Miraculous Season 2 Episode 21 QUEEN WASP

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 21 QUEEN WASP

Following Gabriel Agreste’s fashion show, during which Adrien has modelled a hat designed by Marinette, Audrey Bourgeois – Queen of Fashion and Chloe’s mother – congratulates Marinette on her talent and asks her to go to New York with her. Jealous, Chloe uses the Bee Miraculous Ladybug lost to transform into Queen Bee, determined to prove to her mother that she’s just as exceptional as Marinette. But nothing goes as planned and Chloe gets akumatized by Hawk Moth… while she’s still Queen Bee! Now Queen Wasp and at the head of an army of evil wasps, she wants to get revenge on Ladybug and Cat Noir, who won’t consider her as a real superhero. Will Ladybug manage to stop Queen Wasp and retrieve Chloe’s Miraculous? And will Marinette decide to leave Paris, her family and her friends behind to go and live in New York?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 21 QUEEN WASP

 Scene: Grand Palais. News about the events of the last episode is broadcast.

Nadja: Coming to you live from the Grand Palais museum. I am Nadja Chamacková. Gabriel Agreste’s fashion show was recently postponed after fashion queen Audrey Bourgeois was akumatized. But everything is back to plan after Ladybug (Ladybug is shown with Adrien) heroically steps in to save the day, as usual. The fashion show can finally begin!

Scene: Agreste Storage. Gabriel watches the news on his phone. He turns it off and puts it in his pocket.

Gabriel: (accused) I don’t want to break our promise, but… I can’t keep putting our son in danger. Style Queen was supposed to be my masterpiece… but it failed too. I feel like I did everything I could, you know? I will never be able to fulfill my wishes without Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous. (Scene shows Emilia in her coffin) Forgive me, Emilia. I give you up, Nooroo.

(He takes off his brooch, which makes Nooroo go back to Miraculous. He places the brooch in a silver box. As the lights go out one by one, he leaves the repository. He sits in a chair, upset, and his glasses fly off. Nathalie notices and hugs Gabriel.)

Scene: Grand Palais, catwalk. The fashion show continues at the Grand Palais. Lights dance around the room as Adrien walks down the catwalk and poses. Alya is broadcasting live.

Alya: A scoop. The hat Adrien Agreste is wearing was made by my BFF Marinette! Would you like to say something during my live stream?

(Marinette awkwardly waves and yells at the camera; Alya looks behind Marinette at something, looking surprised)

Alya: What?

(Marinette also turns around, just as surprised. Everyone in the hall ends up looking surprised. Audrey crosses her arms in disgust as Chloé mimics the same pose as her mother.)

Alya: I… don’t… believe it! (Adrien turns and is shocked to see his father standing on the catwalk, for the first time in his life since Emilia’s disappearance.) Ladybloggers, huge update! This is Gabriel Agreste; he hadn’t been in public for ages.

(Gabriel walks down the pier towards Adrien and stops. Adrien stands there, frozen in shock. He takes off his hat as his father pulls him close for a hug. Adrien wraps his arms around his father and holds the hat. The paparazzi start taking pictures of Adrien and his father in an embrace.)

Alya: Scoop number two! Gabriel Agreste just appeared!

(Audrey spreads her arms and pulls her sunglasses off with a finger and Chloé mimics the same pose, Alya and Marinette stand up excitedly)

Alya: And that means we’ll see your hat in every photo and newscast! (The paparazzi continue to take pictures while the Agreste duo are still in an embrace.)

Scene: Grand Palais, interview area. Nadja Chamack broadcasts live on TV.

Nadja: This was Gabriel Agreste’s first public appearance since his wife disappeared. This fashion week is full of surprises and shocks.

(Scene zooms out to Gabriel and Adrien walking towards Bourgeois.)

Gabriel: My dear Audrey, I have heard of the unpardonable misfortune you have had to endure. (Audrey reaches out for Gabriel to kiss him)

Audrey: (takes her hand back) I’m still pretty stunned.

Gabriel: I want you to know that I fired the person who was responsible for the misunderstanding. Audrey Bourgeois fits only one row in the house, and that is the first one.

Audrey: (Audrey smirks) Let’s not overdo it. Huh, Gabriel?

Gabriel: Did you like the show?

Audrey: So, so. (takes Adrien’s hat off his head and looks at it. Marinette and her parents look on) This hat is not “Gabriel Agreste”. Are you responsible for this? (looks at Marinette in an intimidating way)

Marinette: Um…

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