Miraculous Season 2 Episode 10 GORZILLA

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 10 Gorzilla

As Gabriel suspects Adrien of being Cat Noir, the latter manages to escape his bodyguard’s vigilance and leave the house. But because of an advertisement film he’s been in, he ends up being chased through the city by fans. Without meaning to, Marinette comes to his rescue and helps him to hide.Unable to find Adrien, the bodyguard gets akumatized into Gorizilla, a giant gorilla endowed with extraordinary strength and an acute sense of smell.An intense manhunt ensues, and Marinette and Adrien must escape both Adrien’s fans and Gorizilla as they track them all through Paris.Will Marinette and Adrien manage to evade them and transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir in time to stop the supervillain? And will Gabriel find out the truth about his son’s double identity?

Miraculous Ladybug Gorzilla

 Adrien: Father, there’s something I’d like to talk to you about. Can I have a few minutes of your time?

Gabriel: Yes, of course.

Adrien: Really?

Gabriel: I’ll tell Nathalie to let you know as soon as I’m available.

Adrien: (sighs) Then it’ll be too late.

(Gabriel notices Adrien fiddling with the ring.)

Gabriel: Shouldn’t you be practicing the piano?

Adrien: Yes.

(Adrien walks out of the room. Gabriel brings up a video of Cat Noir from Ladyblog on the computer. He pauses the video and rewinds it before zooming in to get a closer look at Cat Noir’s ring. He then looks at a commercial with Adrien. He zooms in to get a closer look at Adrien’s ring. He then puts the two videos side by side and looks at the rings.)

Gabriel: That’s not possible!

(Gabriel bursts through the door of his studio and marches upstairs to Adrien’s room. The bodyguard notices him standing in the doorway.)

Scene: Adrien’s room

(Piano music plays in the background as Gabriel opens the door to his son’s room to confront him. Instead, he gasps as he and the bodyguard see that Adrien isn’t there and that the music is actually from his phone. Gabriel sees that the window is also open.)

Gabriel: Nathalie! (The piano music stops playing as Nathalie appears next to the bodyguard) Where is my son?!

Nathalie: What?!

Gabriel: Adrien managed to leave his room without any of you noticing! Find him!

(The bodyguard and Nathalie run downstairs to begin the search for Adrien.)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette watches an ad for Adrien’s fragrance on her computer, which shows him in all white running across rooftops in slow motion.

Commercial Voice: Radiant. Carefree. Dreamy. Adrien… the smell. (The commercial shows Adrien rising and running through the air before ending up on a “jump of joy” with some feathers. Marinette starts to back off the commercial when the announcer says “Adrien”.)

Marinette: (in love) Adrien. (sighs)

(Because Marinette is in love eating her yogurt, Tikki helps put the spoon in her mouth.)

Scene: Streets of Paris

(Adrien sneaks through the streets to reach his destination.)

Wayhem: Adrien?! Adrien Agreste?! This is amazing!!

Adrien: (laughs nervously) Okay, bye. (he tries to leave, but Wayhem starts following him)

Wayhem: When I first saw you in that commercial, I was like, “Wayhem, I have to meet this guy. He’s so cool!”. What if I was your biggest fan?

Adrien: Yeah… sure.

Wayhem: (pulls out phone to take picture with Adrien) Say “cheese”! (starts typing) “Me and Adrien. This is the best day of my life!”

Adrien: No! Don’t post it on – (Wayhem posted a photo on the internet) …on the internet.

(Meanwhile, the bodyguard drives in Agreste’s limousine, looking for Adrien.)

Voice GPS: You have one new notification!

(The bodyguard touches the GPS screen and sees a photo of Adrien and Wayhem. He grunts before finding the location of the photo.)

Voice GPS: New destination.

(The bodyguard turns left to follow his new route. At the same time, Adrien tries to escape Wayhem.)

Wayhem: Hang on! Could you sign my bottle of Adrien cologne for me? (holds up Adrien’s life-sized cutout, causing Adrien to scramble) And my life-sized cutout?

Adrien: (notices that his bodyguard and Agreste limo are right behind Wayh) Some other time. I have to go. (runs away)

Wayhem: Don’t wait! Adrien!

(Walkers nearby hear Wayhem and start screaming Adrien’s name in glee. Adrien stops running when a little girl in front of him points at him.)

Girl: It’s Adrien from TV!

Firefighter: Can I get an autograph for my daughter?

(Adrien runs away while being chased by a crowd of fans, including Wayhem, plus a man on a motorcycle, a fire engine, and a police helicopter.)

Wayhem: Adrien? Adrien! Adrien!!

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