Miraculous Season 1 Episode 5 Timebreaker English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 5 Time Breaker ENGLISH 105

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 5 Time Breakear

 Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Marinette walks down the stairs and sees her mother.

Sabine: Well? With or without?

Marinette: Uh, with?

Sabine: Are you sure it’s not better without it?

Marinette: Either way, you look perfect mom.

Sabine: You know? It’s not every day you celebrate your twentieth wedding anniversary.

Tom: (off camera) Marinette! Could you have a moment, please? (Marinette runs up to him) Okay?

Marinette: So what?

Tom: My moustache, I did it. Is it too short? Should I shave it all off? Maybe it’s a little crooked on one –

Marinette: You look perfect, Dad. Except for one thing. (points to her dirty oven apron she’s still wearing)

Tom: Uh? Thank you dear. (runs away)

Marinette: (laughs) No problem Dad! (later Marinette pushes her parents out the door)

Marinette: You’re going to be late!

Tom: Don’t forget that Mrs. Chamack is coming to collect the cake from the Eiffel Tower in 30 minutes. I’m addicted to you.

Marinette: Yeah, yeah. No sweat, piece of cake. (they leave and Marinette lets Tikki out) Wow, married for twenty years. That’s pretty cool, huh Tikki?

Tikki: Time flies when you’re having fun.

Marinette: And it stands still while you do your homework. (Tikki laughs)

Scene: Le Grand Paris. Marinette’s parents sat down to eat.

(Tom notices someone and waves and Alix waves back. It’s Alix sitting at another table with her father.)

Alix: They are Marinette’s parents. You know, one of the girls I’m dating?

Mr. Kubdel: Yes, I remember. They make the best bread in all of Paris. (notices one of Alix’s sneakers) Couldn’t you have tried harder to dress nice?.

Alix: What do you mean? I took off my cap.

(points to the cap)

Mr. Kubdel: But this is a special day.

Alix: Well, it’s just a birthday.

Mr. Kubdel: No, it’s a special birthday (reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his watch) This family heirloom was made by one of our ancestors many, many years ago. It is passed down from generation to generation, on their 15th birthday. And today it’s your turn to inherit it.

Alix: That’s pretty sweet, Dad. But I already have the watch synced with my smartphone.

Mr. Kubdel: But sometimes there is more to things than meets the eye. Let’s say our ancestor was… (opens watch) He was ahead of his time. (Alix gasped)

Mr. Kubdel: Of course, I would understand if you would prefer me to buy you new roller skates.

Alix: No, Dad! I’m excited to have it. This is awesome, thank you! (phone rings)

Mr. Kubdel: Are your friends waiting?

Alix: Yeah, but I don’t want bail for you. It is super.

Mr. Kubdel: No, no, come on. (Alix gets up and grabs the cap) Now take good care of it.

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Marinette is in her room doing her homework.

Tikki: Come on Marinette! You can do it! Just remember the formula. Think Marinette, think!

Marinette: Maybe I could if you didn’t distract me so much with your encouraging words!

(Tikki laughs)

(phone rings)

Marinette: Hi Alya. What’s happening? What? A bet between Alix and Kim? No, of course, I didn’t forget! I already made a banner for it! I know everyone is counting on me. In 5 minutes?! No sweat. I’m already on my way. Be there now! Eek!

Tikki: But Marinette, you have to wait for Mrs. Chamack to pick up the cake!

Marinette: Gahhh! I have 20 minutes before he gets here. I told them I would take care of the banner and they were all counting on me! Plus, Adrien will be there too!

Tikki: You’ll never get to the Trocadéro in 5 minutes, it’s too far!

Marinette: Not too far for Ladybug. (winks) Tikki, points on!

(Marinette transforms into Ladybug without her transformation sequence. She swings to the Trocadéro, detransforms, arrives just in time and shows everyone her banner. Everyone is excited.)

Unknown: Oh, that’s beautiful!

Adrien: Impressive, Marinette! (winks at Marinette and she laughs in return)

Kim: You all picked the wrong side to for. Looks like Alix didn’t even show up! Probably too chicken to race an extreme athlete like me.

Alix: He spoke too soon, Kim. (Everyone cheers for her.) Your ridiculous bets are over. I’ll leave you in the dust, carnivore!

Kim: You’re not the same to me. My neck is bigger than your thigh.

Alya: (laughs) Is that a good thing?

Marinette: (laughs)

Max: (pushing Kim and Alix apart) Let’s go over the official rules. Two rounds around the fountains; about 500 yards. The first to cross is declared the winner! If Kim wins, Alix will leave him her roller skates. If Alix wins, Kim will be banned from doing another dare for the rest of the school year.

Juleka: We’re done with all those stupid dares!

Ivan: Uh-huh, that’s right!

Nathaniel: He doesn’t dare anymore!

Max: On your marks, get ready…

Alix: Hang on! (Kim falls and the students laugh)

Kim: Are you failing yet?

Alix: (Gives her watch to Alya) Hold it for me, will you, Alya? I don’t want to drop it during the race.

Alya: Hang on girl, I can’t! i have to…

Alix: Protect it with your life. It’s a family heirloom!

Alya: But… (hands the watch to Marinette) Marinette, take this. I have to record the race for my blog!

Max: On your marks, get ready… GO!

(Alix and Kim start racing, Kim walking, Alix on roller skates as everyone cheers)

Marinette: But… she asked you to take care of it. I have to hold the banner!

(Marinette is suddenly pulled to the side and drops her watch, which falls in slow motion until Adrien catches it.)

Adrien: Need help?

Marinette: Uh…yeah! Thanks. Be careful! Although you are amazing.

Adrien: Uh?

Marinette: On… holding things! In your hands. (Everyone cheers)

Max: Last round!

Alya: She holds things amazingly?

Marinette: (chattering)

Chloé: Adrikins, what do you have there? Some super old case or what?

Adrien: Watch out, it belongs to Alix!

Chloé: If it’s Alix, it’s probably worthless.

(Adrien is mad at Chloé for saying that and Marinette wants Chloé to return Alix’s watch to Adrien)

Marinette: Give it back to Adrien, Chloé. (Chloé opens her watch and gasps)

(Alix and Kim are still racing. They are about to reach the finish line. Chloé accidentally drops her watch on the race track. Alix’s roller skates break it.)

Alix: Yes! Ha ha ha! (looks behind him and gasps)

Kim: I will declare retribution. That false start back there threw me off! Uh…

Alix: (skates to her broken watch) Ugh! You did it?!

Alya: I had to video the race, so I gave it to Marinette, but then she had to hold the banner to give it to Adrien, then Chloé ripped it off him and dropped it, and, uh, then you ran him over. Hehe

Alix: (tearfully) My old man gave it to me for my birthday! This watch is totally a family heirloom!

Marinette: It was an accident!

Adrien: We meant no harm, Alix.

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