Miraculous Season 2 Episode 4 BEFANA

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episode 4 Befana

Today is a big day: it’s Marinette’s birthday! For the occasion, her friends and her parents have prepared a surprise party for her. But another surprise awaits her: her extravagant grandmother Gina has decided to spend the day with her, just like they did when Marinette was younger! When Marinette chooses to spend time with her friends rather than with her, a disappointed Gina gets akumatized.Now Befana and armed with her magic candy gun, she wants to get revenge on Marinette and teach a lesson to all the Parisians she deems naughty.Will Marinette manage to escape Befana? And will Ladybug dare to fight her own akumatized grandmother?

Miraculous Ladybug Befana

 Tikki: Marinette, this is a pretty special day for you!

Marinette: Yes Tikki! It sure is. Um, still no call…

Scene: Marinette’s balcony

Tikki: There is a ritual that we kwami ​​perform on a day like this.

Marinette: (distracted) Oh really? It is nice.

Tikki: But I don’t know if you would like it. I was wondering if you even give each other birthday presents.

Marinette: (looking surprised) Oh really, Tikki? Do you have a present for my birthday?

Tikki: A kwami ​​specialty.

Marinette: Oh, that’s amazing! What is it?

Tikki: (Tikki does a little dance in the air while humming, then spits something in Marinette’s hands) Miraculous birthday, Marinette!

(Marinette looks shocked and slightly disgusted)

Tikki: (raptured) No, you don’t like it, do you?

Marinette: Yes! Yes, I love it! It’s amazing. It’s, uhhh, what is it?

Tikki: Kwagatama. A great symbol of friendship between us kwami. We take the hair from our Miraculous holder and combine it with the hair of all former Miraculous holders. And we’ve been growing magical resin with them for a few months and- (notices that Marinette isn’t listening on her phone and looks disappointed) I know you don’t want to tell me because you don’t want to hurt my feelings, but it’s obvious you don’t like it.

Marinette: Sorry, Tikki! I really love your gift. Alya should have called me. We’re supposed to take her little sister to the (pantomime quotes in the air) “dentist” (winks) at four o’clock today.

Tikki: (confused) Do you people always celebrate your birthday by going to the dentist?

Marinette: No, of course not, Tikki. It’s a secret code! They are actually throwing me a surprise birthday party!

Tikki: But how can it be a surprise if you know about it?

Marinette: The thing about surprises is that you know about it, but pretend you don’t so you don’t spoil it for the people organizing it!

Tikki: What about the dentist?

Marinette: It’s a scam! See, Alya’s going to pretend she’s taking me to the dentist, but she’s really taking me to my surprise party!

Tikki: What if you’re wrong?

Marinette: Impossible. All the signs are there, Tikki. (As she speaks, the scene she is describing is shown) Juleka totally jumped when I caught her holding the bike pump. (In flashback, Juleka stammers wordlessly and Marinette leaves humming. Flashback ends)

Scene: Marinette’s Room

(Tikki and Marinette continue their conversation as they come in from outside)

Tikki: Maybe Juleka has a bike!

Marinette: No Tikki! She obviously planned to use the pump to blow up the balloons! A surprise birthday party always has balloons! Also yesterday (again the scene he describes plays when he talks, Marinette sits next to Nino on the bench to listen to his headphones) I caught Nino listening to my favorite song! (flashback ends)

Tikki: Maybe it’s his favorite song too!

Marinette: Are you kidding me? He hates it! He has no reason to listen to it unless… He’s making a playlist for my surprise party! Basic.

(Tikki looks at Marinette skeptically and the third scene plays out as Marinette describes it)

Marinette: Okay. Why was Alya having a secret conversation with Adrien huh?

(Adrien and Alya see Marinette and then continue their conversation)

Adrien: (loud, in flashback) Uh, uh… yes, Alya! I know a very good dentist and here is his number! (hands Aly the paper and the flashback ends)

Marinette: Which means… He’ll be there!

Tikki: Or that means Alya is taking her sisters to Adrien’s dentist!

Marinette: Okay, you know what? There is one foolproof way to tell if a surprise party is coming.

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie, Bakery

Marinette: (whispering to Tikki) Watch their faces. (opens the door) Mom! This! Do you know anything about Alya planning a surprise for my birthday?

(Her parents freeze in place, in the middle of decorating a large cake. Tom immediately hides the cake in the trash and sits on the lid while Sabine leans on the counter)

Tom: Uh, oh, uh… Party? what party Uh, which Alya, again?

Sabine: (aside from her husband) You’re exaggerating… we’re talking about her best friend!

Tom: Alya! Of course, Alya! We haven’t seen her in years! (laughs nervously)

Sabine: (sighs)

Marinette: (to Tikki) See? Parents always know when a surprise is coming.

(bell rings)

Marinette: Now, on the other side of this door, look who’s coming for me! Just in time for the party! It’s- (opens the door) Grandma?!

Tom: (sticks his head around the corner) Mom?

Sabine: (poking her head around the corner anyway) Gina?

(Marinette laughs happily and hugs her grandmother, Gina Dupain)

Gina: (slides her sunglasses and speaks with an Italian accent) Marinetta! You are so tall for your age! Did you get my letter from Patagonia?

Marinette: Yes! And also from Australia, Bali and Estonia! Did you really get chased by a bear?!

Gina: (laughs) Yes. But in the end we found good friends.

Tom: (whispers) Mom. It’s his birthday, remember?

Gina: Why do you think I’m here? (gives Marinette a package from her motorcycle helmet) Happy birthday my little fairy! My Inuit friend knitted it especially for your tenth birthday!

Tom: (whispers) Uh, she’s fourteen.

Gina: (visibly startled) My. How time flies. (Marinette opens the package and the shirt inside is obviously too small for her. Gina waves her hand) It’s okay. I will ask a friend to make another one.

Marinette: No! No, that’s great! I can into Marinette’s hand handle it. That’s perfect, grandma. Thank you.

Gina: Your Nonna brought you your favorite candy too! (puts the can)

Marinette: Oh! (laughs uncertainly)

Gina: You still love them, right?

Marinette: Yes, yes, of course…

Gina: And that’s not all, my fairy! We will have a beautiful day, you and me! Same as last time. So go to the carousel and the zoo, so-!

Tom: Uh, Mom? can i talk mom Uh, just the two of us.

Gina: What, Tom? That I don’t know my Marinette anymore because I’m always traveling?

Tom: No, Mom! It’s only-

Gina: You think he doesn’t want to spend time with his Nonna, do you?

Marinette: No! Of course I want to spend time with you! Uh, besides, it’s not four o’clock yet.

Gina: Here. can you see Come on, let’s go, Marinette! We will have a ball! (pulls Marinette out of the house)

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