Miraculous Season 2 Episode 11 SAPOTIS

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 11 Sapotis

As Marinette and Alya are having a sleepover at the latter’s, Alya’s little sisters, twins Etta and Ella, won’t stop making mischief. When Alya punishes them, the twins get akumatized by Hawk Moth.Now Sapotis, small and out-of-control monsters who multiply upon eating, they wreak havoc across the city. Quickly overwhelmed by the situation and outnumbered by the mischievous Sapotis, Ladybug calls on a new superhero. She chooses Alya and entrusts her with the Fox Miraculous. Alya turns into Rena Rouge, the fox superheroine armed with an illusion flute! Will the three superheroes manage to join forces and defeat the Sapotis? And will Alya agree to give her Miraculous back to Ladybug once the mission is over?

Miraculous Ladybug Sapotis

 Scene: Césaire’s apartment. Marinette is on the phone with Marlena Césaire while Alya plays with her little sisters, Ella and Etta, who are both wearing propeller hats.

Marinette: Yes, Madame Césaire. The girls are ready for bed! Uh… technically… (laughs) Yeah, we’re good. Enjoy the movie! (turns off his cell phone)

Alya: Come on, sleep, you little monsters! That’s enough mischief for one day! (picks up her sisters)

Ella and Etta: It’s not us! It’s Sapotis! (laughing)

Scene: Ella and Etta’s room. Alya puts each of her sisters to bed.

Alya: To bed, little Sapotis. You need to rest if you want to be fit for tomorrow.

Etta: That’s not fair! We don’t want to go to sleep! We want to stay up with you!

Ella: Yes! We want to watch a movie and tell each other a lot of secrets!

Alya: And what kind of zombie will you be at the amusement park tomorrow if you go to bed late? Show them Marinette!

(In the doorway, Marinette pretends to yawn and feel exhausted when she wakes up in the morning)

Alya: So what will it be? A boring pajama party with the big kids, or… a super fun theme park tomorrow?

Ella and Etta: Amusement Park! (both go to sleep)

Alya: That’s what I thought. So good night, Sapotis. (reaches down and removes Ella’s hat)

Ella: Wait! Can we keep them? Please?

Alya: Okay. But now go to sleep. (turns off the light before closing the door and leaving the room)

Scene: Living room. Alya places a tray with a pitcher of orange juice and two glasses on the coffee table and carries the contents of the tray to the table.

Marinette: (takes out two plates and spoons in the kitchen) You seriously have some technique with your little sisters. But… uh, who are Sapa… Sapa…?

Alya: Sapotis? They are little monsters from a Creole fable… who are always playing pranks and doing all kinds of mischief. (Marinette pulls out a tray with two slices of watermelon from the fridge) Now that we’re all alone, I can finally tell you. (takes out the phone) The ladybug has probably been here at least since the pharaohs. But there is no way the Ladybug we know is five thousand years old! So I downloaded a great app that analyzed some recordings I had of her talking. According to the frequencies of her voice, it turns out that she is a girl of our age!

Marinette: Uhh.. (looks away from Alya’s phone) Uh…Alya? Orange juice?

(Marinette and Alya hear Ella and Etta giggling. Alya looks over the couch to see that the jug of orange juice has been completely emptied.)

Alya: (groans)

Scene: Ella and Etta’s room. Alya wipes both twins’ mouths with a napkin.

Ella and Etta: It’s not us! It’s Sapotis!

(Alya leaves the room again as the twins go back to sleep.)

Scene: Living room

Alya: What were we saying again?

Marinette: (places a tray of watermelon on the coffee table) Uhh… (runs over to the TV and grabs some DVD cases) We were going to watch a movie! (laughs and laughs)

(She holds up three film cases, but then notices that it’s showing a DVD of the Ladybug anime; so she switches it to the Kond Le Chien film, before laughing again.)

Alya: Oh yeah! Ladybug! She’s like a high school girl. To find out who she really is, all we have to do is find a girl our age who is always late…

Marinette: (interrupting him) Don’t you think there’s a reason he’s hiding his identity?

(Marinette and Alya gasp as they hear Ella and Etta giggle again. They look to see that the two pieces of watermelon have been eaten. Alya groans again.)

Scene: Ella and Etta’s room

Alya: (kindly) Okay, that’s enough! Get out of bed one more time and tomorrow no one will go to the amusement park!

Ella and Etta: (laughing) That’s not us! That’s Sa-

Alya: This is your last warning! No! Joke!

(Ella nods. Alya leaves the room again as the twins settle back down.)

Scene: Living room

Alya: What were you saying about her secret identity?

Marinette: Ladybug needs it to protect her family and friends. Otherwise, they could be used by villains to get to her.

(Marinette and Alya hear Ella and Etta giggling again. They see someone using the remote to select an episode of Kond Le Chien. Alya goes in front of the TV and moans angrily. Ella and Etta respond with laughter.)

Ella and Etta: It’s not us! It is -!

Alya: That’s it! (picks up the twins)

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