Miraculous Season 2 Episode 23 FROZER

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Miraculous Season 2 Episode 23 Frozer

When Adrien turns to Marinette for romance advice, she unwittingly turns into a relationship advisor and ends up signing up for a double date at the ice rink: Kagami will go with Adrien and Luka will go with Marinette. But when they get there, they find Philippe, a figure skating coach, grappling with Mayor Bourgeois, who wants to close his ice rink. Distraught, Philippe gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and turns into Frozer. Armed with evil ice skates, he wants to turn Paris into a Kingdom of Ice! As Ladybug and Cat Noir find out that they have special ice powers, Cat Noir decides to go off on his own, disheartened by another rejection from his lady. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir make up in time to defeat Frozer? And will Marinette and Adrien manage to sort out their feelings?

Miraculous Season 2 Episode 23 Frozer

 Scene: In the sky to the right of the Eiffel Tower, Ladybug and Cat Noir rescue a man with a glider that has lost control.

Unidentified Man: Whoa, Whoa!

Civilians: No!

Scene: At the top of a building, Ladybug and Cat Noir rescue him and help him land safely.

Ladybug: Next time you should take the elevator.

Ladybug and Cat Noir: Smash It!

Unidentified Man: My delta express delivery wasn’t the best idea.

Cat Noir: Don’t forget the bouquet! (She gives him a bouquet, but he picks up one rose for Ladybug and turns back.)

Ladybug: Be careful on the way back!

Cat Noir: For you, lady. (He kneels and shows the rose on his hand.)

Ladybug: Really, Cat Noir? You are about to transform back! (shows ring)

Cat Noir: So what?

Ladybug: Well, when you change back, then I’ll know who you are and then…

Cat Noir: And then we won’t have any secrets from us. (transforms back into Adrien and Ladybug is shocked)

Adrien: We’ll be united, stronger and freer, defeat Hawk Moth, then we can both escape to the island! (Ladybug smiles a little) Far from everything. We will live on nothing but fruit and we will have a little hamster and we will name him…

Ladybug: Cat Noir! (Revealed to be a dream from Cat Noir) I cannot accept this rose from you. I already told you. I’m in love with someone else.

Cat Noir: I know, ma’am. But if he wasn’t here, would things be different between us?

Ladybug: Well, you know, I can’t even imagine him not being here. I’m sorry, Cat Noir. I really have to go and you do the same. (She swings her yo-yo to head back home; Cat Noir is sad, looking down, and a single rose petal falls.)

Scene: At the Collège Françoise Dupont, Cat Noir goes back there and goes to the locker room and de-transforms. Adrien opens the door with a swordsman’s helmet.

Armand: Be sure to take your time, Mr. Agreste.

(Adrien stands in front of Kagami, who puts on her swordsman’s helmet)

Kagami: On guard! (while fencing with Adrien) Predictable. Predictable. Again predictable. Too predictable. Too predictable.

Scene: Dressing room. Adrien sadly pulls his rose out of his bag as Kagami approaches him.

Kagami: What’s going on, Adrien? I usually enjoy beating you, but it’s no fun when you make it so easy.

Adrien: Do you ever feel like you’re stuck, Kagami? (takes off swordsman’s helmet) That no matter what you do, it’s the same old story over and over again. That things will never change.

Kagami: Adrien, the biggest mistake a swordsman can make is not choosing the wrong technique. He’s picking the wrong target. Change the goals.

(Adrien smiles and gives Kagami his rose)

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont. Adrien waves goodbye to Kagami as he gets into the car.

Plagg: Okay, okay, Casanova. Do you have a new candidate?

Adrien: No. In any case. Ladybug is the only one I love. But…

Plagg: Ladybug doesn’t love you, so maybe it’s time to change your tune. Right?

Adrien: Why should Kagami be any different? I must not have the right technique, that’s all.

Plagg: I know nothing about human girls, but whenever I meet a beautiful ermine, I introduce myself. Hello Camembert. I’m Plagg. I love to eat you so much.

Adrien: Thanks, but I’ll get someone else’s advice.

Scene: Auto Agreste. Adrien almost says something to his bodyguard, but then decides not to.

Scene: Agreste Castle. While eating, Adrien almost says something to Nathalie, but then decides not to when she takes his plate.

Scene: Gabriel’s studio. Gabriel is staring at the portrait of his wife when Adrien peeks inside. He decides not to say anything and leaves.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Adrien walks into the school and looks around. They see Marc and Nathaniel working together, Alya and Nina talking, and Ivan and Mylène walking together. Suddenly, Marinette bumps into him.

Adrien: Marinette! Perfect timing!

Marinette: (picking up the backpack she dropped) What? You think?

Adrien: (helping Marinette up) I actually meant… I need some advice right now. can we talk

Marinette: Uh… definitely. (sits on the bench next to him)

Adrien: Okay, well… sorry, this is a little awkward for me because it’s about a girl.

Marinette: A girl?

Adrien: We see each other all the time because we study together. We were just friends, you know. Until recently.

Marinette: (getting excited) “Until recently?”

Adrien: I’m starting to see her differently now. Has the same thing ever happened to you?

Marinette: Yeah… no. Well, probably. How is she?

Adrien: He’s weird. Very nice. She has dark silky hair, deep and mysterious eyes…

Marinette: I know…I know her?

Adrien: Yeah, that’s Kagami. (Marinette’s smile fades as she imagines Kagami laughing evilly) Marinette?

Marinette: (breaking out of her imagination) Uh… what?

Adrien: I was just asking you what you think I should do with Kagami.

Marinette: Ice Queen? (puts her hand over her mouth as she realizes what she said)

Adrien: What?

Marinette: An ice… rink! Yeah, that’s what I said. There is no better place to break the ice than an ice rink.

Adrien: (thinking about it) At the ice rink? I think I would be too shy to go there alone with her.

Marinette: (noticing Adrien looking sad) Well, uh, I could go with you if you want.

Adrien: Would you? This is amazing! (gets up) I can’t wait to go to the ice rink together. Thanks! (starts)

Marinette: That’s what friends are for. (to Tikki) Tikki please tell me what just happened didn’t really happen at all.

Tikki: (shrugs and smiles nervously as Marinette claps

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