Miraculous Season 2 Episode 19 SANDBOY

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 19 SANDBOY

While Tikki and Plagg are spending the night with the other kwamis in the Miracle Box to try and contact their friend Nooroo, a mysterious supervillain turns up in Paris. Flying over the city on his magic cloud, Sandboy gives life to the bad dreams of everyone in his path, including Marinette and Adrien. As a nightmarish vision of an Adrien in love with Chloe starts chasing Marinette around, the real Adrien gets imprisoned in his bedroom! Moreover, without their kwamis, Marinette and Adrien can’t transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir to go and face the enigmatic Sandboy… Will they manage to find Tikki and Plagg in time to put an end to this nightmare?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 19 SANDBOY

 Scene: Marinette’s room. Tikki and Marinette Dupain-Cheng are in bed. Marinette watches Cat Noir memes.

Marinette’s Phone: Check out the hilarious new cat memes featuring Cat Noir. They are perfect.

Marinette: (laughs and notices Tikki) You’re so flighty tonight, Tikki. What did you think?

Tikki: Broadcasting kwami ​​​​Nooroo is…

Marinette: (gasps) Kwami Hawk Moth?

Tikki: Yes. Today he celebrates his thirty-fifth hundredth cycle… all by himself.

Marinette: One day we’ll free him from Hawk Moth, I promise.

Tikki: Maybe there is a faster solution.

Marinette: What?

Tikki: Kwami are able to communicate with their kind on their cycle or birthday. But we won’t get another chance for a long time. See? The kwami ​​cycle lasts several hundred human years.

Marinette: Wow! That’s awesome! Then… you can find out where it is. But… how would you do it?

Tikki: The Kwami must gather in the magic cabinet at a certain time.

Marinette: When will it be?

Tikki: Tonight.

Marinette: Tonight?! Why didn’t you tell me about this before, Tikki?!

Tikki: Because Master Fu doesn’t want us kwami ​​to leave our owner’s sides. He says we need to be able to intervene immediately if someone becomes akumatized.

Marinette: Hmm… he’s right. But it sure isn’t a big deal, I guess… if all the other kwami ​​can meet, then it’s going to happen anyway, right?

Tikki: Well, I’m afraid it might not work if I don’t go. The more kwami ​​present, the better chance we have of success!

Marinette: But unless Master Fu approves…

Tikki: Wayzz, Plagg and I have an idea; well, it was mainly Plagg’s idea. (Shows an animation on the board describing the plan) Plagg and I would go and gather with the other kwami ​​inside the Wonder Box. Wayzz would stand guard and let us know immediately if someone akumatized. (animation ends) What do you think?

Marinette: That’s a great idea! If Wayzz is careful, there is no risk.

Tikki: Even if we don’t tell Master Fu the whole truth?

Marinette: If it means we’re able to save Nooroo and defeat Hawk Moth, Master Fu won’t be able to hold it against you.

Tikki: So you’re okay with it? will you let me go

Marinette: Yes, I believe you Tikki.

Tikki: Oh, thank you, Marinette! Don’t worry, I won’t let you down. (takes marker) Sweet dreams! (Tikki leaves and Marinette turns off the lamp and goes to sleep)

Scene: Adrien’s room. Adrien Agreste studies geography while Plagg reads a magazine called “Gentleman’s Camembert”.

Plagg: (yawns) I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.

Adrien: Uh… good night Plagg!

(Plagg grunts, pulls a puppet from behind the pillow, puts it on the bed, and walks away through the wall)

Scene: Gabriel’s studio. Gabriel Agreste stands behind his control panel. Nathalie Sancoeur is about to leave.

Nathalie: Good night, sir. (opens the door and leaves)

(Nooroo is behind Gabriel looking at him. Nooroo tries to leave but is held back by a force field)

Gabriel: Where do you think you’re going, Nooroo?

Nooroo: I just wanted to go out… just for a while.

Gabriel: No, you know the rules. You must not be more than a few feet away from me and you must not communicate with anyone but me. There are no exceptions.

Nooroo: But, master, today is my birthday. I thought-

Gabriel: You obviously didn’t understand the rules, Nooroo. We will have to simplify them even more. You will not be able to communicate from now on. At all.

Nooroo: But, Master – (a spell closes Nooroo’s mouth; Nooroo tries in vain to speak)

Gabriel: Huh, that was a joke, Nooroo. I’m not that cruel. (snaps fingers; charm disappears)

Nooroo: (bows) Thank you, Master.

(Gabriel’s Miraculous lights up)

Gabriel: (gasps) Change of plans, Nooroo.

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. The Hawk Moth window will open.

Hawk Moth: I feel emotions of great intensity. So pure… (turns butterfly into Akuma) Fly away my little Akuma and harm him!

Scene: Somewhere on the roof. Tikki sits on a chimney holding a sign. Plagg walks up holding his cheese.

Plagg: Hey Sugarcube!

T ikki:Ugh. I already told him not to call me that. Have you ever heard me call you “Stinky Sock”?

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