Miraculous Season 1 Episode 3 The pharaoh

Miraculous Season 1 Episode 3 The Pharaoh warning

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 3 The Pharaoh

 Scene: Dupain-Cheng . A video of Alya Césaire in Paris is being viewed.

Alya: Don’t blink now because we’re live from Paris. Yo peeps, it’s Alyo, bringing you the one and only Ladyblog. (helicopter sounds) What? what is it? (Ladybug flies by, hanging on her yo-yo, tied to the helicopter. She drops a book.). Ladybug in action. Hang in there because we’re going for a ride. (Alya runs up and picks up the book.) Go crazy! What you have here is no ordinary book, it is a tenth grade history book. And I should know because I have the exact same book. Could our ladybug be a high school student (zoom out to see the Ladyblog site with Marinette Dupain-Cheng watching the video) in real life? Gentlemen!

Marinette: I’ve been telling you Tikki since day one that I’m a total moron!

Tikki: What’s done is done; we can’t change what happened. We can only move forward. Alya must not find out who you are. You know how persistent she can be with her blog entirely dedicated to Ladybug.

Marinette: But how? Maybe I’m not ready for this whole ladybug thing.

Tikki: You are the chosen one, Marinette. Everything will work out, trust me. Everyone has a past to learn from. (Tikki types on the computer and opens a page about Egyptian pharaohs.) That will show you why.

Marinette: An exhibition at the Louvre? To Pharaoh Tutankhamun? What does this have to do with my book and Alya?

Tikki: You need to convince Alya to go there with you and make sure she brings the book. You tell her you found out something about Ladybug.

Marinette: In a museum?

Tikki: You’ll see!

Marinette: Well, I don’t know how I’m going to convince Alya to go to the Egyptian exhibition, much less convince her that I’m not Ladybug!

Tikki: He will be interested and so will you. The promise.

Scene: The Louvre. Alya and Marinette go to the Louvre Museum.

Alya: Can you believe that? All I have to do is find out who this history book belongs to and BAM, I find out Ladybug’s true identity! I’m so into this!

Marinette: Do you really think you could figure out who Ladybug is from the textbook every high schooler owns?

Alya: Yes. Because our school is the only school that uses that book! HA! So all I have to do is find out which tenth grade girl lost her history book last week. There are forty-three girls, not including me–

Marinette: Forty two! I’m not counting you… or me.

Alya: (elbows Marinette) Hmm, someone didn’t have their textbook in class yesterday.

Marinette: (concerned) Uh– I left it at home. You know how I always forget my stuff.

Alya: Hmm… (laughs) I’m just messing with you, Marinette. Of course, I will remove you from my investigation until you bring your history book back to class.

(Jalil Kubdel runs between Alya and Marinette carrying a folder full of papers. He pushes past them and trips, papers flying everywhere. His locket falls and he picks it up.)

Jalil: It’s not broken!

Alya: (annoyed) Uh, I’m fine too, thanks for asking.

Jalil: I’m sorry. Hey, you’re in the same class as Alix, right? I am her older brother, Jalil Kubdel. So you’re into Tutankhamun too? (looks up) Dad!

Alya: Weird. So again girl why are we here? Does this exhibition have anything to do with Ladybug? For real?

Marinette: Well, uh… (Looks at Tikki in her purse. Tikki points to an Egyptian papyrus.) Yeah, it’s over there. (He takes Alya to it. They look at it, Marinette tries to understand the meaning, Alya looks bored.)

Scene: Adrien’s room. Adrien Agreste watches the same Ladyblog video we saw earlier.

Alya: Wait, because we’re going for a ride. Freak out! What you have here is no ordinary book, it is a tenth grade history book. And I should know because I have the exact same book. Could our ladybug be a real-life high school student?

Adrien: That’s crazy! What is the probability that we have the same textbook? Maybe we go to the same school!

Plagg: You don’t think you know her then? (eats his cheese) Why bother with the ladies when you can enjoy this?

Adrien: First of all, ladies smell about a thousand times better than that cheese. And they look much better.

Plagg: Adapt. Your loss.

Adrien: My only loss is my appetite.

Scene: The Louvre. Marinette and Alya are still on the show.

Alya: Come on, tell me what it is!

Marinette: No, no, because… it wouldn’t be a surprise… (under breath) to you or me.

(Marinette and Tikki look at an ancient Egyptian papyrus.)

Jalil: I’m telling you, father, it’s right there in the hieroglyphics. (Pushes Marinette aside.) Sorry. There, as you know, the one with the scepter is Tutankhamun, the first. And opposite is Nefertiti, his princess. There are exactly one hundred mummies next to them. She died a few years before him and the sun god Ra took her as his goddess.

Mr. Kubdel: Yes, I know all that. I’m the director of this exhibition, remember?

Jalil: Then you also know that Tutankhamun wanted to bring his princess back to life by offering the Sun god a new wife. It seemed to illustrate a ritual he had devised. No one has ever fully deciphered the hieroglyphics, but I have! It is a magical chant that must be recited to complete the ritual! I’m sure of it!

Marinette: Kind of reminds me of someone else with crazy ideas… you!

Alya: You might think my Ladybug theories are crazy, but look, girl, I’m going to prove you wrong.

Mr. Kubdel: Jalil, these types of frescoes are almost always an illustration of a legend. They called it a legend for a reason…

Jalil: That’s what everyone thinks. But I know it’s real. I can prove it!

Mr. Kubdel: Really? How exactly do you want to prove it?

Jalil: I just need to get my hands on Tutankhamun’s scepter and cast the spell!

Mr. Kubdel: Are you serious? Don’t even think of touching that scepter. I would lose my job on the spot. It is a priceless historical item! It’s not a toy!

Jalil: Come on, Dad! We have to try the magic! What if Tutankhamun figured out how to bring people back to life?

Mr. Kubdel: Listen, Jalil! That’s enough! Get your head out of those papyrus scrolls and focus on the real world! This! (He leaves. Jalil drops his papers and looks sad.)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Hawk Moth: There’s nothing wrong with living a fantasy. Especially if I can make it a reality. (turns the butterfly into an akuma) Fly away my evil akuma and turn the young man!

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