Miraculous Season 2 Episode 25 MAYURA

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 25 Mayura

With Catalyst’s help, Hawk Moth has turned into Scarlet Moth and finally put his dreadful plan into action by reakumatizing all his former villains! To face them, Ladybug and Cat Noir end up at the head of a team of superheroes made up of Rena Rouge, Queen Bee and Carapace. But the heroes aren’t used to working together and quickly realize that they lack training. Very soon, they find themselves in an extremely difficult situation and are about to get defeated by Scarlet Moth… Will the team of superheroes manage to defeat Scarlet Moth and his incredible army of supervillains? Will Heroes’ Day triumph… or will it turn into Villains’ Day?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 25 Mayura

 Prime Queen: Don’t be fooled, it’s just news! Thank you for joining us for this special program. You will have the chance to witness the victory of our great leader, the Scarlet Moth!

Akumatized Villains: Hail Scarlet Moth! Hail Scarlet Moth! Hail Scarlet Moth!

Prime Queen: Today will be known as… Rogue Day!

Tom and Sabine are seen watching the news broadcast from Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Nora, Ella and Etta are then seen watching the news broadcast from Césair’s apartment before the scene switches to Catalyst in Hawk Moth’s lair.

Catalyst: It’s time, Scarlet Moth.

Scene: Eiffel Tower.

Akumatized Villains: Hail Scarlet Moth! (stop when Scarlet Moth raises his staff)

Scarlet Moth: Ladybug. Cat Noir. I feel your close presence. If you want to save Paris and all its inhabitants, I will give you one last chance. Surrender and bring me your Miraculous!

Scene: Palais de Chaillot on the roof.

Cat Noir: Penny for your thoughts ma’am?

Ladybug: As if he has been preparing for this for a long time. But we…we’re not ready for that.

Cat Noir: Yes, we are! We’ve already fought them all and won! And this time there are five of us!

(The remaining three nod)

Ladybug: If we want to win, we have to defeat Hawk Moth, even though we’ve never fought him before. (gets up) Hawk Moth! I hope you enjoyed Volpina’s illusion because the real Ladybug will never give you her Miraculous!

Cat Noir: (stands up) And we have a better idea! You give us your Miraculous!

Carapace: (stands up with Rena Rouge) Maybe you have an army of akumatized warriors…

Rena Rouge: ...but we’re a whole team of superheroes!

Queen Bee: (stands up) You’ll wish you never wore that completely ridiculous costume!

(Heroes draw weapons and pose)

Scene: Eiffel Tower.

Scarlet Moth: (laughs evilly) I understand you want to fight. Then it will be like that. Guitar villain. Frightningale. Music! (Guitar Villain and Frightningale start playing stormy music)

Guitar Villain: Amazing Solo!

(The other akumatized villains head towards the Miraculous Supers)

Prime Queen: And so it begins. The Scarlet Army is on its way to crush these poor miracle holders.

Ladybug: Don’t forget our main goal. We want to get into the Hawk Moth.

Cat Noir: Well, that’s a simple plan then. Go to the big bad boss.

Rena Rouge: Let’s get him!

Shell: I’ll cover you!

Queen Bee: You can count on me, Ladybug.

Stormy Weather: Cyclone! (a huge twister appears)

Pharaoh: Horus! Give me your wings! (flies and picks up the scent of the princess)

Stormy Weather: Thunderbolt! (points at Ladybug)

Ladybug: Shell! Shield! (Carapace throws his shield at Ladybug, protecting her from Stormy Weather’s attack; Riposte then attacks Ladybug, but she dodges it) Your swords are no match for Cat Noir! Show them what you’ve got!

(Cat Noir attacks the akumatized villains with his staff)

Ladybug: Queen Bee, Pharaoh’s Pendant!

(Princess Fragrance aims at Cat Noir, but Carapace blocks the attack)

Cat Noir: Okay!

(The queen bee hits the pharaoh’s pendant with her spinner, breaking it and releasing the akuma)

Ladybug: (captures the akuma) Rena Rouge, save!

Rena Rouge: Good aim, Chloé! (she catches a falling Jalil and then throws her flute at Princess Fragrance’s perfume, turning her into Rose)

Princess Fragrance: NO! (screams as he falls)

Queen Bee: That’s Queen Bee for you, Fox! (grabs Rose)

(Ladybug captures Akuma)

(Cat Noir and Carapace deakumatize Riposte and Mime while Ladybug captures their akumas)

Cat Noir: We make a pretty cool team.

Ladybug: That’s not bad! But it’s not over yet.

Scarlet Moth: Everything is going according to plan, Catalyst.

 There is nothing more beautiful than leading them to believe that they actually have a chance to win when their future is already decided!

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.


Scene: The scene switches to the Eiffel Tower and then to the front door of Le Grand Paris.

Scarlet Moth: To you, Dark Cupid.

André: People from Paris. Like our superheroes, we will never succumb to evil and wickedness. Together we will resist! Together we will win! (takes phone call) What? Ahem. Yes honey?

Scene: The rooftop of Le Grand Paris. Audrey Bourgeois has her things packed and Butler Jean puts them in Bourgeois’ helicopter

Audrey: What are you doing? Hurry up, André!

Scene: Le Grand Paris.

André: Yes, yes, my dear. I’m on my way. (hangs up and slowly backs away) In the meantime, I’ll oversee the defense of Paris… from my helicopter! (walks into the hotel) Thank you! (runs away)

Scene: The rooftop of Le Grand Paris.

André: (running to Audrey and Butler Jean) Audrey, my love. Where is our Chloe?

Audrey: We’re probably playing superheroes again.

(Dark Cupid shoots an arrow at André, Audrey, and Butler Jean, causing their emotions about Chloé being Super to become negative.)

André: Chloé shouldn’t play a superheroine!

Audrey: This is unacceptable! Totally unacceptable!

Butler Jean: Mademoiselle will have to be punished

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