Miraculous Season 2 Episode 15 FRIGHTNINGALE

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Miraculous Season 2 Episode 15 Frightningale

Young American singer Laura Nightingale is visiting Paris to film the music video for her latest song: a declaration of love for Ladybug and Cat Noir. Dragged along to the audition by her friends, Marinette ends up chosen to play the role of Ladybug in the music video while Adrien will play Cat Noir! Will our heroes recognize each other? We won’t have time to find out: because of Chloé, upset that she didn’t get the lead role, Laura gets akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now Frightningale and armed with a magic mike, she wants to get revenge on Chloé and to turn Paris into a giant musical in which everyone will dance and sing unrelentingly if they don’t want to get frozen forever. Ladybug and Cat Noir will have to keep the rhythm if they want to stop her!

Miraculous Season 2 Episode 15 Frightningale

 Scene: Marinette’s Room Music called “Big Bang” by Clara Nightingale is playing on Marinette’s computer. Marinette dances to the music in the middle of her room

Clara: ♫ Don’t stop, dance to the music.

Child! Yeah, it’s like a miracle.

Don’t stop, dance to the music

The music, oh, it’s getting physical!

Don’t stop, dance to the music. ♫

(Marinette falls on her back trying to do a handstand.)

Alec: (on screen) And that was Clara Nightingale’s hit “Big Bang” for us!

(Marinette sits at her desk.)

Tikki: Wow! That girl is incredible!

Marinette: I love her! She is absolutely passionate about her art!

Alec: (to Clara, who is dancing while he talks to her) Clara, in a few short months you have become an international sensation with your extremely unique singing and style. Apparently you even sing and dance in your sleep! do you ever stop

Clara: Never, you see.

Dancing and singing are everything to me.

And I’m happy to share the joy of singing and dancing

To the wonderful people of France!

Marinette: Do you see that, Tikki? She is a true artist!

Alec: You came to Paris to shoot the video for your next song, which will be called “Miraculous”.

(Marinette gasped.)

Clara: I really admire and adore

Ladybug and Cat Noir.

I wanted to pay tribute to them

Because they inspire me every day!

Marinette (squealing with joy): He’s going to make a song about me! I mean – Ladybug! Ah! I’m so excited I might… (falls back out of chair) …pass out!

Alec: The auditions will be held at the Grand Palais hotel, correct? A little bird told me you found your Cat Noir. Do you want to share some good news?

Clara: My lips are sealed,

But soon it will be revealed.

By the way, we still need to cast Ladybug and the extras.

So come audition today!

(Marinette’s phone rings. She runs over, tripping on the floor on the way, and answers.)

Alya: (seen on the phone, with Mylène, Juleka, Alix and Rose standing behind her) Marinette, did you hear that? All of us girls are heading to the audition and you’re coming too! (show zoom on Alya) So don’t go one of your Marinette specials on us, okay?

Marinette: And you’re going to miss your chance to meet Clara Nightingale live? In any case! I’ll meet you there.

Alya: See you!

(Marinette ends the call and goes and grabs her purse from the chair.)

Tikki: You’re not auditioning for the role of a ladybug, are you?

Marinette: (letting Tikki rest in her arms) Of course not! We just want to have fun as extras in the video, that’s all. I would never do anything that would reveal my secret identity.

Tikki: Alright then, Marinette. (flys up and kisses Marinette on the nose) I’m proud of you!

Scene: Gabriel’s studio

Gabriel: It will be a great promotion for our upcoming store openings in Korea and China. You have no choice.

(Nathalie presents Adrien with a folded imitation Cat Noir costume complete with face mask and bell.)

Adrien: (gasps in alarm) But father-

Gabriel:s (looking at exotic fashion designs on his computer) I’ve been designing Clara’s costumes since he was a baby. She was very pleased with my humble suggestion of using you. She’s only seen you in our commercials, but she admires you a lot. I hope you won’t let us down.

Adrien: (dejected) Of course not, Father.

Scene: Grand Palais. At the front, the auditionees for the Clara Nightingale video gathered.

Stagehand: (points) Extra left; ladybird contenders on the right.

(In the makeover trailer, Adrien dons the costume, bell, tail, and ears of the Cat Noir costume he was given, and looks at himself in a mirror while holding a face mask.)

Plagg: Great choice of fabric! And those seams! Amazing craftsmanship!

Adrien: I can’t wear this!

Plagg: Yeah, I always thought the bell was so ridiculous! Then again, the costume is exactly what you wanted deep down, right?

Adrien: No, Plagg. I mean everyone will realize I’m the real Cat Noir!

Plagg: No way! People are blind!

Stagehand: (through the door he knocks on) Are you ready, Adrien?

Adrien: (anxious) Aah, uh, here he comes! Just a second! (concernedly to Plagg) If they see me with this mask, everyone will definitely recognize me! (places the mask in a pile of folded fabric on the shelf) I can’t wear it! (with determination) Right. Now I’m going to try to act as lame as I can. I hope they have no choice but to replace me. (she opens the door and gasps as she sees a field of people gathered in the main area)

(A stage with a backdrop is set up in the center of the main room, and in front of it two long lines of audience are formed on either side, those for Ladybug on the right, those as extras on the left. Clara Nightingale stands on the stage with her star-studded microphone and greets the auditionees.)

Clara: Thank you for coming, all of you!

This is like a dream come true!

Together we will all dance and sing;

It will be amazing and amazing!

(Alya, Marinette, Rose, Juleka, Alix, and Mylène stand in the line of extras.)

Alya: (excited) We’re going to be in Clary Nightingale’s music video! That’s awesome!

Marinette: (squeals of joy) I can’t believe this is happening!

Clara: And now meet our rising star,

Adrien as Cat Noir!

(Adrien walks towards the stage and waves briefly. The extras react excitedly, Marinette gasps, and Rose and Alya wave their raised hands. Adrien nervously smiles in turn and waves again. Marinette waves back. Adrien walks to the front of the stage where Nathalie is holding a tablet, in which Gabriel is seen, and a stagehand stands nearby.)

Gabriel: (to Adrien) Your costume will fit like a glove, as I knew it would. But where is your mask?

Adrien: (nervous about lying) Uh, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Stagehand: I’ll take care of it! (commas gone)

Clara: (To Adrien as she helps him up on stage)

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