Miraculous Season 2 Episode 17 REVERSER

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 17 REVERSER

Marc is a student at school, and a very talented writer. He dreams of doing a comic book with Nathaniel, whose talent for drawing he admires, but he’s far too shy to talk to him. Marinette decides to help him meet his idol, but nothing goes as planned! Because of a misunderstanding, Nathaniel thinks that Marc is making fun of him and rejects him. As for Marc, he’s convinced that Marinette has lied to him. Disappointed and humiliated, Marc gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and turns into Reverser. Crisscrossing Paris on his giant paper plane, he inverts the character of everyone in his path and is determined to get revenge on Nathaniel… and Marinette! Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to reverse the situation? And will Marinette manage to set the record straight?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 17 REVERSER

 Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marc hides under the cupboard on the stairs and writes in his diary.

Marinette: Hi Marc. How it goes? Where is the rest of your class?

Marc: Hi, Marinette. We are done with classes for today, the others probably went home.

Marinette: Perfect timing! Our class has free time, so some of us head to the art room. You should come check it out!

Marc: (unsure) Sure… Why not?

Marinette: (Looks over Marc’s shoulder and looks at the book) Maybe you’ll finally let me read your text!

Marc: (unsure) Yeah, I don’t know? Maybe.

Marinette: Great! So see you later. (Laughs and runs up the stairs)

Scene: School art room. Nathaniel shows his drawings to Jean-Pierre, the art teacher.

Nathaniel: This is the team of Ladybug and Mightillustrator fighting the Wasp Queen together: (shows the drawing to Jean-Pierre)

Jean-Pierre: You mean Evillustrator?

Nathaniel: Changed his name after Ladybug deakumatized him and became a superhero.

Jean-Pierre: A villain who goes over to the side of good, great idea. You should make a comic about it.

(Marinette suggests the hat and listens to the conversation, smiling.)

Nathaniel: Yeah, but I can only draw stories, not write them.

Jean-Pierre: Then you should get in touch with a creative writer.

(Marc peeks through the door to the art classroom)

Nathaniel: Maybe… But I don’t know anyone who deals with it.

Alix: Don’t worry mate. (Takes off his spray mask) There must be someone waiting to meet you. Red please! (Nathaniel throws a red spray and hands it to Alix)

Marinette: (sees Marco) Marco, you did it! (Marinette runs up to Marco and grabs his arm) Come meet everyone! (pulling him in) This is Marc, the boy I told you about! The one who keeps writing.

Marc: (hids his book in his jacket) Uh… sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.

Jean-Pierre: Welcome to room 33, you never disturb anyone here. You can come anytime outside of class or after school. Everyone can create what they want, how they want. Rose writes lyrics for a rock band. (Rose listens to music, Jean-Pierre picks up her headphones and Rose looks up) Rose, I’d like you to meet Marc.

Rose: (yelling) Hello! Nice to meet you Marc!

Jean-Pierre: Alix is ​​our street art expert. (Alix flips the spray into the air and catches her) And Nathaniel-

Alix: He likes to draw people in tight suits. (Nathaniel throws a piece of paper at Alix and she laughs)

Nathaniel: Welcome, Marc. As you will find out, the good thing about this place is that you can say whatever you want and no one will judge you, or just have a good time. (Marc notices Nathaniel’s drawing and walks over to him)

Marc: I… I’ve seen your drawings on the school website, but they’re nothing compared to the real thing. Movement, expressions, attitudes. Everyone is so…

Nathaniel: Thanks… That’s nice.

Marc: Uh?… (Marc backs away from Nathaniel, embarrassed by what he said) Sorry… But it’s true, I’ve never seen drawings like that-

(Chloé enters the art classroom with Sabrina, interrupting Marco)

Chloé: So confused. All he ever draws is Ladybug, ever since she deakumatized him. As if Ladybug could care less about a guy like him. (Chloé laughs, making Nathaniel blush and get upset, packing up her drawings)

Jean-Pierre: (stops Nathaniel) I already told you, Chloé, if you have an art project you want to work on, you’re quite welcome here. Otherwise-

Chloé: Of course I have a project. (He returns to the art room) A unique masterpiece that will revolutionize the art world. Nothing you common people couldn’t figure out. (She puts her arm on her head as Sabrina is about to show them something, Alix interrupts her)

Alix: Let me guess… (Alix imitates Chloé’s pose) Another selfie collage? (everybody is laughing)

Chloe: What?! No, that’s ridiculous! (Sabrina hides Chloe’s selfie project) Absolutely… ridiculous! You don’t deserve my art anyway. (Chloé pushes Sabrina and they exit the art classroom)

Jean-Pierre: Okay, Alix, if Chloé really had an art project, it’s a shame we didn’t give her a chance to tell us about it, right?

Alix: (Sighs and puts on her mask) Anything. (Alix continues her street art)

Jean-Pierre: By the way, Marc, you came at the perfect time. Marinette told us you’re still writing and Nathaniel is looking for a screenwriter. (Nathaniel smiles at Marc)

Marc: Huh? Me? Scriptwriter? Oh no. I don’t write stuff like that, I don’t think I write anything interesting honestly. Sorry. Have to go. Thank you for everything! (Marc runs out of the art classroom)

Marinette: No, Marc!

(Marinette runs out of the art room after him as Marc runs, hits a pole which drops his book)

Marinette: Hey, wait!

(Marc runs and Marinette looks down and sees that Marc dropped his book, she picked it up)

Marinette: Marc!

(Marinette opens the book and reads the title)

Marinette: (surprised) “Diary… Ladybug!?”

Scene: school toilet. Marinette runs into the toilet in the toilet corner with Marco’s book.

(Marinette cautiously checks to see if anyone is following her, then goes into the stall. Tikki flies out and Marinette hesitantly opens the book and begins to read)

Marinette: (Narration) I saw the Evillustrator again today. Now that he is no longer controlled by Hawk Moth, he has become a true superhero like Cat Noir and me. I’m sure he’d make a wonderful partner, but I’m too shy to ask him. And I don’t want Cat Noir to talk about it either because I’m afraid she’ll be jealous.

Marinette: It’s not exactly true, but it’s definitely a fun read.

Tikki: Do you realize Marinette? Ladybug has become a source of inspiration! You are a talisman for artists everywhere.

Marinette: Marc writes exactly the kind of stories Nate draws! That’s unbelievable! They are meant to work together.

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