Miraculous Season 2 Episode 26 SANTA CLAWS

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 26 Christmas Special

It’s Christmas! As Marinette and her family get ready for Christmas Eve dinner, Adrien is about to spend his first Christmas without his mother. Thinking that his father Gabriel doesn’t want to celebrate, the saddened Adrien transforms into Cat Noir and leaves to sing his anger in a snowy Paris. When Gabriel finds out that Adrien is gone, he starts a search for his son, fearing for him. When she hears the new, Marinette transforms into Ladybug, determined to find her Adrien. She finally finds him in the company of a Santa Claus, but thinks that the latter is an akumatized victim who’s after Adrien. Blinded by her love, Ladybug makes a mistake, causing the Santa Claus to feel negative emotions and actually become a victim of Hawk Moth. Now a supervillain, Santa Claws is determined to make this Christmas Eve the worst in Paris’s history. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to save Christmas?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 26

 Scene: Bakery. Marinette, Alya and Manon enter the bakery.

Tom & Sabine: ♫ Merry Christmas everyone! ♫

Marinette: ♫ Mom and Dad, I’ll help you in the bakery. To pass Christmas logs to all my friends you see. ♫ (Marinette passes the log to Alya, but it falls. Alya catches it.) ♫ Merry Christmas Alya and your family! ♫

Alya: ♫ Thanks my BFF, I say the same to you! ♫

(Alix and her father enter. Marinette hands them a log.)

Marinette: ♫ Alix and her dad, Merry Christmas! ♫

Alim Kubdel: ♫ Tom, Sabine, Marinette, happy holidays too. ♫

(Rose and Juleka enter. Marinette hands them a log.)

Marinette: ♫ Rose and Juleka, gifts for you, bet! ♫

Rose: ♫ Merry Christmas! ♫

Juleka: ♫ Merry Christmas Marinette. ♫

(Nadja enters. Marinette hands her Manon with a log.)

Marinette: Manon, ♫ Merry Christmas and Nadja! ♫ (Nino comes in. Marinette hands the log.) ♫ Merry Christmas, Nino (Sabrina comes in. Marinette hands her Manon with the log.) and Sabrina! ♫ ♫ Merry Christmas, Chl- ♫ (Enter Chloé and her father. Marinette stops singing.)

Chloé: Do you want a picture?

Sabine: Marinette, it’s Christmas!

(Marinette sings as she hands Chloe a log.)

Marinette: ♫ Merry Christmas, Chloe. ♫

Chloé: Could you say that again? I did not hear you.

(Marinette sings even louder)


André: Chloé, it’s Christmas.

(Chloé sings towards Marinette.)

Chloé: ♫ MERRY CHRISTMAS MARINETE! ♫ (Whispers) But I hate your guts, don’t forget!

Tom, Sabine, Marinette & André: ♫ Merry Christmas everyone! ♫

(Chloé and her father leave. Tom and Sabine kiss Marinette. Adrien’s bodyguard arrives.)

Marinette: Adrien’s bodyguard. Presence! I’ll be right back! (He escapes to his room.)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette is looking for her present.

Marinette: I don’t believe it! where is the present where did i put it I’m so lame!

(Tikki flies out and pulls out a gift.)

Tikki: It’s here, Marinette. See?

Marinette: (takes the gift) Ah! Thanks, Tikki.

Scene: Bakery. Sabine waves goodbye to Adrien’s bodyguard.

Marinette: What? (leaves the bakery.)

Scene: Place des Vosges. Marinette calls for Adrien’s bodyguard.

Marinette: Excuse me? Wait! If you don’t mind, this is… this is for Adrien.

(Adrien’s bodyguard takes the gift.)

Marinette: You can wish him Merry Christmas from me, I mean… I guess it could be from you, actually Merry Christmas to you from… um, oh… me, of course… oh (laughs .Marinette waves goodbye and the bodyguard leaves.) I hope Adrien has a good Christmas. (looks at the sky and an image of Adrien appears.)

Scene: Agreste Castle. Adrien and Nathalie decorate the Christmas tree.

Adrien: Look at that, Nathalie. Do you think he will like all the decorations?

(Adrien’s bodyguard enters the house.)

Adrien: He should be down here by now. did you call him

Nathalie: Maybe we should give him… a few more minutes.

(Adrien looks disappointed.)

Adrien: What’s the point? He won’t come. (Adrien leaves and his bodyguard gives him a gift from Marinette.) Thank you. (Adrien goes to his room.) Merry Christmas to you both.

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