Miraculous Season 2 Episode 20 Style Queen

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 20 STYLE QUEEN

It’s Fashion Week in Paris and everyone who’s anyone has been invited to Gabriel Agreste’s fashion show, during which Adrien will model a hat designed by Marinette. For the occasion, Chloe’s mother Audrey Bourgeois, the International Queen of Fashion, is visiting the capital. But Gabriel / Hawk Moth manipulates her and Audrey gets akumatized. She turns into Style Queen, the most stylish villain in Paris! Armed with a scepter, she turns people into glitter statues and is determined to stop Gabriel’s show… starting by attacking Adrien! Without Cat Noir’s help, Ladybug is about to call on a new superhero for help but loses the Miraculous she was about to entrust them with… Will Ladybug manage to stop Style Queen and find the Miraculous before it falls into the wrong hands?

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 20 STYLE QUEEN

 Scene: Marinette’s room. Gabriel’s fashion show is broadcast and displayed on Marinette’s computer monitor. Tikki is watching the broadcast.

Nadja: (on TV) The most anticipated event of the year is taking place tonight at the Grand Palais! A sensational fashion show by the famous designer Gabriel Agreste! And the big event always brings prestigious guests: The mayor of Paris, André Bourgeois, is expected to attend the show with his wife, a great and highly respected fashion queen.

(Marinette holding the hat (from the episode “Mr. Pigeon”)

Tikki: Honestly, Marinette, it’s perfect the way it is!

Marinette: (nervous) Oh, Tikki, I don’t know… I feel like it’s the ugliest hat in the world and Adrien is supposed to show it off in front of everyone. He will hate me for the rest of his life! I have no talent! And everyone will find out tonight…

Tikki: You’re a great designer, Marinette. Besides, if your hat was so ugly, why did Gabriel Agreste handpick it for his fashion show?

Marinette: But what if people see that it’s synthetic pigeon feathers and not real? They’ll think it’s embarrassing, right?

Tikki: You did the right thing by replacing her! With his allergy, Adrien would sneeze all the way down the pier!

Marinette: You’re right! Besides, I don’t have time to make changes anyway. The show starts at… (looks at her phone; gasps; quickly puts her hat in the box) Oh, no! I’m late again! Quick, Tikki!

(Marinette holds her purse open, Tikki flies in quickly.)

Scene: Marinette runs towards the Grand Palais with a hat box. A car arrives and Nadja speaks. Marinette watches from afar.

Nadja: That’s it! Here it comes! International fashion queen, director of “Style Queen” magazine, Audrey Bourgeois! (André Bourgeois opens the door and Audrey Bourgeois gets out of the car followed by Chloé. A group of photographers take pictures.)

Audrey: Anthony- Uh… André, be nice and fire the driver. I can’t believe Gabriel allows his staff to drive like this! (Gorilla grunts from the driver’s seat)

Chloé: Me neither!

André: Yes, of course, Audrey, dear.

Marinette: Oh no! This is Audrey Bourgeois!

Tikki: Who?

Marinette: Only the harshest fashion critic in the entire world. I didn’t know it was coming!

Audrey: (walks to the red carpet) What kind of carpet is that? Is it a substance? Why isn’t the red carpet made of marble like I said! (to Roger) You’re fired! (Roger looks exasperated) Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

(Bourgeoisies walk the red carpet)

Marinette: (slowly walking backwards) She’s definitely going to hate my hat!

Tikki: I‘m sure he won’t! Come on Marinette! Adrien is waiting for you. (Marinette starts walking forward again)

Scene: Grand Palais, interview area. Through a television camera, we see Nadya interviewing the bourgeois trio.

Nadja: Audrey, as your magazine tagline says, “If it’s in good taste, it’s in ‘Style Queen’!” So what tastes good this year?

Audrey: Judging by the way you’re dressed, you obviously don’t know my dear. (Chloé snickers) FYI, this year’s trend is glitter.

Marinette: (eavesdropping from behind a wall) Glitter?! There is no glitter on my hat! This is a fashion disaster!

Nadja: As the editor of Style Queen, you spend a lot of time in New York. It must be nice to be with my family here in Paris for a change.

Chloé: She’s very happy to see me. By the way mom, I have a little something for you. (?

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