Miraculous Season 1 Episode 7 The Evillustrator

Miraculous – Season 1 Episode 7 The Evillustrator ENGLISH wishmaker

Miraculous Ladybug Season 1 Episode 7 The Evillustrator

 Chloe makes fun of Nathaniel, a fellow student in love with Marinette. Hurt, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now the Evillustrator and armed with his sketchpad and pencil, he is determined to erase any obstacle standing in his way to take revenge on Chloé and write her out of his life. Ladybug cannot transform, for Marinette is the only one who can appease the Evillustrator. Cat Noir will thus have to face him alone, guided from a distance by our superheroine. Meanwhile, after realizing how mean Chloe is, Sabrina has decided that Marinette is her new best friend! But this new friend soon proves to be intrusive and unmanageable for Marinette / Ladybug.

Episode Transcript:

Marinette: Heeel!

(Marinette runs away from Stormy Weather but finds Lady Wifi. Lady Wifi puts a pink pause symbol on her and Stormy Weather freezes her with a parasol. But then Super Nathan arrives and erases Stormy Weather’s parasol. He traps the two villains in a cage he draws. He also erases the ice block in which Marinette is trapped)

Marinette: Oh, Super Nathan, you’re my hero!

Nathaniel: It was nothing.

Marinette: (hugs Nathaniel) I love you!

Nathaniel: (hugs Marinette) I love you too, Marinette.

Mrs. Mendeleev: Nathaniel! What are you drawing?

(Nathaniel looks up to reveal the scene as a dream)

Nathaniel: What, what–

Mrs. Mendeleev: And these artistic endeavors are clearly the reason why you fall for science.

Nathaniel: I’m sorry…

Mrs. Mendeleyev: Go march down to the principal’s office yourself and show him the ticked scratch! Then you will really regret it!

(Nathaniel trips over Mylène’s bag and drops her sketchbook. Chloé grabs it)

Chloe: Ooh! Look, Sabrina! It’s him as a superhero! And look who he saves! It’s Marinette!

Marinette: Uh-

Chloé: He has such a crush on you, Marinette!

Nathaniel: Give it to me!

Mrs. Mendeleev: Enough! Nathaniel, go!

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Hawk Moth: (window opens) Ahhh… Artists can be so emotional. I love it. (turns the butterfly into an akuma) Fly to him my little akuma. Draw him into our evil web!

Scene: Collège hallway. Nathaniel drops the pencil, but when he grabs it, an akuma flies in and possesses him.

Hawk Moth: Tired of crushing your creative spirit? Evillustratore, I am your friend and of the arts. I am here to offer you support. But I don’t give that much away for free. I have several items that need to be retrieved.

Nathaniel: Tell me what you want. (turns into Evillustrator)

Scene: Mrs. Mendeleev’s classroom.

Ms. Mendeleev: The next group presenting particle physics is Nino, Adrien and Alya!

Marinette: Oh! So happy!

Ms. Mendeleev: And then, Sabrina, Chloé, and Marinette.

Alya: Such bad luck.

Chloé: Uh, miss, can’t you add her to another group? Sabrina and I function much better on our own.

Ms. Mendeleev: This is a group presentation, not a pair! Deal with it.

Chloé: I hate dealing with it!

Marinette: You wouldn’t be willing to trade with groups, would you?

Alya: And deal with the terror in twos? Sorry. But I promise to talk about you between particles and physics!

Marinette: You’re the best! (winks at her)

Scene: Dressing room.

Chloé: Forget it, Sabrina. I don’t have time for some stupid project. Besides, now you have Marinette to help you.

Sabrina: Okay, it’s okay, Chloé. We will do the work. Do not worry.

Marinette: Um, is everything okay?

Chloé: It’s okay, Marinette.

Marinette: So why can’t you help us with the project?

Chloé: You’re out of it, Miss Nosy!

Marinette: Uh, actually, since I’m part of this group, it is.

Sabrina: It’s okay Marinette. You and I will do all the research and writing for our project, and then Chloé can present it! It’s straight like that.

Marinette: That’s no match at all! Is this how you two work?!

Sabrina: Yes! We’ve been doing this since elementary school when I started doing Chloé’s homework! And we’ve been BFFs ever since!

Chloé: Do you have a problem with that? Come on, Sabrina.

Marinette: Sabrina, Chloé is totally using you. You don’t have to do what he says. This is not how a real best friend acts!

Chloé: Ugh, not only am I Sabrina’s best friend, I’m her only friend, so she better do what I say because she’s got nothing without me.

Marinette: Well, I’d rather have no friends than be friends with you.

Chloe: Whatever. I have more important things to worry about. My hair is a hot mess and Jean Claude promised to do the magic. Later!

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