影手机来地场吗?(translates. Master Cheng, is this the first time you have visited Paris?)

Wang Cheng:不,我三十年流上来过最好;说一口流利的中国话。 (translating. No, I was here 30 years ago. You speak Chinese fluently

Adrien: 谢谢,郑师傅。 (bows) (translating. Thank you, Master Cheng)

Wang Cheng: Oh, my English is very bad. Not like your Chinese.

Adrien: I thought you couldn’t speak English.

Marinette: Me too.

Wang Cheng: Oh, no, that’s not good. My English is not good.

(Marinette laughs.)

Scene: Outside Le Grand Paris. The “World’s Best Chef” logo is flashing.

Alec: Since the launch of our “World’s Greatest Chef” competition, the best culinary masters from around the world have been blowing our minds with their gastronomic creations.

André: Cheng Shifu, I am pleased and honored to have you on our final show where you will have the chance to defeat all the chefs who have competed so far.

(Wang Cheng smiles and he, Marinette, and Adrien walk into Le Grand Paris.)

Alec: Only one will be awarded the title of “World’s Best Chef.” The winning dish will become the new Mayor’s Special on the Grand Paris menu! (Camera pans to the hotel) Tell us, Cheng Shifu, what food will you be treating our panel today?

Adrien: (Translating what Alec said) 你将交经上菜 (the food you will be offering)

Wang Cheng: My food is: Heavenly Soup.

Alec: Wow! I have heard so much about your legendary heavenly soup, but today we are going to taste it for real! (Television ends)

Adrien: Do you want me to come with you, Cheng Shifu?

Wang Cheng: No, thank you Adrien. Cooking needs no words. (Alec leads him away)

Marinette: Thanks, Adrien. I am truly sorry for bothering you unnecessarily. I really thought he couldn’t speak English.

Adrien: No problem Marinette. It was wonderful to be able to practice my Chinese, especially with Shifu.

Marinette: Master?

Adrien: It means “Master” in Chinese. Your mom’s uncle is a grand master!

Chloé: (Marinette smiles before being startled by Chloé’s voice) Look who it is! My favorite person, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. I mean seriously? Does your great uncle really expect to win the SOUP contest!? It’s not even a main dish! Please! Doesn’t he know how to make sushi like everyone else?

(Marinette and Adrien are mad at Chloé)

Adrien: The Japanese make sushi, Chloé. Cheng Shifu is Chinese!

(Marinette and Adrien are still mad at Chloé)

Marinette: Besides, he’s not like “everyone else”. My great uncle is the best cook in the world. His soup is legendary!

(Marinette and Adrien are still mad at Chloé)

Chloé: Well, I despise soup.

Marinette: So what?

Chloé: You didn’t know? I’m on the jury. Your uncle definitely won’t get my vote.

Marinette: Oh yeah? Well, he doesn’t need your vote to win! There are other judges with far better taste than you.

Chloe: Phew!

Marinette: Um, silly me, you have no taste! I mean, look at what you’re wearing.

Chloe: Phew! Don’t talk about me like that. (Angrily goes to the stairs) You made a big mistake.

Adrien: (Proud of Marinette for standing up for her uncle) Wow, you really stood up for Cheng Shifu. He would appreciate it.

Marinette: I’m not sure. I don’t think he likes me.

Adrien: No, you’re wrong.

Marinette: No, I swear! He even tore up the bouquet I gave him.

Adrien: Cheng Shifu isn’t just a cook, Marinette – he’s an artist! He told me he would put flowers in his heavenly soup. He said he improvises on faithful things that come his way. The flowers he mentioned must be the ones you gave him!

Marinette: So… you think he really likes me?

Adrien: (Puts his hands on Marinette’s shoulders) Absolutely! He showed you great respect in his own special way. (Marinette sighs happily.)

Scene: Le Grand Paris kitchen. Wang Cheng cooks soup.

Chloé: (peeks out from the hallway) Mr. Cheng, Marinette is outside looking for you. (Wang Cheng leaves.) Let’s see how the other judges enjoy your uncle’s soup after this, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. (Looks at the bottle) Hmm? Hmph. (Chloé then stirs her concoction and replaces the lid.)

Wang Cheng: Marinette wasn’t there—

Chloé: Don’t speak Japanese. See you. (departures)

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