Miraculous Season 2 Episode 18 ANANSI

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 18 ANANSI

As Marinette, Alya and Nino are about to go out, Alya’s overprotective sister Nora steps in: all the recent akumatizations in Paris worry her. She refuses to let Alya go out, it’s too dangerous. When Nino tells her that he’ll protect Alya in case of danger, Nora lays down a challenge for him: if he wins, Alya can go with them. Impatient to go out, Marinette cheats and helps Nino to win. Now alone and worried about her sister, Nora gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and turns into Anansi, a giant spider woman. Determined to prove to Alya that she needs her big sister to protect her, she wreaks havoc in Paris. Overwhelmed by the situation, Ladybug decides to call on a new superhero to help Cat Noir and her. She chooses Nino, who turns into Carapace. It’s time for him to prove his worth and show Nora that he can protect Alya!

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 18 ANANSI

 Scene: Césaire’s apartment, living room. Alya and Nino dance in front of the TV. Marinette looks from the back next to her phone with Adrien on a video call.

Marinette: They’re so in sync with each other.

Adrien: (on video call) You’re right. I hope one day I can find someone to share everything with… (Marinette gasps) like they do. (in his room, Adrien sighs) But until my father starts letting me out more often, that probably won’t happen.

Marinette: (on video call) Are you sure your dad won’t let you go? It’s such a mess.

Adrien: (on video call) You know how overprotective he is. One day he’ll realize I’m not a kid anymore, but we’re not there yet. (Marinette laughs)

Nino: The big finish, it’s here!

Marinette: You don’t want to miss this. (shows phone to Nino and Alya)

Nino: (posing on one leg) Yeah! (Marinette and Alya start laughing)

(Nora enters the apartment.)

Nora: Oh, shoot. Did I miss ballet?

Alya: Nora, is your match over yet?

Nora: (puts the bag down) First round: total knockout. Huh-huh-huh. (punches the air) As usual. (whispers in Alye’s ear) I told you a hundred times not to call me Nora in front of people, sis. (to the others) The name is Anansi, like a spider.

Alya: Sure, I’ll call you Anansi when you stop calling me ‘sis’.

Nora: Anyway, what are you all doing here so late? Don’t you have school tomorrow?

(Marinette and Nino shyly avert their eyes.)

Alya: We’re waiting for it to get dark. Tonight is the World Cup fireworks, remember? We will be watching from the Place de la Concorde Ferris wheel.

Nora: (spits out drink) Oh no! Baguette and cappie can go with the mobile guy if they want, but you stay here. (crushes a milk carton under his hand) It’s too dangerous.

Marinette: But Nora—I mean, Anansi, you can’t!

Nino: Yeah, no way man, we’re not going without Alya!

Alya: Look, I appreciate you worrying about me, but I’m not a little girl anymore. Besides, mom and dad are totally fine with it.

Nora: Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk, there have been too many akumatized peeps in Paris these past few weeks. See how many times you’ve been in direct danger. (shows footage of Alya in danger from “Pharaoh”, “Prime Queen”, and “Befana”) So you stay home, safe and sound, period!

Alya: That’s so ridiculous! The twins were akumatized right here at home. (shows footage from “Sapotis”)

Nora: Well, that would never happen on my watch. I won’t let anyone mess with my family.

Alya: (disinterested) You mean like last time in the square?

Adrien: (on video call) What happened?

Marinette: Well… we ran into a man handing out flyers (shows a man in a banana costume being picked up by Nora as his flyers advertising “Adrien” are thrown around) Nora thought the man was akumatized and wanted Alya turn into a banana zombie.

Nora: Uh…uh…how was I supposed to know it was some stupid costume? And besides, what if the Ferris wheel stopped working because some akumatized dude refused to pay his fare? Once you flyweights can actually defend like me (showing off), we’ll talk about it.

Marinette: It doesn’t matter because Ladybug and Cat Noir would save us if there were any problems.

Nora: Um. What if Mr. Whiskers catches a mouse and the Beetle gets sprayed with bug spray? what are you doing then (Marinette looks angry)

Nino: I can protect Alya if I have to.

Nora: Oh yeah? And how exactly do you plan to defeat the villain? Dance? (Laughter)

Nino: (looks down) I’d do anything to protect Alya. (Alya looks hurt)

Nora: Hmm, ha! Okay, Alya can go out with you… (puts her elbow on the table) if… you beat me at leverage.

Alya: Please don’t swipe my account. I don’t need to be protected.

Adrien: (on video call) Nina, you don’t stand a chance against Anansi; she is too strong.

Nino: (annoyed) Hey, dude!

Adrien: Sorry Nina; I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Marinette: We have to go or we’ll miss the fireworks.

Alya: (resigned) Forget it; you go without me

Marinette and Nino: What?!

Marinette: No way! (gasps and looks smug) Okay, Nino will wrestle you.

Nino and Alya: What? (Nora smiles)

Marinette: Nino will prove his worth to us that he can defend Alya and all of us because…

Alya: (whispers to Marinette) Marinette, what are you doing?

Marinette: (to Alya) Don’t worry, I got it. (to Nora) Because… um, because love and, um, friendship, mmm, makes you grow muscles.

Nino: (bends) Yeah, thanks Marinette.

Adrien: (on a video call overlooking the armwrestling) Okay! In position. Ready. File. (drops arm forward) Go!

NinYaaaaa! (struggles furiously in vain while Nora sits calmly)

o: Nora: Really? Is that all you got?

Alya: She rips his arm off. (shakes his head)

Nora: (fake yawn)

Marinette: (gasps) Over there, akuma! (points behind Nora)

Nora: (turns her head to look where Marinette pointed) What?!

(Marinette grabs Nino and Nora’s hands and pulls them together, causing Nora to lose the match.)

Adrien: And the winner is… Nino!

Marinette: (fake embarrassed) Oops, my bad; it was just a fly.

Nino: Huh? (looks surprised)

Marinette: You rock, Nina. Come on, let’s go. If we leave now, we’ll get there just in time.

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