Miraculous Season 1 Episode 6 Mr Pigeon English

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 6 Mr. Pigeon ENGLISH wishmaker

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 6 Mr. Pigeon

 Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom. Mr. Damocles addresses the class.

Mr. Damocles: You only have one day to work on your fashion piece and it must be your own design. In ten hours, your best presentation will be judged by none other than the great fashion designer Gabriel Agreste, father of our own student Adrien Agreste. In fact, Adrien will be modeling the winning design at his next photo shoot. And now to announce this year’s theme: derby hats.

Marinette: Derby hats? (Chloé looks at them and thumbs down.)

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette is walking down the hall, looking at her sketchbook and talking to Alya.

Marinette: Derby hat, derby hat, derby hat, derby hat…! I don’t have any derby hat designs. I have top hats, caps, even bicorns! Need a beret? i’m your girl Sombrero? No problem. But the derby?! You know what? It won’t even matter because I’ll probably make a complete fool of myself at the event, probably trip over my stupid derbies and collapse on Mr. Agreste; give him a real concussion and Adrien will hate me! I will never be a world-renowned fashion designer. MY LIFE IS OVER!

Alya: All that over a derby hat? Show me your sketchbook, girl. There must be something here.

Marinette: Forget it, I’m a disaster area. I’ll probably mess it all up eventually. (Adrien walks over.)

Adrien: Wow, Alya, (Marinette panics and hides behind the bench), those are amazing suggestions. I didn’t know you had such crazy powers.

Alya: Uh, thanks Adrien, but I can’t admit it. Those sick designs belong to Marinette. (Marinette waves weakly, embarrassed.) From the chain, right?

Adrien: You’re super talented, Marinette. You have a really good chance of winning.

Marinette: Well, yeah! I… like– um, designs that– um, (Alya makes motions to Marinette, who tries to interpret them.) go… up? Um, while stopping… I mean, uh– uh, um, thanks?

Adrien: Sure and good luck. Maybe I’ll have your derbies on my dad’s next photo shoot. (Adrien leaves.)

Alya: Girl, next time you gotta catch yourself. But did you hear? Adrien thinks you’re good enough to win! (They cheer.)

Sabrina: You heard how impressed Adrien was by Marinette’s wish–

Chloé: Of course I heard! Her? Win a contest? As if. When Adrien sees my proposal, he convinces his father to award me the winner. Um!

Sabrina: I’m sure he will, Chloé. You are a born champion. Your design will blow all others out of the water!

Chloé: Yeah, it will. As soon as I get my hands on a sketchbook!

Alya: (back on bench; checking phone) Only nine hours until the show.

Marinette: Phew! I go to my secret garden of inspiration. See you later. (He crashes into a wall.) AH! I’m fine. I’m fine, I’m fine (Marinette nearly hits another wall, then screams. Alya laughs.)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. Hawk Moth is talking to himself as his window opens.

Hawk Moth: The time has come for us to find our next victim, my evil little akumas. And hunt Ladybug and Cat Noir. Their Miraculouses must be mine!

Scene: Trocadéro. Marinette tries to get inspired to draw some designs. He draws something and then tears off the paper.

Marinette: God, it’s hard to be creative under pressure.

Tikki: Marinette, you save the world under duress. I think designing a hat should be a breeze!

Marinette: Um, the cake derby hat. Stylish and tasty. (They laugh. Marinette keeps drawing new designs and tearing them out. After a while she gets tired and looks up. A man who walks like a bird sits on the bench in front of her. He pulls out a brown paper bag and blows a bird call. A flock of pigeons approaches. Marinette to one dodges.)

Xavier: (throwing food for the pigeons) Well, happy day, happy day! It’s a beautiful afternoon. Ah, Edgar, you are one. A fantastic, dazzling performance. (A police officer approaches him.)

Roger: Pounce, you winged rats! How many times does he have to tell you, Mister Ramier? No! FEEDING! Pigeons! It is strictly prohibited. If everyone feeds them, they leave their waste everywhere!

Xavier: But who will feed my poor pigeons?

Roger: All rangers know about you, Mr. Ramier. In Paris, you are prohibited from entering all parks. Leave now or I’ll call the authorities. OH Wait. I am the authorities. GET OUT! (Mr. Ramier leaves sadly.)

Marinette: Sheesh, I almost feel sorry for the man.

Tikki: What a unique character! He was like a human bird. All he needed was a down jacket to complete the look.

Marinette: Down jacket, hmm. Nice thinking, Tikki. (Starts to draw again.)

Scene: Seine. Xavier sadly sits down on the bench.

Hawk Moth: Poor Mr. Ramier, (scene switches to Hawk Moth’s lair with the window opening) feeling unfair, such easy for my akuma. (She takes a butterfly in her hand and turns it into an akuma.) Fly away, my little akuma, and harm him! (Akuma flies to Mr. Ramier and infects his bird call.) Mr. Pigeon, I am Hawk Moth. Neither this police officer nor any other park ranger should prevent you from taking care of your friends. What would Paris be without pigeons? What would pigeons be without you?

(Xavier laughs and is transformed into Mr. Pigeon, who waves his arms, makes pigeon noises, and runs off.)

(Cut to Chloé surreptitiously watching Marinette draw. She signals Sabrina, who sneaks up behind Marinette to take a photo of the design from her sketchbook.)

Marinette: (draws) Yes! (He holds up a sketch of his finished design, which Sabrina photographs.)

Tikki: Now it’s a derby!

Marinette: Thanks, Tikki.

Sabrina: (showing a picture on her phone to Chloé) We’re so awesome.

Chloé: (coldly) Us? (Chloé grabs the phone.)

Sabrina: (with a little hurt look) Sure, sorry! You are so amazing, Chloé. When are we going to– uh, you, are we going to make a hat?

Chloé: And destroy those nails? Of course not. Dad will pay someone for it. (She leaves. Sabrina follows.)

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Marinette is in her room working on a hat.

(When the hat is almost done, Marinette seems to realize something is missing. She looks under her desk.)

Tikki: What are you looking for?

Marinette: Feather! I forgot to pick up the dove feather in my hat! It must have feathers!

(Marinette runs back to the Trocadéro. The pigeons scatter and drop their feathers.)

Marinette: (raises feather) Yes!

(She accidentally bumps into Roger as she leaves.)

Marinette: Uh, excuse me, officer, sir. (She leaves.)

(As Roger leaves, a swarm of pigeons descend on him and attack him. He screams.)

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