Miraculous Season 2 Episode 16 TROUBLEMAKER

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 16 TROUBLEMAKER

Marinette is really excited: today, famous rock star Jagged Stone is a guest on a reality show which will be set… in her parents’ bakery! But nothing goes as planned: as everyone rushes to her with requests, Jagged Stone’s assistant Penny Rolling gets overwhelmed and Hawk Moth akumatizes her into Troublemaker. Armed with a pen that allows her to make herself intangible at will, she moves from being the one who used to solve everyone else’s problems to being the one who causes problems to everyone! Trapped in the bakery, Marinette will have to find a way to slip away and transform into Ladybug to help Cat Noir defeat Troublemaker. Our two superheroes must stop the villain before she gets everyone into trouble!

Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 16 TROUBLEMAKER

 The Scene: The Jagged Stone Suite at Le Grand Paris. Penny Rolling heads for the door as she ticks off numbers on her to-do list with a ballpoint pen. He opens the door to see Servant Jean waiting outside.

Penny: Mr. Stone would like to have his breakfast brought to him on the back of a polar bear. Could you arrange it for me please?

(Inside the suite, a soccer ball is seen thrown by Jagged, with his crocodile Fang running behind it.)

Toothy: (heard inside) Bring it!

Butler Jean: Uh…I’ll see what can be done, Miss Penny. Will everything be over?

(While Jean is talking, Penny’s phone rings and she pulls it out and answers the call.)

Penny: (talking into phone) Yes, a red-eye flight would be preferable. Fang the toothy crocodile hates flying during the day.

 (Bob Roth enters the room.)

Bob: Penny, I found the perfect way to sell his new album! He will be a guest on a reality TV show!

Penny: (to Bob as she starts to follow him) I really don’t think Jagged is going to be okay with that. (to the phone as Jean leaves) No! No, I didn’t talk to you. Confirm the flight. (In Jan’s direction, unaware he’s gone, as Fang wanders into the hall with a soccer ball in his mouth) Thanks a lot. (into phone) Uh, I’ll call you back. (hangs up) Bob, wait!

(Jagged is sitting on top of a piano, which also has several footballs on it.)

Jagged: Penny, did you forget to order those macaroons for Fang?

Penny: Of course; That’s what I’m taking care of right now, Jagged. (writes down Jagged’s request and goes to answer the knock on the door)

Bob: (to Jagged) Your album’s gonna go platinum and wait till you find out how!

(Penny opens the door to see Mayor Bourgeois with Fang on a leash beside him.)

Mayor Bourgeois: I’m sorry, Miss Penny, but you can’t let your crocodile roam the hotel by itself.

Penny: (brings Fang in) I’m sorry, Mr. Bourgeois. (Penny’s phone rings and she speaks into it) Yeah, what- (trying to control Fang)

Jagged: (to Bob) What?! What kind of waste is this?

Penny: Thank you, Mr. Mayor. (heading back to Bob and Jagged)

Jagged: (standing on piano, holding two footballs) You want me to be a guest on Rocker Wants a Wife?! (throws balls near Bob) There’s nothing rock’n’roll about that show. My fans will never see it!

Bob: Of course they will, Jagged! This is how marketing works these days.

(There’s another knock on the door and Penny’s phone buzzes again before she goes to answer the door, Fang still in tow.)

Jagged: No way! I’m real rock and roll, Bob!

Butler Jean: (in front of the open door) I’m so sorry, miss. There were no polar bears available. Would a pony do that instead?

Jagged: A real artist with real talent! I can rock as a guest on a reality show, but it’s got to be music to my ears, you know? Quality!

(Penny listens to the argument behind her until her phone buzzes again and motions for Jean to wait before picking up the call.)

Penny: (to Jean while holding the phone to her ear) The pony is fine. Uh, can you add the macaron assortment here too, please? Thanks. (closes door and talks on phone) No, you don’t. Do not worry; there will be no ponies, just a crocodile. (goes back to Jagged and Bob who are fighting)

Bob: Put up with it, Jagged! You will be a guest on this show whether you like it or not!

Jagged: Oh yeah? And how are you going to make me do it?

Pen (into phone) I’ll call you back. (ends call)

ny:Jagged: I think we’re done here, Bob. (Penny walks up to Jagged and whispers something in his ear) Of course! Now that’s what I call a rock’n’roll idea. Penny you are the best! What would I do without you? (likes Penny’s cheek)

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. A crowd of cheering Jagged Stone fans gathered outside. Inside, Alec presents a television program.

Alec: (seen in the program) Welcome to Fill My Shoes! You’re joining us live for a new episode and our guest today is the one and only Jagged Stone!

Jagged: (sings while playing air guitar) ♫ Rock and Roll, yeah! ♫

Alec: You’re filling the shoes of…bakers!

Jagged: Yeah, rockers!

Alec: And a big thanks to Tom Dupain for having us here at his bakery, the best in Paris I might add. (gesturing to Tom to come)

Tom: (laughs nervously before speaking on screen) Uhh…hello!

(Bob, Penny and the cameramen are off to the side. Sabine walks up to them, holding a tray of croissants.)

Sabine: Excuse me, would you like some hot croissants?

(Bob grabs a croissant as he, the cameraman, and Penny leave. Marinette walks over to Sabine, who looks worried and turns to her daughter.)

Sabine: I’m not sure it was such a good idea to let them film the show, honey.

Marinette: Of course it was, Mom. Jagged specifically asked to come here! Do you realize how good this will be for the bakery? And dad becomes an instant celebrity!

Sabine: Well, she looks pretty nervous for a celebrity.

(Jagged cuts a slice of dough with his hands. Tikki watches the broadcast from Marinette’s room while eating a macaron.)

Tom: No, no! You have the right energy, Jagged. (shown in the program) You just have to be gentle. (waves nervously at the camera) Haha, hi! (turns to Jagged) More of these.

(Meanwhile, Penny tries to keep Fang on a leash while she watches the filming. She plays with her pen.)

Penny: Calm down, Fang.

(Marinette notices how nervous Penny is and leans in.)

Marinette: Are you alright Miss Penny?

Penny: Yes, yes, that’s right, this show was my idea and Jagged has put all his trust in me and I just hope everything goes well today.

Alec: So Jagged, what’s it like filling the baker’s boots today?

Jagged: That’s awesome! Check out this edible guitar I made from scratch. That’s so rock’n’roll! (mime plays bread guitar and sings to the tune of “Smoke on the Water”) ♫ Flour, eggs and butter! ♫

(Penny laughs.)

Sabine: So Miss Penny, what’s it like working with a star like Jagged? It looks so cool!

Penny: Oh yeah, he’s…amazing- (catch) Uh, I mean…yeah, he’s amazing.

(Marinette gives her a “know it all” look.)

Scene: Adrien’s room. Adrien and Plagg watch a broadcast where Tom and Jagged sing together to the tune of “Smoke on the Water”.

Tom and Jagged: ♫ Flour, eggs and butter! And the fire in the oven… ♫

Plagg: (grabs a piece of ermine) Come on! Are you finally going to put cheese on that bread or something? How long have you been interested in this show?

Adrien: The show is filmed at Marinette’s place.

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Tom and Jagged are still singing, with Alec in between.

Tom and Jagged: ♫ This is bakery rock ‘n’ roll! ♫

Jagged: Hey Marinette! My favorite little lady, come rock with us!

(Marinette hesitates, but Sabine motions for her to walk over to Jagged. Marinette walks over to him, waving nervously at the camera as she goes.)

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