Miraculous Season 1 Episode 16 Animan English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 16 Animan ENGLISH wishmaker

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 16 Animan

Thinking she is about to spend the afternoon at the zoo with Adrien and Nino, Marinette finds herself alone with Nino. He is in love with her and, coached from a distance by Adrien, he tries to tell her how he feels. But he is too intimidated and ends up saying that he loves Alya. The latter is also coaching Marinette and hears everything. Despite her best friend’s reluctance, Marinette suggests a date between Nino and Alya! But in the meantime, Kim and Max, who had come to admire the zoo’s new panther, humiliate Otis the zookeeper. Akumatized into Animan, the latter turns into a black panther and causes mayhem in town. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to chase him across the Parisian jungle to stop him. But this is easier said than done, for Animan has the power to transform into all kinds of animals, from the strongest to the most cunning…

Episode Overview:

Scene: the courtyard of the Collège Françoise Dupont.

Marinette: (reading a magazine) “Leo: Your heart will roar.” (turns the page and sees pictures of Adrien on both sides) Wow, roar!

(Marinette and Alya giggle. Nino spies on them across the yard.)

Adrien: (appears in the back and teases Nino) FYI, Marinette never falls in love with a statue.

(Nino drags Adrien so they can hide.)

Nino: Shhh! You know I’m not good with the ladies, especially this one all of a sudden. I mean, dude, am I going to go up to her and pull a prank on her? Give her a compliment? Invite her to the zoo? Play it seriously?

Adrien: Nina, you’re exaggerating. “Invite her to the zoo”, are you serious?

Nino: Well, they have a really cool new exhibit there.

Adrien: Listen, be yourself, man.

Nino: That’s easy for you to tell, Mr. Front-Teenage-Model-Weekly. I’m not that cool.

Adrien: You’re cool too dude, trust me – otherwise you wouldn’t be my best friend. Invite her to the zoo. She’ll say yes, I promise.

Nino: (starts to believe himself; starts to walk over to Marinette and Alye. But panics at the last minute and runs back to Adrien) What if I act like a moronosaurus or he’ll feel sorry for me or think I’m lame or – ?

Adrien: Okay, I’ve got your back. (Adrien and Nino punch)

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont. Alya and Marinette exit the Collège while Adrien and Nino hide behind the railing.

(Adrien signals Nino and they come out of hiding.)

Marinette: (holding magazine in front of her) Oh, he’s so…

Alya: Smartie, cat, suavísimo, tasty wizard!

Marinette: All of the above. (bumps into Nino) What?

(Nino stands in front of her very calmly and with a wide nervous smile.)

Adrien: (appears behind Nino) Oh, sorry. (nudges Nina) Okay, Nina?

Nino: Sorry.

Marinette: (laughs and looks down to see the magazine pages with photos of Adrien) Oh!

(Marinette bends down to pick up the magazine before Adrien sees it, but he walks over to take it from her. They end up bumping foreheads.)

Marinette and Adrien: Sorry. (Marinette grabs the magazine away)

Adrien: Sorry about that. How could we make it up to you? Any ideas…Nino? (Nino doesn’t answer) How about we all go to the…zoo today? They say they have a new… (fingers cutely in front of Nino)

Nino: Uh, they got a new panther.

Alya: Great idea, isn’t it, Marinette? You love animals.

Marinette: Uh, yeah. I, uh, I’m really into zoo animals. I mean, uh, anizooly. I mean zoonimoos. I… (sighs)

Adrien: Fine. Let’s say after school, four hours? (looks at Nino) Nino, does that sound good? (Nino nods nervously) Okay, four hours.

Marinette: Four! (Adrien nods before pulling Nino and leaving) Four o’clock. (in love) Yeah…

Alya: Uh, Earth Marinette? You do realize that guy you’re totally crazy about just asked you out, right?

Marinette: Yeah… (panicking) Huh, wait, what?! No, not like this! Not here, not today! I didn’t wash my hair! I’m not wearing my lucky socks! Fine! Help me Alya! I can’t do it alone! (holds Alya while she pats her head)

Scene: the banks of the Seine. Nino and Adrien are sitting on a bench.

Nino: How did you do it, dude?

Adrien: Like I said, “Be yourself.”

Nino: Sure, sure. If I could be myself; I don’t work like that.

Adrien: (sips from the can) You’re ridiculous. Of course you can. And when you’re alone with Marinette at the zoo later- (throws his can into the trash)

Nino: Hey, what do you mean alone with Marinette? No, dude. Are you coming with me. You can’t leave me alone. Uh-uh.

Adrien: (sighs) No problem Nina. What are friends for? (Adrien and Nino punch again)

Scene: Zoo. Marinette turns on the speaker in her left ear.

Alya: (from earpiece) One, two, one, two, testing. Did you read me girl?

Marinette: I hear you. But I still don’t think I can do it.

(Look at Alya’s pans hiding behind two trees.)

Alya: Of course you can. Just be yourself!

Marinette: Do you remember the last time I did that? (Flashback to school locker rooms.)

Alya: Be yourself, Marinette.

(Marinette leaves determinedly and opens the door to the room. She sees Adrien washing his hands. Happy to see him, she stands next to the door. But the boy startles her, so she realizes that she accidentally walked into the boy’s bathroom. .)

Guys: Hello! What are you doing here? Get out! (Adrien and Kim are surprised to see Marinette jump out of the room and close the door. Someone throws a roll of toilet paper at the door) Get out! Boy’s room! (Kim and Adrien stand there confused. Flashback ends)

Alya: Well, be yourself and see where you’re going.

Marinette: Where are you love of my life?

Tikki: How is Adrien supposed to be the love of your life when you can’t even talk to him?

Marinette: (determined) Tikki, stay out of sight. I’ll talk to him, you’ll see. I’ll talk to him!

Alya: That’s right, girl! Way to be motivated!

Marinette: Yeah (laughs and looks to her right and sees someone) Oh, there they are!

(It turns out to be Max and Kim. Max waves at Marinette.)

Kim: (arm raised in greeting) Hey, Marinette!

Marinette: (sighs) False alarm. (to Max and Kim) Hi, Kim, Max; what are you doing here?

Kim: We heard there’s a new panther here. I want to see who has the bigger guns! (hits a series of muscle poses)

Max: Do you want to come with us?

Alya: (in earpiece) Marinette, target at ten o’clock!

Marinette: NO!!! (Max and Kim stand there confused) Ah, I mean, uh, thanks, but… no, thanks. I’m waiting for someone. Uh, come on.

Kim: Kay, maybe I’ll see you later. (Kim and Max leave)

Marinette: Yeah, later! (looks for Adrien, but she only sees Nino. He smiles nervously, waves and walks towards her. Marinette talks to Alya) Where’s Adrien?

Alya: (from receiver) I don’t know.

Marinette: Hey Nina! (looks behind him) Uh, isn’t Adrien with you?

(Nino shrugs nervously. Adrien hides behind the bushes in front of the zoo sign, then pops out from behind the bushes.)

Adrien: Tell her we’re both better off without me.

(It turns out that Nino and Adrien also have their headphones set.)

Nino: We’ll be better off without me.

Marinette: (confused) What?

Plagg: (jumps out of Adrien’s hair and he tries to calm him down) Ah, this trip is turning out to be a lot more interesting than I thought. Turn up the volume! (Adrien sighs)

Nino: Uh, without him. We don’t need Adrien hanging out at the zoo.

Alya: (responds from receiver) Of course I do, you moron!

Marinette: Of course we do, you dumbass—oh, I mean, shouldn’t he have come? Don’t you want to wait for him?

Adrien: (from receiver) Tell her you want to be alone with her.

Nino: (whispers to Adrien) Not yet!

Marinette: What was that?

Nino: (to Marinette) You’re right; we will wait.

Adrien: (from receiver) No! What are you talking about? Do not wait for me; I will not come!

(Nino stands there, still very nervous.)

Scene: Otis feeding the panther.

Otis: Look what dad brought you. Only the best for my child.

Kim: Hey! Look at the size of that piece of meat he’s eating!

Max: A typical diet for cats requiring the strength to run at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour.

Kim: 60 miles an hour? Is that all? I thought panthers were much faster. I bet I could beat it in a race.

Otis: Impossible. No human being could compete with my panther.

Kim: Is that right? What place did your cat come in the district athletics tournament? I came in first place.

Otis: You’re no match for my panther, boy!

Kim: No need. Obviously I look better.

(Panther growls)

Kim: Hello kitty, kitty. How about a little race with me, huh? The last one is a rotten egg!

Max: We’ll see. With a 6 foot per second victory behind you and 45 degrees to the northeast… I don’t think you’re a rotten egg. You would be at lunch.

Otis: Your friend’s right, kid. Now please leave. He needs peace and quiet while eating. You’re stressing her out.

Kim: Awww, stressed out, are we Miss Panthia? You’re talking about a wild animal, dude. (The panther roars)

Otis: Leave now! Or I’ll have you thrown out of the zoo immediately!

Kim: Come on Max. Let’s leave the poor widdle kitty alone with her nervous babysitter! Ha ha ha! 

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