Miraculous Season 2 Episode 22 MALEDIKTATOR

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 22 Malediktator

After making a fool of herself in front of the whole class, Chloe asks her father to avenge her. But Mr. Bourgeois might well be the mayor of Paris; there’s still a limit to what he can do. Disappointed, Chloe threatens to go and live in New York with her mother. Frantic and distraught, Mr. Bourgeois gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and turns into Malediktator.Now invested with absolute power, he wants to make his daughter’s dreams come true so that she stays in Paris with him. And her dreams include getting rid of Marinette, whom Chloe holds responsible for her public humiliation! But when Cat Noir falls prey to Malediktator, Marinette / Ladybug has no choice but to call on Queen Bee for help, alias Chloe! Will the two superheroes manage to stop the supervillain? And will Marinette and Chloe manage to make peace, or will Chloe leave Paris for good?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 22 Malediktator

 Scene: Le Grand Paris, roof. Chloé is recorded in a Queen Bee costume and as Ladybug in the former’s “secret lair” with the caption “Chloé TV” on a strip of corrugated cardboard.

Chloé-Bee: (to camera) Welcome to my secret lair. I may be a superhero, but I always love to share my exciting life with all my fans. Like today, my dear friend Ladybug appeared to ask me for advice.

Chloé-Bug: I really admire Queen Bee. She showed me what being a superhero is all about, and she always fixes the mess Cat Noir and I get into.

Chlo: é-BeeOh, please. You would do the same for me.

Chloé-Bug: Come on! Like you ever make a mess.

Chloé-Bee: You’re right. (laughs smugly; Chloé-Bug joins in with the same laugh)

(The scene zooms out to reveal that it is being watched on a screen in Miss Bustier’s classroom.)

Ivan: It’s not Ladybug, it’s you, Chloé! (the whole class laughs)

Chloé: Of course that’s the real Ladybug! (Marinette facepalms)

Miss Bustier: But Chloé, could you tell me why you decided to do an assignment about yourself? Uh- I mean: about Queen Bee?

Chloé: Well, our task was to choose an important person in French history, and I actually saved France. Even Ladybug says that… (clicks on the remote control)

Chloé-Bug: (on screen) Queen Bee is really going to make us stronger…

Chloé-Bug and the real Chloé: …she is truly amazing.

Alya: Chloé, it’s so obvious you’re dressed as Ladybug. You didn’t even bother to match her hair color.

Chloé: Uh… she… just… dyed her hair blonde to look like me. (the whole class starts laughing again) Ugh, you’re all a bunch of losers! (looks at Adrien) Except you, Adrikins. None of you deserve to see the rest of my documentary.

Marinette: (sarcastically, louder than intended) Oh, that’s too bad. (instantly realizes what she just said and looks shocked; the class laughs more; Marinette covers her mouth with her hands)

Chloe: Uh? (turns to see Sabrina laughing just as hard; immediately stops when Sabrina realizes Chloé is watching) I saw you laughing with the other idiots; you’re fired!

Sabrina: (crying) Whahaha, I betrayed my best friend! (puts head on table)

Alya: How could you not laugh, Sabrina? The whole superhero sitch went completely to her head. (swipes her phone and her screen starts broadcasting on the big screen in the classroom)

Ladybug: (on screen down in the subway to the queen bee; dialogue from the episode queen wasp) You’re the one who paralyzed the subway driver, aren’t you? You used your power to create this situation!

Alya: She wasn’t a hero; it was Cat Noir and Ladybug!

Alix: She had superpowers for about five minutes and was completely out of control!

Marinette: We may not deserve to (inserts air quotes) see your documentary, but you don’t deserve to be called a superhero!

Chloe: What?! (slams the table) You will pay for your insulting remarks, Dupain-Cheng!

Miss Bustier: Calm down, students!

Chloé: (stands up) That’s ridiculous.

Miss Bustier: Chloé, class isn’t over.

Chloé: You’re all ridiculous. Absolutely riii-diculous. (leaves)

Marinette: Really? They will never change.

Location: Hôtel de Ville, Mayor’s office. Mayor André Bourgeois marries the couple.

André: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Audrey: (slamming through the door with Chloé) Oh, okay. You’re married. Now get out!

Chloé: (pushing five people right out the door) Shit! (slams the door)

André: What on earth is going on, my love?

Audrey: (s: loélams the table) I demand that you close the school for good!

Ch(slams the table) And I want you to get Marinette Dupain-Cheng out of Paris!

Audrey: (puts Chloe’s head down) That monster hurt your little girl’s feelings.

Chloé: She made the whole class gang up on me. Everyone has to pay.

André: But I just can’t! I mean… I could close the school for a few days… a week at most.

Audrey: (slams the table) He’s not good enough!

Chloé: (slams the table; André stumbles backwards) Turn it off forever!

André: But that’s not possible! I love you Chloé, but this time you’re asking too much of me. I’m just the mayor.

Chloe: Exactly. (points with hand) What good is that stupid sash you’re wearing if you can’t actually use the force? That’s ridiculous!…

Chloé and Audrey: Absolutely ridiculous!

André: You were always too good for your classmates. Maybe you should change schools? (Chloé gets angry)

Audrey: Change schools? Phew — forget it! We need to change cities, that’s it. We’re going to New York!

André: But wait!

Scene: Le Grand Paris, Bourgeois suite. André enters as the packing is in full swing.

Chloé: Don’t forget my Tourbillon stilettos, Jean-Marc.

Butler Jean: Of course, miss.

André: I can’t be mayor of Paris when we live in New York. It is too far! Why don’t we go live closer to Versailles instead?

Chloé: Well, it won’t make the slightest difference anyway, because you’re so helpless!

Audrey: Not only are you incapable of solving a simple problem for your daughter, but you refuse to come with us?

André: No! Not at all. I… I… Ah. Look at this, honey. It is for you. (opens a jewelry box with a luminescent jewel inside)

Chloe: What is it? It’s tiny!

André: Yes, but very expensive! This is a diamond phone case. Are you sure you don’t want to stay after all?

C:hloé (grabs the box from her father’s hands) I don’t want that thing! What kind of dad are you if you can’t even give me what I want?

André: (whining) But… what more can I do?

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