Miraculous Season 2 Episode 14 SYREN

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Miraculous Season 2 Episode 14 Syren

As Kim is having fun with his friend Ondine at the swimming pool, she tries to tell him that she has feelings for him. But Kim doesn’t understand and abandons Ondine to go meet his friends… and Chloe, whom he is in love with! Disappointed and jealous, Ondine gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and turns into Syren, a mermaid with fins and able to breath underwater. Syren floods Paris with her tears, determined to turn the city into an Underwater Kingdom for her and her prince. Unable to fight her underwater, Ladybug and Cat Noir find out that their kwamis can give them special powers. They turn into Aquabug and Aquanoir, special aquatic versions of our heroes who can swim and breath underwater! Will Aquabug and Aquanoir manage to dry Syren’s tears?

Miraculous Season 2 Episode 14 Syren

 Scene: Paris. Animals run freely in the streets.

Nadja: (message) Nadja Chamacková, you live above Paris. Escaped animals are invading the city! But Ladybug, Cat Noir and their new friend Rena Rouge are already there.

Scene: Paris swimming pool

Civilian: I’m sure they’ll get the animals back to the zoo super fast.

Kim: Okay sir. They are the best! (groans) I wish I was a superhero. Powers. Secret. Costume. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Ondine: (laughs) Yeah, sure.

Kim: How can I become one? Do you think there’s a superhero school or something? Or maybe some super secret training facility?

(Ondine puts a piece of paper into her swim bracelet.)

Ondine: You want to know my secret?

Kim: Yeah, totally! I love this game. (Ondine throws her swim bracelet into the pool. Kim dives in to retrieve it, then reads his paper) “I’m seriously in love with this boy, but he has no idea.” (Ondine blushes. Kim laughs.) The boy is clueless. (gets out of the pool) Okay, now it’s my turn.

(Kim throws the swimming bracelet into the pool. Ondine dives after it.)

Ondine: (reading the paper) “Can I stick my thumb in my ear”…?

(Kim demonstrates. Ondine laughs. Kim hands her notebook and pen with her feet.)

Ondine: (to herself) Let’s stop beating around the bush.

(Ondine makes a note and throws the bracelet into the pool. Kim dives in, takes it, and begins to unwrap the paper, but then his alarm goes off.)

Kim: Oh! Film! I completely forgot! (gets out of the pool)

Ondine: But we’re not done yet!

Kim: I really have to split up. I asked Chloe to come, remember? The girl I told you about in class? Next time, I promise!

(Kim leaves. Ondine reaches for him, then picks up the paper and opens it to reveal a heart with Kim’s name and “Je t’aime” written below, with other hearts.)

Ondine: (sadly to herself) The boy I’m crushing on is…you.

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair

Hawk Moth: Poor Little Mermaid. How many times have you tried to tell your prince how you feel? And how many times did he fire you? (charges the akuma with dark energy) Fly away, my little akumo, and harm her!

(Akuma flies to Paris.)

Scene: Paris. Cat Noir is being chased by two black panthers.

Cat Noir: Come on guys, you wouldn’t eat one of your cousins ​​would you?

(Rena Rouge jumps across the rooftops to a vantage point above the street.)

Rena Rouge: (plays flute) Mirage! (throws energy ball)

(Large chunks of meat appear on the street in front of the panthers.)

Cat Noir: How about some tasty chops instead? (jumps away with his stick)

(One of the panthers steps on a piece of meat, causing it to disappear. He and the other panther step on another of them, following the trail of disappearing meat until it leads them to the back of the van. Ladybug closes the door of the van, trapping the panthers inside. The civilians cheer Ladybug, Cat Noir and Rena Rouge standing on the edge of the roof.)

Cat Noir: (raises fist) Pound i— (looks back at Ladybug and Rena Rouge running away) Hey, where are you going?

Ladybug: Rena is about to transform back.

Cat Noir: So you may know her true identity but I don’t?

Ladybug: Because I have to get her Miraculous back.

Cat Noir: So what’s my role? The guy who always stays in the dark? What else are you hiding from me?

Rena Rouge: (Miracle flashes and points) We really have to jam.

Ladybug: (still to Cat Noir) Okay, I’ll talk to him about it.

Cat Noir: Him? who is it?

Ladybug: Uh…when the time is right, Cat Noir, I promise. (leaves with Rena Rouge)

Cat Noir: (to herself) I hate secrets.

(Rena Rouge and Ladybug jump down to the ground behind the building. Rena Rouge detransforms and Alya hands Ladybug the Fox Miraculous in a box.)

Alya: We can do it again anytime you want, Lady- (phone rings) Oh! Film! (runs off and waves back) Later!

Ladybug: Stains gone. (detransforms and runs in a different direction)

Tikki: Uh, if you want to get to that movie on time too, you better go the way Alya went.

Marinette: Sorry, Tikki; we’ll just have to miss the trailers again.

Scene: Pool

(Akuma enters a tearful Ondine’s swimming bracelet.)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair

Hawk Moth: Syren, I’m Hawk Moth. I give you the power to turn Paris into your own underwater kingdom for you and your prince. In return you must bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous.

Let them all sink beneath my sorrow.

Scene: Pool

Ondine: (She transforms into Syren and stands up. Her tears, now falling into the pool, cause the water to rise up and overflow the pool.)

Scene: Outside the theater. Kim runs in wearing her normal clothes, except she’s wearing a swimming cap.

Max: (to Kim) You’re 3 minutes and 37 seconds late; everyone is already inside.

Kim: Is Chloe here?

Max: (laughs) Chloé watches Mecha Monkey Vs. Cyber ​​Shark 3? I think your swimming cap is too tight, Kim.

(Kim takes off her bathing cap and hands it to Max.)

Alya: (runs up and gasps) Oh, let me guess – (takes two tickets from Max) Marinette hasn’t arrived yet?

Max: True to form. We’ll save you both space. (He follows Kim into the theater with his robot friend Markov.)

Alya: (to herself) Marinette, Marinette, Marinette.

(Back outside the pool, people scream and run as water spills under the door.)

Scene: Master Fu’s massage shop. Turntable closes Fox Miraculous back inside the Miracle Box.

Master Fu: Perfect. Now come and tell me what’s bothering you Marinette.

Marinette: What? How to…?

Master Fu: (laughs and turns to Wayzz and Tikki) Wait. You both stay here.

Wayzz and Tikki: Oh, master, please!

Master Fu: Kwamis must never know a recipe that can alter their abilities. At all!

Marinette: Change their abilities?

Master Fu: Imagine what would happen if one of you was captured by a villain, just like Hawk Moth’s kwami, Nooroo.

Wayzz and Tikki: (scared) Ohh! (both fly off and into the mattress store)

Master Fu: So what do you mean Marinette?

Marinette: Master Fu, Cat Noir is asking more and more questions. He’s tired of staying in the dark.

Master Fu: Tell me Marinette; do you put the noodles in the water before the water boils?

Marinette: Uh, no.

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