Miraculous Season 1 Episode 15 Gamer English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 15 Gamer ENGLISH wishmaker

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 15 Gamer

 Adrien and Max are supposed to represent the high school in a major videogame tournament. But Marinette has something else in mind! In order to spend some time with Adrien, she manages to take Max’s place by beating him in an impromptu challenge. What she had not planned, though, is that Adrien would have to go to her place to practice! Both troubled and excited, Marinette will not have the time to enjoy this improvised date, for Max, disappointed and humiliated, got akumatized. Now, as the Gamer, he controls a large robot that wreaks havoc on the whole town. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to team up to fight against a now very real robot. No second chances in this game!

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette is writing in her journal.

Marinette: Dear diary, guess what? I was two places away from transforming and revealing my true identity as Cat Noir.

Tikki: Hey Marinette, didn’t you meet Alya at school this afternoon to go over your term paper?

Marinette: No, I’m late! Again!

(Marinette puts her journal in the box, grabs her purse, and goes to school.)

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Suddenly Marinette hears something from the Library.

Tikki: What’s that noise?

Marinette: Hide, Tikki!

(In the library, the students play Ultimate Mecha Strike III. Adrien and Max play while Alya records them.)

Kim: Come on Max.

Marinette: (Seeing Alya’s recording) What’s going on, Alya? (Alya hushes her)

Rose: Trials for the Paris Ultimate Mecha Strike III Tournament! This school is sending two students with the highest scores!

Kim: The trials are actually offering a partner to team up with Max in the tournament.

Marinette: Why Max?

Kim: Because he’s unbeatable! It’s a total rocksord! It has the highest APM of all!

Marinette: APM?

Kim: Action per minute? This tournament is his whole life! He worked hard all year to get to the level.

(Adrien’s robot, NAD03, uses his special attack on Max’s robot, MX-01. MX-01 is crushed and NAD03 wins.)

Caline: Adrien is now in charge.

Kim: What happened Max?

Max: Hmm. Amazing work. Let’s create a killer combo.

(Adrien gives him high fives and Marinette and the rest of their class cheer for them both)

Marinette: Let me set the record straight. If someone manages to beat Max’s score, will they team up with Adrien in the tournament?

Kim: No one can beat Max. Or rather Max and Adrien. It’s a slam dunk. They are our school’s dream team!

(Alya takes Marinette’s hand and drags her to the bookshelf)

Alya: I see where you’re going, miss.

Marinette: Just imagine, teaming up with Adrien!

Alya: Are you crazy, girl? This is about empowerment and representation! No snuggling and cuddling! This is serious business!

Marinette: Seriously, Alya, do you think I would actually go through with that?

Mr. Damocles: I think we have two champions lined up for the tournament in Paris.

Marinette: Wait! Uh, is it too late… to rehearse?

(Kim and Rose gasp)

Mr. Damocles: The library closes in five minutes, but…

Alya: Oh boy…

(Marinette sits down and Adrien gives her his joypad.)

Marinette: Adrien’s joypad! Ohhh…! (rubs it on his face)

Kim: Are they serious? No way!

Alya: Unless a particular player has a particular motivation.

Max: The rules are basic, you fight between your robots and your…

Marinette: Please… Every time you win, you’ll loot her items and gain XP, which will upgrade your mecha. I’m not a noob, thank you very much.

(A flashback of Marinette and her father playing the game is seen.)

Max: Ah, you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge. We’ll see if that’s enough to beat me.

Chloe: Really? How could anyone spend so much time in front of a screen?

Sabrina: I know, as if. (They start writing)

(Marinette chooses LB-03, the ladybug robot, while Max chooses MX-01.)

Kim: Come on Max, you can do it!

(Marinette and Max start playing. The others see Marinette winning.)

Marinette: And now the quarter circle plus heavy kick and Flying Hyper Storm! Triple hit combo, Marinette style! Booyah!

(Marinette wins the game)

Marinette: Wow! Yeah! Hooray! I won! Uh-huh!

Kim: What! I can not believe that! She… she beat him?

Alya: Beat him? She crushed him!

Rose: The king has been dethroned!

Max: I accept this defeat. I am giving up my position in the tournament. Congratulations, Marinette. And Adrien.

Adrien: Max, wait!

Kim: Oh, Max…

Max: Look. I’m fine, I lost fair and square. But if you don’t mind, I’d like some solitude.

Mr. Damocles: So Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste will represent François Dupont High School in the Paris Ultimate Mecha Strike III Tournament. Good luck to you both.

Adrien: Well, I guess I’ll come to work out. With my new partner. See you later.

Marinette: You see…well…

Alya: Now you have to win and represent the school, not just date Adrien.

Marinette: Oh, Adrien…

Alya: Oh, brother…

(Alya facepalm)

Scene: Streets of Paris. Max leaves angrily.

Max: That’s a parody. An obvious parody!

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Hawk Moth: (window opens) Ah, the contest. I know you like it, my little evil akumas. Where there is a winner, there is always a loser. (turns the butterfly into an akuma) Fly away my little akuma and harm him!

Scene: Street. Max laments that he is not going to the tournament. Akuma flies after his glasses.

Max: I should have gone to that tournament. I was the chosen one! I worked so hard on this! Unthinkable!

(Akuma appears and angers him)

Hawk Moth: Player, I am Hawk Moth. I will help you win the tournament of your life. But in return you have to help me reach my high score.

Max: Absolutely, Hawk Moth. Game on! Now see who is the best player in Paris! (Max transforms into the player with akuma)

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont

Marinette: Ah, training with Adrien! Adrien!

Tikki: If all you wanted was to spend time with Adrien, there are other ways to do that!

Marinette: What are you getting at?

Tikki: You know how much Max wanted to be in that tournament. Kim said he’s been training for it all year.

Marinette: Right. All I could think about was Adrien. Hi! Adrien is coming to my . (gasps) Adrien is coming to my ! No, that’s a complete disaster! I have to… clean my room!

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette is afraid that Adrien will see all his photos.

Tikki: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all along.

Marinette: Oh, this… isn’t… happening!!

Tikki: Calm down, Marinette. You still have time. It’s not like he’s showing up right now.

(With Tikki’s help, Marinette takes Adrien’s pictures off the wall to hide them from him)

(Bell rings)

Sabine: (down) Marinette! Someone is here to see you!

Marinette: Uh… It’s getting close!

Adrien: Marinette and I are finalists in the Paris Ultimate Mecha Strike III Tournament.

Tom: No way. Well, she was learning from the best of Tom’s style! Booyah!

Sabine: Marinette never told us about this tournament.

Adrien: We just got together today.

Sabine: You two are a couple, huh? I’m not surprised. Marinette talks about you a lot, you know?

Marinette: Mom! …Come up, Adrien!

Adrien: Uh, nice to meet you.

Tom and Sabine: Ohhh…

Scene: Streets of Paris. The player ship continues to absorb people.

Gamer: I’ll be level 2 soon! My skills are undisputed! (his ship absorbs people and vehicles) I’m unstoppable! Hahaha! (his ship evolves into a bipedal robot) Well done! (robot starts absorbing people and gaining more power)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette and Adrien win the round.

Adrien: Wow! We won again, thanks to you!

Marinette: Yes, yes, yes.

Adrien: Us? It was practically all of you. You are amazing, Marinette. I don’t think you would even need me. I’m so lazy compared to you…

Marinette: Um, no no no, I… No, you’re so good. I mean, I’m the one who’s not good. I mean… I’m lucky, that’s all.

Tom: (opens door) Anyone want some cookies? They are hot out of the oven!

(Adrien wants a cookie, but groans when he doesn’t take the cookie off the plate)

Marinette: Dad, we’re trying to work here!

(Tom leaves the room)

Marinette: Actually, you know what? I have a secret. (shows him her lucky charm) That’s why I won.

Adrien: Are you kidding me?

Marinette: Try playing a match with it.

(Adrien takes the lucky charm. Tom and Sabine open the door)

Sabine: How about a delicious salmon and spinach pie? Can you tell me what you think about it?

Adrien: Uh, Marinette. A little snack wouldn’t hurt, right?

Scene: Place des Vosges. Marinette and Adrien are eating a snack.

Marinette: Uh, I’m really sorry. It’s impossible to get anything with my parents.

Adrien: It’s okay. (eats his pie) I didn’t know your dad made such a delicious pie!

Marinette: Oh, uh, I…yeah! So what, shall we go back?

Adrien: We’ll see if it works. (has Marinette’s lucky charm)

(Suddenly, a player robot appears. Marinette and Adrien notice)

Marinette: Tell me this isn’t some publicity stunt for the tournament!

Gamer: Well, well. Marinette, let’s see who wins this time.

Adrien: It doesn’t sound like a publicity stunt to me.

(The player’s robot fires a laser at them)

Adrien: Watch out! (sees Marinette) Uh, we should get out of here!

(Marinette and Adrien run and hold hands, but separate and go their separate ways. Marinette runs out of , the player chasing her. Suddenly, the player’s robot stands in front of her)

Gamer: Game over, Marinette!

Marinette: How does he know my name? Max! (Player’s robot shoots lasers at her) I think he really wanted that spot in the tournament!

Adrien: Time to transform.

[ Transformation Sequence ]

Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (Adrien transforms into Cat Noir)

(Meanwhile, Marinette is still running away from the player robot. But she falls. Just as the robot is about to fire a laser at her, Cat Noir’s staff appears and hits the robot)

Gamer: Game over!

Cat Noir: Not yet! A new challenger is coming!

Marinette: Cat Noir! Hi! Here!

(Cat Noir saves Marinette while dodging robot lasers. He jumps from ceiling to ceiling until he reaches the Grand Paris Hotel.)

Cat Noir: I heard that Miss Video Game Champion really took down the final boss.

Marinette: It doesn’t give him extra points to transform everyone. Hey, wait, Cat Noir! I left my friend Adrien at ! He might be in danger, we have to go back!

Cat Noir: Uh… don’t worry. Adrien is not in danger. He will be okay. You will be safe here. Just stay standing. Don’t worry, Cat Noir will take care of everything. Arch, jump, and make barrel!

Marinette: Uh, he’s always so over the top.

Tikki: If ever there was a game to win, it’s this one! Lets go!

[ Transformation Sequence ]

Marinette: Tikki, watch out! Ha! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

Scene: Street. Cat Noir follows the player bot and sees that it is heading for the bus. Cat Noir goes where the bus is.

Cat Noir: Out of Here! As far as you can go! (sees the robot) Hurry up!

(People run away)

Cat Noir: Hey, can! Here!

Gamer: My calculations suggest your system will crash soon!

(Ladybug binds the robot’s two legs with her yo-yo)

Ladybug: You’re rushing, robot! (pulls the yoya string, causing the robot to fall)

Cat Noir: He’s a life-sized robot from Ultimate Mecha Strike!

Ladybug: I know! And it’s almost at level 3. 4 is the highest level!

Cat Noir: Wait, you know that game?

Ladybug: Phew! Of course!

Cat Noir: See? You and I! It should have been.

(Player sees a bus. Gobbles it up and evolves to level 3)

Cat Noir: I think our problem is much bigger.

Player: Level 3. Hahahahahaha!

Hawk Moth: If you want to be the most powerful robot in the world, you must capture Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculouses. Then it really will be Game Over.

Gamer: Those Miraculouses are mine! (starts attacking Ladybug and Cat Noir. He shoots lasers at them, but they run away)

Ladybug: We have to get him out of here before he destroys all of Paris!

(Ladybug looks at tournament billboard)

Ladybug & Cat Noir: Stadium! (they go to the stadium)

Scene: Parc des Princes Stadium. Ladybug and Cat Noir appear to be fighting the Player.

Ladybug: Where did Clunky go?

(A player robot appears behind them. Ladybug and Cat Noir throw their yo-yos and a stick at it to try and defeat the robot, but fail)

Player: Hahahaha! (his robot smashes them, but Ladybug and Cat Noir dodge. They run away from his laser.)

Ladybug: Attack the robot with your Cataclysm Power! That might shock him!

Cat Noir: My pleasure. Two can play this game. Flood! (uses his Cataclysm to destroy the player’s robot)

Player: Nooo!

Ladybug: Smackdown, Cat Noir!

(Gives him a high five)

Cat Noir: Cat Noir Style! Booyah!

(A floating red ball appears between them.)

Cat Noir: Whoa ha ha! Look at that booty!

Ladybug: System Crash, Player!

Player: Hahahaha! You forgot the rules. I saved the last level! (touches the glasses and a stronger robot appears) It reappears!

Cat Noir: Aww, not the old spawn point glitch again.

Ladybug: Yeah, but did you see him press that button on his glasses? I bet there’s an akuma.

(Ladybug touches the red ball and a red and black robot appears. Ladybug and Cat Noir are standing on it)

Ladybug: Ha! We’ve also leveled up!

Cat Noir: (beeps his Miraculous) Okay, but I only have a few minutes left.

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